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  1. I play offline mode just to practice as Jason, also when my connection doesn’t want to work but I still want to play the game, so I play with the offline bots. I always play on hard mode expecting the bots to be like advanced players — repairing the cars, boat and phone — but boy was I wrong. At least 90% of the time there’s at least one counselor who just stands, staring at me waiting for their death. It’s so ridiculous. Also, when they do get the police called, and the police arrive and there’s one counselor left, 90% of the time they’re hiding in a closet or under a bed…instead of taking their chance to escape to authorities. I think they need to fix this. If hard mode is this easy, imagine easy mode. Probably all counselors just standing around waiting for their death. 😂
  2. I remember when I heard of the game first coming out I was pretty amazed at the way they were doing things. When I watched gameplays my first thoughts were how good the graphics were. I first played the game in October of 2017 when I bought it off Steam for my laptop. Little did I know that the game wouldn’t run smoothly on my laptop…at all. It was horrible. It wasn’t a gaming PC so that was the main reason why it didn’t run well. The lightening strikes were delayed after the sound of the thunder, as a result it was really hard to see when outside. Even though I did survive many times, it was just flat out hard to play due to it being so slow and had lots of brief freezing time periods. I’d be running one second, then it would stutter for a few moments, then a few seconds later when it came back, I was about to get killed. Really took away from the goodness of the game. A few months ago luckily I got an Xbox One and purchased the game (the Ultimate Slasher Edition), and of course it runs really good on there. Sometimes there are connection issues, but that’s rare, and that happens to everybody. Anyway, I think the graphics are really good, and like people said above, they really captured the 80s feel like the movies. And for that, that just makes the game even better.
  3. Thinking about it now, you’re right. 😂 It’ll be like the end of the world but in Friday the 13th The Game. Imagine if team killing was still going, it might kill everybody nearby. 😂 That would be pretty hilarious. There was a giant trap? I gotta see that. 😂 If you got stuck in there it must look ridiculously huge stuck on a counselor’s leg. 😂
  4. Thank you both. Yeah, it hasn’t shown up in a while now, so I assumed they fixed it. I was just making sure it was a glitch and not someway of cheating that people were using. It never happened to me directly, I just saw it while spectating other players, so that’s why I was wondering. Thanks again.
  5. A few times I’ve seen this thing where people jump through windows and they are about to hit the ground but then they literally land upright on their feet. I was wondering if this was a glitch of some kind, or is it a glitch that a player can activate by doing something? It gives them more time to run since they land on their feet and they don’t have to roll over and get up.
  6. That would be pretty hilarious. 😂 Imagine when you aim it… it would probably be really easy to miss your shot because of how the gun might block your view, plus the target circle might also be screwed up. Would be funny though. I saw one time somebody had a huge pot and they were able to stand inside it.
  7. I hope they don’t either! It really is hilarious. 😂 It really is! Since it used to be activated by shooting the flare gun near the weapon in a certain positioning, I wonder how it’s activated now. I’ve noticed sometimes after Jason grabs the player, they drop the weapon, then they break free that when they pick the weapon up again it becomes huge. So maybe it has something to do with breaking free from Jason’s grab. Xbox One!
  8. How doesn’t it let you? Like what is it saying? Does it just straight-out not connect you to offline play, or does it give you some kind of error message?
  9. Yeah I just realized that the flare guns used to make that glitch if you position to shoot directly over the button to pick up the weapon, and then shoot the flare gun. Sometimes though — in YouTube videos and in the game I was in today — I saw it just became big by itself after Jason grabbed the player. They also have the large items glitch — like gas. I saw this on YouTube and I found it hilarious: By any chance do you know if shotguns can get this big also? Anyway, thanks for the help! 👍
  10. I haven’t died at all. Yet. Hopefully I don’t in the future. I started playing in October 2017 but I had problems then with the game because I played on my laptop (which wasn’t at all a gaming computer, and as a result was very slow so playing the game was a project in itself). I recently got an Xbox One and got the game on it earlier this year, so now I play more regularly. I never died as Jason mainly because I put a trap in front of the shack as soon as I spawn. If I hear that go off or if somehow one of the female counselors get the sweater, I always make sure to target them to eliminate them from the rest so that I don’t have a chance of dying. Besides that most importantly always make sure to stop the counselors from calling for Tommy by making sure the power in that particular house is always off (you can put a trap in front of that power box). Without Tommy the sweater is almost useless (all it is good for is just a small stun). The problem though with preventing the counselors from calling for Tommy Jarvis is that along with making sure they don’t get that power box repaired, you also need to make sure they don’t get the cars (or car and boat), and phone box repaired. So if you hear a trap go off, then directly after that another, you’d have to look and see which is more useful for the counselor. Calling for Tommy or calling the cops? Calling the cops is more alarming to you as Jason so you’d go there to stop them from doing that. That’s Jason’s biggest problem — not being able to be in two places at once. Anyway, I haven’t gotten killed as Jason yet, but that might change in the future. Hopefully not though.
  11. Sorry for the bad quality, I just kinda pulled out my phone and started recording it since that was the quickest way I could get it on tape. Screen recording would’ve took a little too long and I didn’t want to risk not being able to share this funny moment. Tommy picked up the axe the first time about thirty seconds before I recorded this. He had broken free from Jason’s grab, picked up the axe again, and suddenly it just became big. At first I thought he was holding a street power structure thing but it was an axe! Luckily he went back to pick the axe up again so I was able to get it on camera. Pretty funny if you ask me. Has anybody ever seen anything like this?
