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  1. Good poll, I definitely think it’s time we see a change regarding the Jason kill. It is something to look forward to, so I’ll be waiting until then!
  2. Thinking about it now, I think it wouldve been cool if we had to find flashlights just like everything else. For the shotgun and flare gun ammo, that would also be cool, but I personally think it’s better off without ammo because two or three shotguns with only one shot spawning per map is more than enough as it is because of the fact that today, so many people come on this game strictly just to bully Jason around and try to kill him. But if it wasn’t this way, I agree, ammo spawning around the match and the counselors having to find it if they have a shotgun or flare gun would be pretty useful. That could help with the fact that Tommy Jarvis knows what he’s getting himself into and comes to the camp with one single bullet, and so many Tommys still miss the shot completely. 😂😂
  3. If they made the Jason kill possible with the mask still on, that’s all you’d see in this game, the whole thing reversed and Jason players running away from Tommy and the sweater girl, but even more often than you see this. I’d probably stop playing this game if that was the case.
  4. I agree, thick skin is a must have perk. Back when I first started playing, I didn’t have the perk on every counselor, just the few I’d play more often, so one time I got the random counselor glitch and my character got injured from one knife and a broken window. Now I don’t use broken windows anymore unless it’s absolutely necessary (which is rare), but either way, I agree, without thick skin you get crippled so fast. It’s almost impossible to survive that way if you’re going up against a jason with weapon strength or a Jason who is good with throwing knives. You’d run out of health sprays pretty quickly, even with medic on.
  5. If tough defines me almost every match as Jason trying to hit the Tommy box AND trap it after trapping my shack before I leave it before even touching any objectives, then that makes no sense. By now, most people who are familiar with this game always try to make sure the counselors won’t get the Jason kill because once they get the sweater, once they get Jarvis, and once the mask which, by the way, has way too low HP to it - it’s game over for Jason unless the counselors decide to split up or if they make some mistake. Now that’s something nobody ever thought would happen with this game. Nobody is afraid of Jason anymore, which is why so many people solely play matches just to kill Jason. If all doesn’t work out, they rage quit. The Jason kill isn’t even anything near difficult unless you have a bunch of newbie players who don’t know what they’re doing. Even then, there have been a lot of new players who were playing as Tommy and I’ve seen them successfully knock Jason down to his knees and do exactly the right thing after that, executing the kill. It isn’t just the experienced, high level players that can pull off the Jason kill. The Jason kill is the easiest way of winning in this game, easier than getting the cops called. Even if it’s a good Jason it’s very hard to get rid of Tommy and the little “squad” once they have everything going. Throw knives from far away? They’ll spray with the six sprays they have because of the medic perk. Grab one of them? That’s your death trap.They’ll have two pocket knives and then spam the button to use the sweater. Jason is severely under powered. I’m not sure what you’re doing wrong and how you’re playing that makes you think Jason is so OP in so many different ways, especially with all the other posts you’ve made. Of course everybody is entitled to their own opinion but with this game, there is barely any opinion involved. It’s a fact that Jason isn’t as strong as he should be. It’s at the point where I have to ask if this game is based off of the movie franchise of the same name where Jason was a badass.
  6. Legendary perk would be my choice. My legendary thick skin also has the trap escape bonus on it. Stumble penalty isn’t a big deal, as long as you keep a distance from Jason it shouldn’t affect the gameplay and it shouldn’t cause you to die. The only time it’s caused me any problems was when I was playing Chad and I was doing that baiting Jason into grabbing thing so that I could hit him. I paid for that because I stumbled right into his grab...and I died. If you’re not getting too close to J, stumble penalty shouldn’t be a problem. Especially if you’re playing a character that doesn’t stumble much to begin with, and it only happens when you’re at a certain stage of fear, so you shouldn’t have any problems with it. Trap escape is definitely very useful and it’s a great bonus to have on a legendary thick skin perk.
  7. I do see your point. I think the devs should’ve punished the people doing this stuff from the very beginning when the roof glitch was happening.
