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  1. I did not know that, thanks for telling me that. Since they aren’t working to keep her without fear I guess they must be under 10%. Thanks.
  2. That’s a good idea actually, since Freddy just shouldn’t spawn in the beginning because how is he getting into the real world? Maybe an item that makes the counselor go into a dream state and is possessed, and as a result Freddy is brought into the real world and that counselor who found the item dies and now is Freddy, or they die and a deceased counselor can come back as him. I think the one who found the item should get to be Freddy though, as you said.
  3. Thanks for the input. I also have thick skin on every counselor, without thick skin you’re crippled so quickly. I had been looking for the lone wolf perk, I thought I had it but I must’ve sold it because it was a low quality one.
  4. I had both preparedness and nerves of steel on Jenny, and I think one of them was 13% fear resistance while the other was somewhere around 7%. I can’t say for sure but when I next get on the game I’ll include the percentages in here. Both the perks are rare ones though since all the perks I have are mostly either rare or legendary, the few that arent are uncommon. Because of this I rarely can roll new perks because I have good ones that I don’t want to sell. I really want an uncommon sucker punch perk at the very least and it always seems to roll right past that perk. The closest I’ve been to it was a very bad sucker punch one that probably did nothing the time I had it on my counselors, so I sold it. Anyway, I had both preparedness and nerves of steel on Jenny and she still seemed to get scared, like Chad face scared.
  5. I suppose it would be pretty cool. Since this would be in a private match and team killing isn’t disabled, maybe in this game mode team killing is allowed, and since you don’t know who to trust, the moment you start to get suspicious you start killing one of your teammates since you don’t know who is the culprit (besides Jason of course). Paranoia mode would fit this because you might find yourself shooting somebody you think is the bad one, and when they die, you find out it was actually one of your teammates. I don’t know if this is what you were aiming for, but this is something I thought would be a cool thing to include and would very much fit the theme of paranoia since you dont know who to trust, and could end up killing somebody who could possibly be your teammate and have no ill intent.
  6. Yeah, I see what you mean. Maybe it can be that teammates can’t see other teammates locations on the map, so it makes it more difficult and since the maps will be bigger than any current map, it would be very rare to have more than three counselors in one area (unless people use the walkie talkies to meet up with each other). There would probably be flaws in this idea but neverthless it’s cool to think about although it’ll never happen. Maybe someday a game will be made for this. Obviously it’d have to be made differently than the mechanics of Friday the 13th the game. If this was in the hands of a good developer it would be a cool game.
  7. I agree I think we need a sandbox mode. Other counselors can be bots in sandbox mode, and you can try out things like the car, different counselors, etc. For the idea about hardcore mode, I doubt they’ll be implementing any of these ideas, but you can shut off music for you and turn down gamma and it makes it a lot more scary. You won’t hear Jason’s music even if he’s not in stalk, and everything will be a lot darker (and in addition to that look better since turning the gamma down actually improves the graphics a little bit) so you’ll be forced to use your flashlight. By doing these things you’re actually giving yourself a disadvantage, but it actually makes this game a lot more scary. The part about the hardcode mode I really like is the fact where you’re forced to communicate with counselors. Seeing where counselors are on the mini map is a luxury to have and it really does help with teamwork and everything like that, especially teamwork without using a mic since you know where everybody is. I think that since in real life you wouldn't actually be able to see where everybody is, in hardcore mode not being able to see where anybody is on the map, but encountering teammates as you get around, trying to survive would be a whole lot more scary and would definitely encourage sticking together. This is because once you separate you might not ever be able to find where that person went. In addition to everything being much darker, you could encounter teammates in dark cabins and it might actually bring you movie-like jumpscares where you think it’s the bad guy but it’s actually not. This would be beyond cool.
  8. I think a match without shift would be pretty interesting to say the least. In a public lobby? If you try that out in a public lobby you’ll be lucky if you can kill one or two people, especially if you’re playing as a walking Jason against counselors who actually know what they’re doing and know how to balance their stamina. In a private match this would be a cool thing to try. This would be exactly like the movies since Jason wouldnt be shifting and magically appearing right next to you. Instead, he’ll be actually chasing you. With uses of stalk this would seem a lot like the movies.
