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  1. I was looking at pictures of the game, and I saw this picture: https://variety.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/837640.jpg The background seems to look a lot like the movie Jason Takes Manhattan, with the boat and everything. And I really like how the Crystal Lake sign looks in the background, like it is almost abandoned. Anybody have word if this map was planned to be added into the game had there not been a lawsuit?
  2. Is it the shotgun sliding glitch you’re referencing? It’s a glitch that you can achieve by doing a dance emote, then pointing the gun and you’ll be able to move while aiming. It doesn’t really give the person any benefits as stamina does get used up and it’s not very fast, Jason can easily preform a shift grab on them. It doesn’t have anything to do with the peer to peer servers and lag, it’s just a glitch people like to perform just for no particular reason.
  3. Counselor - Most used or favorite counselor (s) : Jenny & Tiffany Favorite weapon : baseball bat Favorite perks : nerves of steel, preparedness, thick skinned (Jenny, no fear) thick skinned, sucker punch, nerves of steel (Tiffany) Play style : survival Likes : driving the car and off-roading Dislikes : Teamers, glitchers, exploiters, cheaters Goal : survive the night, escape, kill Jason Mic : nope - Jason - Most used or favorite Jason (s) : part 6 Favorite weapon (s) : weapon Favorite kills : The Pamela Favorite environmental kills : the graveyard fence kill, stereo kill Play style : Use stalk a lot Likes : Killing Vanessas Dislikes : cheaters Mic : nope
  4. I found a glitch that hasn’t been in the game for a couple years now I believe. I was crouching and moved forward, expecting to get back up. However it allowed me to remain crouching while sliding forward like I was running, without losing any stamina. This glitch seems like people can use it to exploit although it is a bit slower than running pace. Anybody else encountered it?
  5. Thanks for confirming. I’m so glad they brought that back!!! 👏🏻
  6. I haven’t played the game in a while on Xbox, before the update, so I got on today, and in one match I spawned back in as Tommy. When he did spawn in, I heard a line I haven’t heard for about two years: “this is between me and Jason.” Does anybody know if the old lines were implemented back into the game with this update? I haven’t heard those lines for quite a long time. It could be that since I’ve been off of Xbox for some time I forgot about those lines, but I’m pretty sure that it’s one of the old lines they had already taken out. Can anybody confirm?
  7. Thanks for letting me know It’s also happening to you. It’s very annoying because it basically makes the game unplayable for the time being. I hate having to quit matches (especially as Jason) but when you can’t do anything but walk around, then you kind of have to quit.
  8. I’ve gotten pretty good at dodging the car, it really makes the person driving / trolling (or “trying to troll”) look really stupid. Always fun to see the troll get trolled. I don’t think they should take the mechanic out because team killing was already removed, without the car able to kill people it will just be less realistic, and I’ll admit, sometimes seeing people get betrayed by a troll is fun. One time a max level Vanessa ran over the entire lobby in a span of 3 minutes, I was the only other max level and the only other person smart enough not to step foot out of the cabin. She ended up getting the car stuck and rage quit when she was about to die, lol. Sometimes with people like this, the next match I will go out of my way to purposely run THEM down with the car, see how they like it. Avenge those dead counselors. There’s also nothing more satisfying than killing teamers. There was one time I was spectating this person after I escaped and it became very clear that they were teaming (if I remember right they were running people down with the car themselves, only to have Jason ignore the car). Next match I get the car started up, let somebody in (since it’s a 2-seater) and go to where they most likely are (since most people were in that area). I find them right away with Jason there as well. For some reason this Jason doesn’t really make an effort to stop the car as much as he tries to kill the counselors that are by the cabins. Because of this, it all worked out well. Upon seeing the car the 2 teamers (now counselors; one was even a max level) they start running for safety inside the cabins but they make a mistake to stand somewhere behind the car where I easily reversed into them. Both of them dead, I escaped with the person. Lol. It was pretty satisfying.
  9. Thanks for the answer. I thought it could be something to do with the server issues, but I wasn’t sure. Hopefully things will get better soon.
  10. Has anybody else experienced this? It happened to me for the first time last night when I was playing on my Nintendo Switch Lite – I began a match as a counselor after a successful one as Jason, and a few seconds into it, suddenly my buttons don’t work. It’s not an interaction glitch because all the buttons show up when I go near a door or a drawer, etc. and I can still walk, run, rotate my camera around but I can’t push any buttons (can’t open drawers, pick things up, attack, combat stance, click my flashlight, crouch, go in and out of windows, open or lock doors, etc.). Does anybody know what the cause of this is? The match seems to start out completely fine and then suddenly I can’t do anything except for walk. It’s made me have to quit 2 Jason matches so far (which I hate doing since being Jason is the best part of the game). Both matches didn’t even last a minute before I found I couldn’t push any buttons, in one I was stuck in combat stance and couldn’t do anything from there. In one match I was in as a counselor, I actually got kicked out of the server and got a message saying something along the lines of a connection error. I tried restarting the whole system and yet it keeps happening. I thought it was a problem with my actual Switch (which is rather new), so I tried playing offline bots to see what happens from there and not once did I have any issues. Seems this only happens in online play. I never had any problems with this until last night and into today. This has never happened on my Xbox or anything either. Does anybody know why this is happening? Or anybody who plays on Switch possibly know how to fix this? OR is this an issue with the game itself and the online servers? @mattshotcha
  11. Rock behind the lodge on the Higgins Haven Small map is still accessible, was this one of the glitch spots that was supposed to be removed in the patch? http://forum.f13game.com/topic/28290-higgins-haven-small-rock-still-accessible/
  12. Just had a match where a group of people apparently were going to “troll” the lobby. Get into the match, see a bunch of them dancing on top of the rock behind Higgins Haven in the small map. I thought this was supposed to be patched? They had batteries and stuff up there so nobody could get it. I go up there and they get all pissed, crouching and trying to push me off. However, while they’re busy dancing, Jason got a few hits with his knives, limping one in particular. While she’s dancing, since the counselors are able to be moved like that, I push her off while Jason is there. Guess what? She hits the ground and starts running away, limping, then quits before Jason could get her. Lmao! So funny to troll the trolls. This was on the Switch, by the way. Was this one of the glitch spots that was supposed to be removed in the patch??
  13. There is this really annoying glitch that hasn’t been patched yet that happens when you have your counselor on random. It’s happened to me on Xbox, and now it’s happening again on Switch. I have nerves of steel on most of my counselors and I like putting my counselors on random so I can adapt how I play each game. It also freshens things up. Every time the counselors are on random, the nerves of steel perk straight up doesnt work. Mini map disappears and everything, every time. I know there are glitches that take higher priority in terms of next patch, but this glitch is very annoying.
  14. I know this isn’t something they will change, and while I’m fine with the current grab, I’m curious what everybody’s opinions are and which they prefer. If I were to say, I’d say I prefer the old grab because of the fact that it isn’t as punishable as the current one. You could grab faster than you can now if you missed the first try. Although sometimes the grab range was really long (like early when the game was still new), I think I prefer the old grab. With the current grab, if a counselor baits you to grab it’s an easy stun or damage hit for them, although it’s easy to not fall for that anymore. The good thing with the current grab is how it’s easy to grab somebody over say a couch or something when they are trying to do that ring around the sofa thing. The current grab is more of a lunge-forward type thing, and while im fine with the it, I kind of prefer the old grab. How about everybody else?
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