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  1. Thanks, I appreciate it! You should! They should have another tour either next Friday the 13th, or the year after (the events should be posted on the Blairstown Museum’s Facebook page), but I know next Friday the 13th in December they’re having a Christmas tree lighting event at the Friday the 13th museum, which I’m going to. If you make it up here to check things out, you’ll really enjoy it! Thanks for checking this out!
  2. Since I couldn’t manage to afford to go to the Crystal Lake Tour this Friday the 13th, I had the opportunity to go to a Friday the 13th trolley tour in Blairstown NJ, which I really enjoyed. While in the trolley, between stops, the original movie was playing. I also was able to get some shots. After the trolley tour, I stopped at the museum where I was given a free copy of the book of the planning of the Friday the 13th movies (got it free because my attendance of the tour. Each 13 people per tour received a book and a small “goodie” bag). It was especially cool because while in the trolley with the movie playing, we paused the movie as Annie was walking past the cemetery just as we arrived in front of the cemetery and got out to check it out. It was also very weird because most people on the tour and walking around the town were from different states, and even different countries. In the trolley, besides the tour guides, the people I came with and I were the only people from New Jersey. 😂 Opening shots of the movie locations: Cemetery: Entrance to Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco (unfortunately I couldn’t get the sign because it was covered with the Crystal Lake Tours sign or something I believe since they were having tours today & yesterday, but in the background Jason’s woods are visible. We were also in the “this-is-the-part-where-anything-can happen-and-we-can’t-call-for-help-zone” — There was no reception whatsoever in that area which made things seem even cooler): Some things from the museum (which isn’t fully done yet, they’re adding many new things in the near future): Blairstown Diner, which I ate at afterwards, and also bought a sweatshirt from: *Keep in mind most of these pictures aren’t edited. I also might add more as I look over more of them.*
  3. I’m actually going to a tour of the original filming locations. Before the tour though since it’s at 7 PM, I’m going to get a bite at the Blairstown Diner, and then after the tour, at 10 PM, I’m going to the cinema on Main Street in Blairstown and seeing a screening of Friday the 13th (1980). I’m also going to visit the museum a bit before everything else since it closes at 5 PM I believe. I’m really excited for this. Second best day besides Halloween. 😈 When I get home I’ll marathon Friday the 13th movies and as usual, play the game.
  4. Usually at the end of a match I’d get 1,000+ XP (even when the Jason player would quit as soon as the match would begin, I would still get at least 1,000 XP and I noticed that people who were also in the match said they also received 1,000 XP for nothing since Jason quit). Now suddenly (even if I escape) I’m getting like 800 XP (sometimes 1,000). Could it be because I’m getting to the higher levels? I’m on level 88 so nowhere near max level yet. I was just wondering why that was happening. Thanks. Forgot to mention that even as Jason — I usually kill 8/8 and just now I killed 8/8 and I got about 1,800 XP for that. Is that what some of you guys normally get?
  5. Sometimes when I’m being chased by Jason, and he’s close but not swinging at me with his weapon, and I’m injured to a limp, I can’t use my health spray. I have the spray, and I’ve selected it in my inventory (it was actually that it was the only thing in my inventory at the time). This has happened twice so far, the most recent being when the police had arrived and I was at the exit when I discovered that Jason was waiting at the side and that he had put traps all around. I stepped in one and as soon as I got out of it, it made me step in another. Jason wasn’t slashing me when I successfully got out and was about to use my health spray. I just couldn’t use it. The button to use it wouldn’t show up. I was thinking about dropping it and then picking it up again (which I should’ve done since I ended up pocket knifing him, but in the moment it wasn’t really something I could think of). Is it some kind of glitch where the health sprays sometimes don’t have the option to work, and that maybe dropping them then picking it up again might resolve that? Or is it when fear goes up you can’t use it? I don’t recall that being the case though because even though my fear was heightened at the time, my screen wasn’t dark (I could see both my mini map and inventory) so I wasn’t in the final stage of fear just yet, and I remember times where my fear was up yet I was able to use my sprays. So I’m assuming this is some kind of glitch? Has anybody else experienced the same thing?
  6. That makes sense, thanks. So if I’m blocking with my weapon, and Jason throws a knife, no matter where he throws it, if it’s anywhere at me I’ll be able to block it? I usually do utilize combat stance with dodging when I’m hurt or when I need stamina which I’ll get from a good hit, but blocking seems effective for preventing yourself from taking any damage in the moment, even if in the long run it does damage your weapon. But there usually are more weapons laying around, especially in a cabin, so that’s also good.
  7. I got mine at Best Buy! Sorry for the long no reply period, did not see your post till just now.
  8. Thanks. I’m assuming you can still block melee weapons though, right? If so when a counselor is also in combat stance and goes to block a hit instead of dodge or jump backwards from one, does it successfully block the hit from Jason if done correctly?
  9. I know that Jason can block melee weapon attacks, which can end up causing the counselor’s weapon to break, but I was watching a video on what else Jason can and can’t block, and in the video it showed that Jason can walk through firecrackers if he blocks them, block flare gun shots, and even walk through bear traps if in block mode without getting caught (it showed the bear trap stuck on his leg). So I was just wondering if this is all true, and if Jason can in fact go in block mode to avoid getting stunned by flare guns, firecrackers and getting stuck in bear traps because if so, that could help me become an even better Jason than I already am. Thanks.
  10. Who’s really hyped to see IT Chapter 2? I really enjoyed the chapter one adaptation from 2 years ago (a bit more than the TV miniseries, and I really like how they’re separating the two chapters into two movies), so I’m really pumped to see Chapter Two. I’ve already gotten tickets to see it in iMax on opening night next Friday since they seem to be selling pretty quickly! Anybody else really excited?
  11. I’m on level 70 and I have the Ultimate Slasher Edition physical copy of the game. Where do I go to find the bloody skins?
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