  9. Since we all new there’s no more new content for this game, I’ve always kind of had this idea and I wanted to see what other people’s opinions would be. If the lawsuit hadn’t happened, who thinks that a Freddy vs Jason game mode would be really cool? My idea on how it would go about would be two killers obviously, Freddy and Jason. The counselors have to try to get away from them both. The maps for this game mode would be a little bit bigger only because Freddy and Jason shouldn’t come across each other until towards the end. The person playing Jason and the person playing Freddy should both try to kill as many counselors as possible, and obviously they are trying to get a higher kill count than the other. Like the movie, they will get mad at each other for “stealing” a kill. And at one point in the match, there will be a final face off between the two of them. Now, similar to how counselors can either try to survive, escape, or take down Jason and kill him, for this game mode the counselors can try and do the same. The equivalent of defeating Jason for this game mode would be somehow managing to get Jason and Freddy to come across each other before all counselors are dead, and that way they will obviously fight each other and once one is defeated, then any counselors who are still alive have survived. And essentially the killer who defeated the other killer would be the one with the victory (? not sure how that would work. Maybe it could be that the match just ends for everybody and it would be like the ending of Freddy vs Jason, one is not truly defeated). I know if the lawsuit hadn’t happened they’d still need to get the license to use the character and all, but I just think that would be a really cool game mode. Maybe there could be a map from the movie as well, like the cornfield where that party was happening, or Elm Street. This wouldve been a cool way to bring other horror villains into a game that’s focused strictly on one horror villain, which is Jason. This would’ve been a separate game mode because of the fact that this game is called Friday the 13th: The Game so obviously Jason is the main star of it. It wouldn’t be unfitting into the game though because FvJ is technically apart of the Friday the 13th franchise.
  10. Maybe y’all are holding down the button? I’ve never had a problem with the sweater not working, even when my fear was sky high it’s always worked. As mentioned by others above, fear has nothing to do with using the sweater although it does disappear along with the mini map. When I first started playing this game I was Tommy one round and this little kid was so pumped about possibly killing Jason because this other girl had the sweater as Deborah. So we were all together and the mask was off and everything and the kid was saying to use the sweater but the girl kept saying “my fear is too high, I can’t” and she died. So after this I went thinking that if the sweater button disappears when your fear gets too high that I wouldn’t be able to use the sweater. One time I had the Sweater and everything was set up, Tommy was around etc. and we would’ve killed him if I didn’t think I couldn’t use the sweater because my fear was too high. I ended up dying because I waited too long, lol. Now obviously I know fear doesn’t affect the sweater in anyway, so I’m not sure what the problem is with the people who are having problems. I thought maybe you were holding down the triangle (or Y), sometimes I do that by mistake and my emotes come up, and the sweater doesn’t do anything. You just have to tap it.
  11. Sounds like what happens half the time in public lobbies.
  12. I have nerves of steel & preparedness on Jenny Myers, but I’m wondering if I have those two, which are I believe uncommon perks, and either the 55% Darkness Fear Resistance perk (Nightowl) or the Ice Cold 30-something% dead body fear resistance perk on her, would that do well for fear resistance? How does that work with overall fear resistance and dead body/darkness fear resistance?
  13. I agree 100% on this. It’s way too easy to kill Jason, and the people who don’t say this must not play Jason. Once the mask is off and you’ve got Tommy and the sweater in, then you’re pretty much screwed unless you can snatch one from afar. Either that or they get lucky with the stun not working, or they hide (I’ve seen lots of high level Jasons hide too. One time I was playing on Packanack Small, I was Tommy, AJ had the sweater. At first Jason stood in the doorway of his shack trying to block us from getting in - mask was already off since I was Buggzy before and hit him with a machete until his mask was off. But we ended up getting everything we needed and he decided to hide. He was on that island where the health spray spawns on the rock, and where the two tents are, waiting and we were by the shack by the lake, and he was just waiting there. As a result almost the whole lobby escaped to the cops, most people just waited the time out though, watching him just sitting by on that island. Pretty hilarious but that’s why the kill is way too easy). They should either show where the Tommy radio spawns on Jason’s mask or higher the HP on jasons mask. I feel like I would rather know where the radio spawns though. This is because the mask HP might make it more difficult since if Jason knows what he’s doing, blocking will reduce most damage and it’ll be very hard to knock his mask off. Also because most new players probably won’t think to morph by the Tommy radio tower house (and they don’t know how to block alike). But that’s just my opinion. They also need to fix block, does anybody agree with me? I’ve been blocking for a while and I only just realized when a whole group decided to hit me and get my rage up just as the match began. It started with a Vanessa and an Adam hitting me but then they all joined in (most of the lobby at least) and then I realized how slow blocking is, once Jason blocks one hit he stops blocking for a very short time, but not short enough if you’ve got 6 different counselors beating you up. I never got stunned because of this, but they did get some damage hits on me I’m pretty sure. Plus, even if adding the Tommy house on Jason’s map will make people say that it makes him OP, shouldnt Jason kind of be a little bit OP? In this situation he won’t be very OP, but he will have more control over the kill (if he knows what he’s doing, at least). It might make it a little scarier for the counselor players as they’ll find out Tommy hasn’t been called, and as the other counselors start to die and Tommy still hasn’t been called, they might go and look for the radio only to find the power box out and possibly trapped...and it turns out they’re a Vanessa. Even though they’ll be able to kite Jason for the rest of the match if they’re skilled at it, They won’t be able to repair anything or get a Jason kill. So maybe if they decide to show Tommy’s radio on Jason’s map it’ll also make the game maybe a little bit more scary or difficult for the counselors. Definitely will help with the Jason kill issue though. I know they’re not going to add it on Jason’s map, but if they did, I would really like that and I’m sure many other people would as well. Edit: another reason why it would possibly help with the Jason kill being harder to do is if you see/hear the trap go off at that power box, you’ll know you’re playing with people who probably want to try to kill you. Especially if they’re trying to repair the power with a non repair character, but this is only if they aren’t random low level people who just don’t know what they’re doing. lol.