  8. Unfortunately even though both the roof glitch and this one are flaws in the system, people have to purposely put a bear trap down in certain spots to get to the glitch spot. We wouldn’t have the problem with people doing this if everybody took this game seriously and actually played it the way it’s supposed to be played. Because of the amount of players who are either trolls or just don’t take this game seriously, of course there are people who take advantage of glitches like these and make them exploits. Now talking about a glitch like the knife car glitch, sometimes you can be throwing a knife at somebody who’s nearby going into the car but instead it hits the car and causes it to be destroyed or flip. While you can do it on purpose and flip the car, sometimes it happens by mistake, which has happened to me before. With the roof glitch and this Pinehurst glitch you have to purposely grab a bear trap, put it where it has to be, then do whatever else you have to do to get onto/into the glitch spot. And people were aware that while on the roof, more often than not Jason couldn’t get to them (although there was a way for J to get up there). And for this glitch people are aware that Jason can’t get them and they’re safe for the rest of the game. So honestly I wouldn’t be against the deva punishing people who do use this glitch because although it’s a flaw in the coding, people are purposely taking steps to do the glitch. It’s not like the knife glitch where sometimes you flip the car by mistake which happens. There’s no “I got in here by mistake” with this.
  9. I’ve played the game for over 800 hours and I haven’t seen this personally in public matches either. But I have heard a lot of people talking about it, and I do know how it’s done. I don’t recall saying it’s okay, all I said was its kind of like the roof glitch. Nothing is going to be done about it currently so as Jason, there isn’t much you can do besides slash them through the walls or just ignore them — at least until it’s fixed.
  10. Pretty sure naming and shaming is against the forum rules, I suggest you report the screenshots to JasonKillsBugs.com. Also, this isn’t a hack, it’s a glitch that’s known to most players across all the platforms. It happens on consoles as well. It’s almost like the Packanack roof glitch. Jason can slash people through the wall if they get too close to the sides. In the second screenshot I noticed there are two counselors in there under the stairs so Jason might’ve been able to slash one of them through the walls.
  11. I play on Xbox and it never takes that long. For me if it takes over a minute I cancel it and then find a match again, usually that helps.
  12. Lol 😂 Nah, I just laugh it off. I don’t take this game seriously anymore. That’s way in the past.
  13. Yes I think it does still work. I’ve never personally killed Jason with the machete though...and I’ve killed him a ton of times. I always use an axe because I’ve had the times when Jason wouldn’t fall down to his knees (now I have sucker punch so that no longer happens) and with the axe that usually doesn’t happen. With the machete, even with sucker punch, I wouldn’t expect jason to go down to his knees all the time. I have seen people use the machete to kill him though not as common as the axe. Not too long ago I had the sweater and Tommy was able to knock him down with the machete and kill him, and it was also his first time killing Jason so it does still work, but might not drop him down to his knees due to the low stun chance.
  14. Thanks for the heads up, I honestly didn’t realize this. Whenever I’m Jason when I go to stop the car or stop somebody from repairing something after they set off a trap, I usually put stalk on before morphing. I still find it useful because like you said, they’ll only get static without music and they won’t be able to see where you morphed on the map ahead of time (unless they shoot a flare off and you’re nearby or something). I can confirm that the flare gun does still work when Jason is in stalk. I use it a lot of the time and it’s really helpful to see if Jason is still around and is just in stalk. It’s helped me a lot of times and saved me time because usually when jason’s music suddenly stops, if there is no flare gun around and if nobody is dying for that short amount of time, I usually wait it out inside the cabin and that could last more than 2 minutes since if Jason stands still, his stalk lasts the entire time, which is around two minutes. I also shoot flare guns outside a window when Jason isnt around and I’m trying to make sure he isn’t in stalk somewhere waiting for somebody to climb out of the cabin and when I do that sometimes people ask why I just wasted a flare gun when that really isn’t the case. There were countless amounts of times when I’ve shot a flare and spotted Jason lurking just outside the cabin in stalk. When you do shoot a flare and he does end up being there, it makes all the counselors around scream since they now see him/know he’s there. So I think it goes both ways, not a lot of people know what flare guns can be used for besides as a weapon stunning Jason, but then there are a ton of Jason players who don’t use stalk correctly. They activate it while going after a counselor and he’s right in their view.
  15. Really? I heard that if you activate stalk before morph they wouldn’t be able to tell you were near them because they wouldn’t get the static prompt.
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