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  1. Rock behind the lodge on the Higgins Haven Small map is still accessible, was this one of the glitch spots that was supposed to be removed in the patch? http://forum.f13game.com/topic/28290-higgins-haven-small-rock-still-accessible/
  2. Just had a match where a group of people apparently were going to “troll” the lobby. Get into the match, see a bunch of them dancing on top of the rock behind Higgins Haven in the small map. I thought this was supposed to be patched? They had batteries and stuff up there so nobody could get it. I go up there and they get all pissed, crouching and trying to push me off. However, while they’re busy dancing, Jason got a few hits with his knives, limping one in particular. While she’s dancing, since the counselors are able to be moved like that, I push her off while Jason is there. Guess what? She hits the ground and starts running away, limping, then quits before Jason could get her. Lmao! So funny to troll the trolls. This was on the Switch, by the way. Was this one of the glitch spots that was supposed to be removed in the patch??
  3. There is this really annoying glitch that hasn’t been patched yet that happens when you have your counselor on random. It’s happened to me on Xbox, and now it’s happening again on Switch. I have nerves of steel on most of my counselors and I like putting my counselors on random so I can adapt how I play each game. It also freshens things up. Every time the counselors are on random, the nerves of steel perk straight up doesnt work. Mini map disappears and everything, every time. I know there are glitches that take higher priority in terms of next patch, but this glitch is very annoying.
  4. I know this isn’t something they will change, and while I’m fine with the current grab, I’m curious what everybody’s opinions are and which they prefer. If I were to say, I’d say I prefer the old grab because of the fact that it isn’t as punishable as the current one. You could grab faster than you can now if you missed the first try. Although sometimes the grab range was really long (like early when the game was still new), I think I prefer the old grab. With the current grab, if a counselor baits you to grab it’s an easy stun or damage hit for them, although it’s easy to not fall for that anymore. The good thing with the current grab is how it’s easy to grab somebody over say a couch or something when they are trying to do that ring around the sofa thing. The current grab is more of a lunge-forward type thing, and while im fine with the it, I kind of prefer the old grab. How about everybody else?
  5. Forgot about this topic but I found out that the sofa isn’t even an exploit. Both the sofa in the vacation house right to the left of the door, and the sofa in the barn of Pinehurst aren’t solid at all and the counselor AND Jason can go right through them. So if somebody is back there you can grab, slash do whatever. They’re not by any means protected back there. I’m not sure if the sofa is like this on any other console, I never saw this on Xbox, but on Switch its a thing. Glad it isn’t an exploit, though. It’s a pretty good hiding spot at least in the barn because at the Jarvis House map, when Jason walks through the front door, you’re able to easily see the person crouching through the side shelf by the door.
  6. I was playing on the Switch and exited out of the game (closed it and everything because it was stuck on canceling). When I opened up the game again, all my counselors and Jasons were set back to how they were in the beginning- without customizes. No outfits, dances, perks, etc, I had to do it all again. All the stuff I unlocked, CP and perks were there but I had to reassign everything. Anybody else experience this? If it helps when I closed the game I wasn’t customizing anything, it was all already saved from before.
  7. Yeah, it’s a shame Jason can’t get up there, but I wouldn’t even give them the satisfaction of acknowledging them. I’d just stay away from there until the match is over since on Switch I’m not on max level yet, or just quit altogether. Yesterday the guy who kept going into glitch spots, he was up there again on the Higgins Haven Small map and when he was the last one left, he was telling the Jason (who was also level 150) that he’s bad at the game and that he can’t get up there. Really? The person glitching in a spot they know Jason can’t get to calls Jason bad? Lol. About the glitch behind the sofa (the one seat sofa to the left of the front door) in the vacation house in Jarvis House map - I saw it on a screenshot a couple days ago and just yesterday I saw somebody actually using it in quick play. So I really wonder about that one.