  14. Thanks for the input. Is the Tommy box usually your first morph, or do you go to the phone first? When playing as a Jason with -Morph I would imagine making the Tommy box your first morph would leave the objectives open for some time. Like, sometimes when playing as part 6, I’ve just morphed to trap say, the car, and the the trap at the phone is going off already, so it’s not too easy to trap everything or in this case, knock the Tommy box first before any of the objectives with minus morph. With normal morph and +morph though I don’t imagine its that hard, at least on the small maps. I’ve gone to the power box first, on Packanack Small with part 8 Jason, and it ended up being the Tommy house. The phone was practically next door also so that made it a lot easier. Other times I found the power box for the Tommy house right on the small cabin near the Lodge. But then there’s those times it spawns up near the main road, and since there’s no objectives near there I barely find myself hitting that box unless I’m trying to bring somebody’s fear up, etc. during a chase. Sometimes I’d knock out the Tommy house power without even realizing it was the house to call Jarvis in from, and then when he never shows up then I realize why. From now on I’ll try to spawn by a power box first, and then the phone, since the cars usually won’t be repaired that quickly judging on how most people play (at least the people I come across usually aren’t repair characters, they’re more runners), and even then you can stop the car. You can’t stop the cops once they’re called or stop Tommy from spawning in once he’s called in (unless you kill him, but a lot times you get a pretty skilled one who also wants to do the Jason kill).
  15. This helps a lot, thanks! I’ve done this successfully a couple times, and I’m trying to become more familiar with where the CB radio house spawns because it’s much easier to make sure Tommy doesn’t even come into the picture so all the counselors can do is try to escape, instead of often going for the kill. I know you said you don’t have access to it, but is this some official thing that players can’t see or is it on a different website?
  16. I know some people have mentioned memorizing the Tommy house spawn locations, but out of curiosity - can anybody provide the general locations? I know sometimes you can see it in the cutscene, and during those matches it helps greatly, and other times I get lucky when a power box spawn near an objective, I knock it out and then realize it’s the actually the Tommy box. Can anybody possibly tell me the possible spawn locations of the Tommy house in each map (I know there are multiple spawn locations as it might not be in a particular area each match, on one particular map)? And also, is there a way to know if the Tommy house didn’t spawn in one area? Like kind of how you know the shack didn’t spawn in one of the locations it usually spawns in, because the campfire is there. Is there a secret to knowing where the Tommy house spawned?
  17. What about if somebody got it off the Microsoft store (or PlayStation store I’m guessing too) when it was accidentally released that one time, and they never put it onto their account till just recently? Or if somebody has had the dlc there from when it was accidentally released and decided to download just in case they get an Xbox or PS4 and, then they recently get one of those counsels and downloaded Friday the 13th? Then they’d be a really low level and have Savini legitimately.
  18. Thanks for the info. Yeah I’ve seen some Tommys hit him in combat stance and just stand there unable to get out. The only reason why I thought going into combat stance would work better (besides the fact that, like you said, there’s information put out there about it) is because when I use the axe to stun Jason, I get less stuns when I hit him without being in combat stance. While in combat stance as Tiffany I was able to get him down more than two times in a row — but then again that might just be because I got lucky and those particular times had more stuns. The cancel sweater technique is really helpful. I’ve done it a couple times and I had a baseball bat so it worked out perfectly, but sometimes I just don’t bother because the Tommy seems to be focused on hitting Jason himself, so if I try as well then it’s going to mess everything up (I don’t really use my mic so I don’t really communicate a solid plan half the time). I think two people (Tommy and SG) is fine to kill Jason with, but sometimes a third person can help with the stun and stuff, if in that case the Tommy decides to just stand around waiting for nothing and the person with the sweater doesn’t do the animation cancel thing, but sometimes when they don’t know what the hell theyre doing they mess it up for everybody and just keep hitting Jason over and over again. But anyway, thanks for the information. I really am trying to roll a good sucker punch perk to hopefully increase my odds of getting the stun with the axe every time with Tommy. The times I don’t kill Jason it’s either he doesn’t go down to his knees or (doesn’t happen anymore because I make sure to switch axes if avails and I also have a better durability perk) the axe would break just as he falls on his knees. Lol.
