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  1. This would be interesting. What if after having his mask knocked off, Jason was able to pick it up and put it back on, thus requiring it to be knocked off again in order for the counsellors to kill him? Seems like it would make things more challenging. What sez you?
  2. This might be a dumb question but I can't figure out how to unlock the 3rd row of clothing for the counsellors. I am level 150, so I assume there are some other conditions that need to be met before that row unlocks. I've searched for info but couldn't find anything. Here's what I'm talking about:
  3. Hi everyone. Finally decided to register today. I've been playing the game on PC for almost a year. I try to play everyday. Honestly, I haven't been much of a gamer since the 1990s, but when I found out about this game last year on YouTube I couldn't wait to start playing it. This game has gotten me through some rough times and I hope to keep playing for as long as I can.
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