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  1. I rarely play as part 5 Jason online, usually I’m playing as part 8 and sometimes part 6 with weapon switch. After completing the Pinehurst offline challenge I decided to do a quick match as part 5 Jason (I had heavy bloody skin with pig splitter) and I can tell you I’ve never cleared a lobby faster. I killed all 6 people (the 7th committed suicide shortly after the match started for some reason. He was the other 150 in the lobby besides me) in under 6 minutes. I was so surprised. 😂 One of the guys talking on the mic was like “holy shit that Jason was good” I’ve gotta play as part 5 more often. A running Jason with good shift is really awesome.

    The next match I got so lucky and got to be Jason again! But most of the people left, they were like “somethings  wrong,  it’s the same person as before” but 5 of the people stayed. 

  2. If you do go please tell us all about it! I’ll be super jealous. 😂 I’m also going to try to find ways to try and go, theres always a possibility!
  3. Yup, but now I’ve become familiar as to which kills are less bugged and ways they’ll work more often than not. I found that kills like the window kills, the fireplace kill, and the stereo kills (mostly in the Packanack map I’ve had luck with those, also happens to be one of my favorite environmental kills) work more often than the others. The coat hanger kill and the door kill seem to bug almost 100% of the time (except for some reason they never glitch out for me on offline bots even though I’ve heard other people say that offline bots also glitch out. Hasn’t happened to me yet). For the kills like the window kill, the toilet kill, stereo, fireplace, etc. - the ones that aren’t completely bugged - if you’re standing directly in front of it when you push the button to perform the kill you should have a better chance of it working. Even with the screwdriver and butcher knife kills - those glitch out a lot but I found if you position yourself right it will work. Sometimes I’m trying to kill somebody a completely different way but instead I accidentally end up doing an environmental kill, and funny thing is, it doesn’t bug out. So it really depends on many different factors whether or not it’ll work.
  4. That sounds exciting! Ive always wanted to go to Monster Mania, it’s only about an hour and a half away from me, but I’m never able to make it. This sounds really exciting for anybody who’s going, thanks for sharing!
  5. Of course not, but with a flare gun usually before rage whenever he gets hit with a flare it stuns him. I get with melee weapons stuns don’t happen all the time, but since flare guns are a one shot weapon like shotguns, and if you did hit Jason directly then it should stun him (except for after rage of course). Besides that, there’s this weird thing that happens sometimes where the person actually misses the shot (it’s happened to me once) and a few seconds later Jason is stunned even though it wasn’t a direct hit.
  6. It does, but usually stepping in bear traps, being hit or going in the water helps the glitch with Jason.
  7. Welcome to the forum. I know how you feel with online play, sometimes people can be really toxic. Offline bots is a great option for whenever you just don’t wanna deal with those kind of people, when you want to be Jason all the time, or if you just wanna practice. You should also try Offline Challenges, those are really fun and by doing those you can unlock quite some things by getting all three skulls in each challenge.
  8. I’ve tried going in water, doesn’t help all the times I’ve been stuck in the glitch, but I haven’t tried stepping in bear traps to get out of it. Next time I’ll keep that in mind, if I can find one that is since usually whenever I encounter this glitch I’m being chased.
  9. Thanks for the tips. I do use the flare gun to mark Jason on the map, especially when he’s in rage mode and it no longer is a useful weapon. That helps a lot as for knowing where he is.
  10. Besides the fact that sometimes you directly hit Jason and nothing happens, I’ve been getting this glitch where I shoot him and suddenly I can’t interact with anything. I’m holding the flare gun still and can’t do anything but run, crouch, or do an emote. It’s ridiculous. I’m pretty sure the only way out of it is to get grabbed, slashing doesn’t work because I have been slashed only to still be stuck in the glitch. That’s not a good solution to the glitch especially since many Jason’s out there would love to get an easy kill. EDIT: and the damn pocket knife glitch. I had something in between them, and what do you know? Pocket knife is gone. Done with firecrackers too unless I don’t have a pocket knife to begin with.
  11. Or maybe he’s talking about Jason being a corpse. 😂😂😂
  12. Ah that makes sense. It’s weird though, sometimes there aren’t two guns spawned there, but the explanation to that would be, like you mentioned, at the campfires.
  13. I don’t know if anybody else noticed this glitch, and I’m not sure if it’s on Higgins Haven or Higgins Haven Small (I’m pretty sure it’s on the small map due to the shotgun spawn in the second room in the main lodge). A few times now when I already have a weapon (I believe both times I encountered the glitch I had been holding a bat), suddenly another shotgun appears on the shelf even though I just picked it up. This glitch favors the counselors definitely and it’s nothing to complain about, but I was wondering if any of you guys have also seen this. I play on Xbox One.
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