  19. I figured it might’ve been because of the fact that the axe doesn’t guarantee a stun, that’s why I began to use heavy attack because most of the time I’ll get a stun/get the kneel. That’s also why it’s good to have a 3rd person around with a bat or another melee weapon with good stun. At first I thought I was doing something wrong with hitting him too early or something, but I’ve killed him many times and almost every time we have everything he does get killed. It’s just those few times when I don’t get the stun.
  20. I can usually manage to get him to his knees with a heavy swing with the axe, 96% of the time or so it works. But then sometimes he just doesn’t go down, and I know killing Jason isn’t supposed to be something that is promised to happen every time you try it, I’m just wondering where the best spot to hit him is. I noticed the few times it didn’t work I was heavy attacking him from the front, and he just didn’t go down those few times. Other times it actually works when attacking him from the front. Most of the time it works from the back, as I’ve seen with some other people and what I’ve done myself, but I’m just wondering, does it make a difference where you hit him? (FYI, I’m not running any sucker punch on any of my characters. Unfortunately I only had the very low sucker punch perk and it didn’t help with anything so I sold it. I’ve been trying to roll a better sucker punch perk for so long but I can never get it).
  21. I’ve seen this actually, but from a video. I don’t know if it’s exactly like this, I know suddenly the car went somewhere that looked off the map (by looking at the mini-map) and their screen was white, like yours. That’s super weird. I wonder how it would look to people on the spectating screen because one time I was spectating people after a police escape and I noticed a Kenny was just floating in the air in this area of whiteness. I’m not too sure what happened there though.
  22. I believe if you have video proof you can report on jasonkillsbugs.com.
  23. I agree! Ohh, that explains what just happened when I was playing earlier. Two people left the match and even though nobody called for Tommy yet, I decided I’d fight Jason head on while they are calling for Tommy. I was even more so tempted to do this because of the fact that somebody was getting the sweater from the island, I saw by the minimap. This was the same person that was Tommy the last round and I was sweater girl, but a stupid random jenny messed up the kill. So I dropped my pocket knife and the keys and fought jason, getting a few good hits on him before I finally let him get me. A Kenny started hitting Jason while he was killing me, obviously doing nothing except getting himself killed after that. So 2 of us were now dead. Because of the fact that two people left before, I figured I’d definitely come back as Tommy. And I watched the AJ who had the sweater call for Tommy. And a few seconds later, I saw the Tommy icon on the player who died after me! To say the least I got pretty annoyed 1) because I had died first (technically third because of the people who had left), and 2) Tommy was the low level random who messed up the kill last round when he successfully got Jason down to his knees and just KEPT hitting him until he got back up. Anyway, thanks for the clarification that it’s random. Now, like I’ve been doing, I’m not going to try and die in any specific order when I spawn into a match trying to attack Jason then come back as Tommy for a kill.
  24. I don’t know if you guys noticed this too, but Tommy isn’t always the 2nd person dead. I know that it favors dead players, so if one died and some others escaped, the one who died would come back. But I also noticed that it can also be the first person who died coming back. I killed Jason three times in a row last night, and all three times I was fighting him head on with a machete trying to deal the most damage. Obviously then I was expecting him to kill me. One of the times we were in a group all fighting him, but I was always the one to die first mainly on purpose because I wanted to come back as Tommy. Both times right after I died (well, a few minutes after) somebody else died. And I was scared they might come back, but all three times, I got Tommy. I don’t think it’s that when a certain amount of time has passed in the match that the first person will come back (because it was still the very beginning of the match and at one point, in one match, somebody died almost right after me), but could it be the amount of time that passes when somebody dies? In another match I was planning to come back as Tommy and wanted to die second, however I ended up dying a glitched kill (first) and then a Tiffany died right after me and then I was killed again since I was injured. And she got Tommy. Is this a random selection or what? (I also know that when somebody leaves the match the first person who dies will come back as Tommy).
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