  12. I was wondering if anybody else came across this glitch. I saw somebody on the map inside one of the cabins so I went there and looked around but couldn’t find anybody until I looked in the corner. Vanessa was standing there holding a baseball bat but she had no name over her and on the status there was nobody playing as Vanessa. It was really weird. Every time I got close to her she would go up 3 feet and fall back down in a squatting position. I found that both weird and funny at the same time, was it that somebody that played as her quit the game and their character remained?
  13. Thanks for the help. I never checked to see if I still get a connection to the servers when this happens, but next time it happens (if it does) I’ll see if my level shows up. Another thing that happened — last week I was playing and suddenly the whole screen froze. I could still hear the sounds and everything, but my control didn’t work and the screen was just frozen. At the time I was running away from Jason too, while holding the gas to put it into the boat. About thirty seconds later the game unfroze and I was still alive, I just ran into a bush. Jason wasn’t chasing anymore either. So I was able to escape with the boat (all I had left was to put the gas in). I just found it weird that it froze like that. That was the first time that kind of thing happened and it hasn’t happened since. So if I come across an interaction glitch where I can’t push certain buttons, should it wear off within time, or does it wear off only when as a counselor you get grabbed or as Jason you get hit?
  14. When you put a couple traps down as Jason, say in front of the phone box, the shack, or even a car and you hear the sound of one of them going off, when you open up your map how would you be able to tell which trap it was that went off? I know that the traps show up red on Jason’s map, and I figured whichever one went off usually flashes red. I’m trying to make sure that’s what happens so I can make sure I’m teleporting wherever which single trap went off. Thanks.
  15. That’s true. I’m usually able to clear most of the lobby (usually one person leaves the game so it only says I killed 7/8, etc.) And thats true about the boat. I was able to repair the boat in 2 minutes because I had everything around me, and Jason was chasing somebody else right in front of me, so I was able to get away with the boat. So sometimes when you hear the boat or the car starting, or even the sound of the phone being used to call the cops, a lot of the times it’s too late to stop them.
  16. When you’re a counselor and you’re in attack mode with a weapon, I was wondering what to push to dodge a hit from Jason. I see other people doing this, and even though I can successfully attack while in this mode, I never seem to be able to dodge. I’m on Xbox One if that helps.
  17. Sometimes if I wait it out and don’t immediately exit the game then it eventually says there was an network connection and I get kicked out and sent back to the lobby. It’s not for being AFK because I was moving the entire time. Like for example one time I was getting something from a drawer and I couldn’t take the item. The drawer closed but then I couldn’t open it again. All I could do was walk around and go to the settings and main menu. For Jason I could also still walk but I couldn’t do anything like shift, stalk, morph or anything like that. I couldn’t swing or grab either. I think maybe it’s what you mentioned above — that glitch. But I’m not sure where the network error comes into this because I sometimes get that message after this, but sometimes I don’t.
  18. That was very sneaky and was really fun to watch. I really should try this. I usually trap the phone box and the cars and then go from there, immediately killing the counselors or destroying the phone box, as you said most Jason’s do that. I think I might try this the next match I’m Jason in, though I feel like I would be worrying if people would get away with the car. If they get the car going and I teleport out of the phone house, then somebody might be able to call the cops. But as people above said, it’s better to have fun this way than worry about clearing the entire lobby (though it is satisfying to do that and we all strive for that). Great job on that technique. 👍🔪
  19. I don’t know if this is a glitch or just a connection error, but sometimes I’ll be playing as a counselor or Jason and I can’t do anything with the buttons except for go to the menu. When I’m Jason it’s especially frustrating because I end up needing to end the game even if I was doing good and that was unneeded. I was wondering if anybody has a solution to when that happens, and if it happens to anybody else. Sometimes it tells me that my network connection failed after a few minutes of that. Is there nothing I can do about that? Usually my connection is normal, doesn’t drop or anything. Thank you.
  20. Thank you all. For the environmental kills, I’ve done them before I assigned the kills to each button. Now that I have kills assigned to each button, on the tips it said to do an environmental kill the area should be highlighted. After I bring a counselor to the highlighted area do I just push any button (like A, B, X or Y) to do the environmental kill?
  21. A lot of people have strong preferences on movies and their remakes, more specifically the original Halloweens and the remakes. Between Halloween (1978) and Halloween (2007) which one do you prefer? And why? As Halloween is one of my favorite franchises ever, I definitely have an opinion on this. I prefer the original Halloween not because it was made before or anything like that, but because in the remake I feel that they show way too much. In the original they show one scene of Michael as a kid, and in that scene he doesn’t say one word. And that’s how it is the whole movie. It showed him right after he killed his sister and I feel like that was a perfect decision to build suspense. In Zombie’s remake they show too much of Michael’s childhood and I think that kind of takes away some of the scare factor. In the original movie he is shown with a lot of mystery to him and that’s what really makes him scary to a lot of people. I’m not hating on the remake or anything, the remake actually did a good job on the kills in the movie — it was much more gory than the original — but I will always like the original more than any remake. Besides this, I really like the current timeline of Halloween — how it ignores every movie after 1978. I’m glad they decided to bring back the Michael who kills on Halloween for no apparent reason. Though I do like Halloween II and other movies in the original franchise, I think it’s a lot more scary as a character for him to kill on every Halloween night for no apparent reason than kill on Halloween night to eliminate his family due to the curse he has.
  22. I added a couple different kills, but when I kill somebody it only allows me to use one kill — which happens to be the stepping and crushing head one. I can do other kills like using the things around me, but I can’t seem to use the other kills I added and bought with XP. I use Xbox One if that helps, and when I do a grab kill I immediately start pushing “A” which seems to activate either any environment kill that’s possible or only one of the kills I picked which is the head crushing one. Is it that I have to push other buttons like Y, X and B to activate the others?
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