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  1. Another sneaky tactic I've been seeing more recently is what I dub "bumming heals". It goes like this: A counselor gets injured and the player will either ask you if you can heal them or if they don't have a mic they'll signal in someway that they want to be healed. So you, being the conscientious player that you are, heal them only to find out soon after that they had health spray in their inventory all along but they just didn't want to waste it.
  2. Fair. I don't do it, but sometimes you gotta do whatever it takes to survive the night...
  3. I have actually played in these lobbies numerous times - not by choice; just kept being dropped in them no matter how many times I've backed out. My understanding from hearing other players talk is that these hacked lobbies exist only to boost XP. By playing a few matches, you can be level 150 really quick. Question: is it true you can get banned for just being in a hacked lobby? I heard people saying that and it didn't sound right to me. Why should players, who have no control over which lobby they get dropped into, be banned? We didn't ask to be dropped into a hacked lobby.
  4. Back when there were still dedicated servers for PC, I had a pretty solid low ping (< 80ms). Now with P2P I'm always > 140ms, often in the 200s. I don't get it. I always seem to be the one in a lobby with the highest ping and other players in the lobby are always commenting that I'm lagging. I just don't know how to go about fixing it. I might try using an ethernet cable directly into my router instead of using Wi-Fi, but that can be an inconvenience since I don't always play in the same room. Any other ideas?
  5. People who have the keys and start the car and refuse to let you in even when you're standing right at the passenger door while they're starting it. They'll just drive off. It's even worse when you did all the work fixing the car. Do-nothing Tommy's
  6. I think a good compromise for friendly fire in public lobbies would be that other players can only injure other players; not kill them. That way the injured player can still recover with health spray.
  7. I don't know if this bug existed before the latest patch or not (I don't recall it happening before) but: If Jason sets a trap at a car's driver side door and I eat the trap and have a key, the game will often break me out of the trap immediately and put me in the car. Then if I try to start the car, the ignition will continuously crank but never start because the game still thinks I'm stuck in the trap.
  8. Yeah that's been an annoyance for me for a while. Every time I launch the game I have to go in and change my video settings. There is a thread on here that mentions editing some configuration files to fix the problem but I've never been able to get that to work. Another issue I've found is that when I am a host and a match starts, the game changes the window size of the game (I play in Windowed mode). It only happens when I am a host. Odd.
  9. I've noticed the audio lag as well. I thought it was just due to my high lag because of the P2P system..
  10. It happens when many players join and leave a lobby before a match begins. And when it does happen, it's almost a certainty that some players will quit because they don't like the counsellor that was chosen for them.
  11. Why is the random counselor bug never addressed? This has been happening since at least 2018, IIRC.
  12. Wes said in a video back around launch that dedicated servers cost around $7,000 a month. I don't see how the community could keep that going for very long.
  13. The problem is even worse than before. Now all Quick Play attempts on PC result in a fatal error.
  14. Not sure why part 6 is referred to as "fat Jason" - I'd give that nickname to part 7 Jason.
  15. I watching an interview on YouTube from a few years ago with Gun's Wes Keltner, and one of the questions he was asked was about the cost of running dedicated servers. He said they cost around $7,000 a day! I almost fell out of my chair when I heard that. Can someone explain to a layman why it costs so much? Where is that money going? Is it the bandwidth that incurs so much cost?
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