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  1. I think that there are worse things jason players do besides that. Like that whole abduction thing. I get to do that if another player is sliding or something, but doing that stuff when nobody else is exploiting makes it unfair. And sorry, I thought you were saying it isn’t an exploit.
  2. I didn’t say that was an exploit, lol. I think it’s a great technique. I was only wondering if anybody would tell me how it’s done. I ended up finding the information I was looking for. So if the mods do decide to lock this because they feel it shouldn’t be here, then that’s fine. The thing is, nobody said shit about how to do it, as that information probably isn’t allowed on here. Again, I didn’t say it was an exploit. I was saying I thought he was a really good player, and used those techniques to his advantage which is good for him. It’s awesome that a Jason who doesn’t have a strength in destruction can destroy a door so quickly.
  3. I agree, while I’ve never participated in tournaments, I’ve seen videos, and a ton of the stuff being used are these things that were mentioned in the video. I feel like the shifting ones though aren’t really exploits. A few times I’ve come across the third person shift myself because right after I threw a knife at somebody I started shifting, and I went into the third person shift without even meaning to. Maybe they’re things that are in the game due to a glitch or something, but others find ways to use them to their advantage. I don’t think the Jason techniques are as much as an exploit than the counselor sliding exploit.
  4. I agree, there are times when people either die or escape early on in a match, leaving you nothing to do but sit there and watch. And if Tommy’s already on the scene, or if he’s never been called, then it gets boring as hell. Im also level 150, and whenever I die early I usually leave when I see that somebody else has came back as Tommy. Occasionally I’ll stay every so often when I have nothing else to do or if I like the group of people, but usually I’ll leave. Before I reached level 150 I used to stay and spectate in order to get my XP, and sometimes it would get really boring. I doubt they will ever change it, but we can hope. Another thing I think they should do is while in a lobby, we should be able to change our spawn preference instead of having to back out to the main menu and then find a lobby all over again. Sometimes when I’m in a lobby, I feel like being a counselor, and since my preference is always on Jason, I’d have to leave the lobby to change it, then join a completely new lobby. Another time I was waiting to be Jason the entire time, and it was when I went to the main menu when I realized I had my preference on counselor from the night before. That’s another thing I think they should change because when you join certain lobbies sometimes it varies if you want to be Jason or not.
  5. He has a lot of good tips in his videos, but at the same time, a lot of the stuff is just way too complicated for regular quick play. After watching his video I realized that a part 2 Jason I was playing against yesterday wasn’t some hacker but he was using these “techniques.” Basically, I was in a cabin with somebody else (we were the only two left, everybody else either quit or died) and Jason was knocking at the back door meanwhile it showed his red marking on the map somewhere further away from the cabin we were in...he was ghosting, and I only didn’t realize it then because I knew what ghosting was but I didn’t know what exactly it did. Then, he seemed to have endless stalk as he shifted into the cabin, tried to grab us, missed, then completely disappeared once again, although I knew he was still in the cabin. While I was like holy shit this guy is good, I also thought that playing like this isn’t even remotely fun. If we were trying to kill him, by all means use those techniques so you can defend yourself (since it’s way too easy to kill Jason). But in normal quick play, especially where only 2 of us were left, the person who was left with me was only level 50, why use stuff like that? It’s not fun because a second later what do you know? You’re dead because he did a ghosting type thing, and he had the mask on so there was no way to know he was there (for those who don’t know, with ghosting you can see part 2’s hair once the mask is off, part 6’s tool belt and Savini’s fire. All other Jasons you cant visually tell they’re there). They are cool techniques though, I’ll give him that.
  6. As far as I’m aware this isn’t an exploit, it’s more like a skill for breaking doors down faster. I’m wondering if anybody can tell me how to do so, because I recently ran into a part 2 Jason who destroyed the doors in under 4 seconds by double tapping the door. Can anybody help me with this?
  7. I definitely agree. This is why I think they should have accounts on Friday the 13th so that not only can you play with other players from different platforms, but you can also log into your F13 game account on other platforms so you don’t have to progress to 150 all over again.
  8. I did not know that, thanks for telling me that. Since they aren’t working to keep her without fear I guess they must be under 10%. Thanks.
  9. That’s a good idea actually, since Freddy just shouldn’t spawn in the beginning because how is he getting into the real world? Maybe an item that makes the counselor go into a dream state and is possessed, and as a result Freddy is brought into the real world and that counselor who found the item dies and now is Freddy, or they die and a deceased counselor can come back as him. I think the one who found the item should get to be Freddy though, as you said.
  10. Thanks for the input. I also have thick skin on every counselor, without thick skin you’re crippled so quickly. I had been looking for the lone wolf perk, I thought I had it but I must’ve sold it because it was a low quality one.
  11. I had both preparedness and nerves of steel on Jenny, and I think one of them was 13% fear resistance while the other was somewhere around 7%. I can’t say for sure but when I next get on the game I’ll include the percentages in here. Both the perks are rare ones though since all the perks I have are mostly either rare or legendary, the few that arent are uncommon. Because of this I rarely can roll new perks because I have good ones that I don’t want to sell. I really want an uncommon sucker punch perk at the very least and it always seems to roll right past that perk. The closest I’ve been to it was a very bad sucker punch one that probably did nothing the time I had it on my counselors, so I sold it. Anyway, I had both preparedness and nerves of steel on Jenny and she still seemed to get scared, like Chad face scared.
  12. I suppose it would be pretty cool. Since this would be in a private match and team killing isn’t disabled, maybe in this game mode team killing is allowed, and since you don’t know who to trust, the moment you start to get suspicious you start killing one of your teammates since you don’t know who is the culprit (besides Jason of course). Paranoia mode would fit this because you might find yourself shooting somebody you think is the bad one, and when they die, you find out it was actually one of your teammates. I don’t know if this is what you were aiming for, but this is something I thought would be a cool thing to include and would very much fit the theme of paranoia since you dont know who to trust, and could end up killing somebody who could possibly be your teammate and have no ill intent.
  13. Yeah, I see what you mean. Maybe it can be that teammates can’t see other teammates locations on the map, so it makes it more difficult and since the maps will be bigger than any current map, it would be very rare to have more than three counselors in one area (unless people use the walkie talkies to meet up with each other). There would probably be flaws in this idea but neverthless it’s cool to think about although it’ll never happen. Maybe someday a game will be made for this. Obviously it’d have to be made differently than the mechanics of Friday the 13th the game. If this was in the hands of a good developer it would be a cool game.
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