  8. I’ve been trying this for a while, and on Xbox I’ve had no luck because even though I have over a million CP, I don’t want to sell any of my perks because they’re mostly all rare and legendary. So after I got the Switch version of the game, I’ve been dedicated to trying to roll that specific build. I got lucky enough to have gotten the 10% preparedness perk (with a minus 2% sprint speed or something like that) a couple weeks ago, and I tried the build with that and the 6% nerves of steel perk (it was the maximum percentage I could roll, and it’s also the same nerves of steel perk I use for most of my counselors so I never lose my minimap. Helps a lot). Of course that didnt work at all. Jenny took some time to gain fear but when she did, she wouldn’t lose it for a very long time. Just today I was rolling some perks and couldn’t believe it when I got the 10% nerves of steel perk (with another 2% negative sprint speed I believe it was). Right away I tried it out and now, I’m back to doing what I did when I first got the game: maining Jenny. But of course now it’s no fear Jenny, and in my opinion, as somebody who played Vanessa A LOT and think she’s one of the best if not the best counselor in the game, I think no fear Jenny is stronger than Vanessa. Main reason is the stamina. Vanessa has a lot of stamina but after she gains fear, it slowly takes longer to gain back. And while it’s not that noticeable since she has a lot of stamina to begin with, Jenny gains it back a whole lot faster because she never gains any fear to begin with. My perks for Jenny is now 10% nerves of steel, 10% preparedness and of course the thick skinned - which is about 23%.
  9. I was playing on Switch today and I noticed somebody who had played with me in another match who was glitching on top of that rock behind Higgins Haven in the small map. They started flashing their light at me to go into the last room upstairs in the vacation house, the room to the left, next to that stereo environment kill. I didn’t know why so I just left and did my thing. That’s when I noticed the person glitched behind a sofa in the living room of the vacation house. Has anybody seen this before? I’m not sure if it makes them unkillable, Jason might be able to slash them in combat stance if he’s smart, but does this glitch have anything to do with that room upstairs? They kept flashing their light at me like they wanted me to go in there next to the bed by the wall.
  10. Yeah, it’s got something to do with when getting out of the car. Very inconvenient glitch because sometimes by the time you realize you’re glitched and you drop the weapon, Jason could already be killing the counselor.
  11. This has happened multiple times now - on both Xbox and Switch - I’ll get out of the car and I suddenly can’t swing at Jason or shoot a shotgun/flare gun unless I drop it first. One time it happened when a Mitch stopped the car to pick me up, but he got grabbed out of the car by Jason. I tried to shoot but I didn’t have enough time to drop the shotgun because he was already in the kill animation, so I just had to take the car and leave. The cops were already about to be on the scene in a few more seconds. After that somebody else who was already dead in the match messaged me accusing me of teaming and getting her friend killed (who was the Mitch) when it was the glitch that happened. It’s very annoying of a glitch. Anybody else come across this? I was watching a YouTubers livestream of Friday the 13th on PS4, so apparently it happens there too.
  12. Unfortunately it only reduces damage. I’ve been damasked as Jasons without a mask HP weakness while blocking. And during the match itself I only ever got maybe one axe hit from a Buggzy and a few other melee stuns from other counselors. I think the mask HP really needs to be increased, that might also help with the Jason kill being so easy to achieve.
  13. I made a topic regarding this not too long ago, I reported the Vanessa who was exploiting the spot. There’s a way you can get up there as Jason, In the same spot the counselor got up there. I was playing on Switch the other day, and a level 150 Vanessa thought it would be funny to do that while I was Jason. She didn’t know that I have played this game for a while on other consoles, and she made a run for it off of the rock as soon as she saw I found the spot where she got up from and was making me way up there as Jason. Even though you can technically get up there as Jason, @Nathanpeople that do exploits, like the under the stairs exploit in Pinehurst, they just want reactions from you or they aren’t confident they’ll survive against you so that’s why they decided to go to an unreachable spot (or in this case, a spot they think is unreachable to Jason). Best thing to do is ignore them and they’ll become bored very fast.
  14. I prefer speed/stamina over repair, and I do pretty well with keeping Jason distracting and at the times we go for the kill, stealing the sweater. Although Vanessa is hands down one of the best counselors in a skilled player’s hands, she doesn’t have very good stealth and she makes a lot of noise. As Tiffany you’ll be able to run, not always be on jason’s radar, and at the same time help bring parts to repair characters. Recently though I’ve been playing Vanessa because I feel like she’s one of the counselors I do best with. I don’t die very often and I’m good at juking Jason. I still prefer Tiffany in terms of stats, though. (Also, I’m working on No Fear Jenny, so once I try that out maybe my opinion will change. I know my play style is more of a runner than a repairer, though. I will help the team with healing, etc.)
  15. Are you serious?! That sucks!!! That’s all that’s in this game nowadays and it’s so annoying. Well thanks for making me aware of that. @Dima1043 Sorry, I wasn’t aware they don’t ban teamers anymore.
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