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  1. I've been wondering about this since the very beginning of this whole hacked lobby situation. I always think, "Wow what a waste of money." But now I'm starting to wonder if they're just compromised systems/servers. Like some kind of botnet.
  2. This past weekend was a good test of the workaround. Because of the Christmas spike of new players, there was 1500+ players on PC at a single time according to a few Steam chart websites. Even with all those players on at once, I got thrown into the hacked lobbies quite frequently. If it wasn't that, I'd get thrown into a non-hacked one with the same bunch of players I had just played a match with.
  3. I wonder if it would have been possible to mitigate the chances of getting thrown in a hacked lobby if they added some code to check the user count of a lobby before putting a player in it. So in the lobby search code, have something like: if users_in_lobby >= 8 then ignore_lobby_and_keep_searching;
  4. Sounds like these hackers have inside of information if they already know what's being done to fix the problem...
  5. Wow. That's like someone going out for a job interview, then coming back and setting fire to the entire building of the business because they didn't get hired. It's no different than a child throwing a temper tantrum when they don't get their way.
  6. From what I heard people say in game chat is that the modders are paying to host these servers. Seems like a giant waste of money to me. It benefits neither the modders nor the players.
  7. Is it possible there will be a solution/workaround out by October? I'm itching to play the game again on PC. I've taken a few months off since the whole modded lobby thing got out of hand.
  8. Stumbling and getting grabbed from the resulting delay. I've died many a time because of badly timed stumble.
  9. I would think PC. It's easier to Alt-F4. How fast can one rage quit on a console?
  10. The Jason player. This is assuming that the counselor is not doing some shady things (cheating, hacking, etc.).
  11. I remember back when the random counselor bug first appeared, people were suiciding because they didn't like the counselor they spawned in as. It was sort of a protest.
  12. Wouldn't an offline profile save require another game update? If so, I doubt that would happen.
  13. I want to say this issue is fixed. I went up to that area multiple times during a match and I didn't get locked. If it does happen again, I'll post back.
  14. No, I wouldn't say the camera zooms in. I just can't pan the camera and I can only move in a straight direction pretty much. I also can't pick up anything or do anything that requires interaction. I play with a controller exclusively.
  15. I don't know what triggers it exactly, but up in the hallway area on the 2nd floor of Higgins Haven where the bathroom is, what will happen 98% of the time is I will end up getting locked from just walking around that hallway. I'll still be able to move, but I cannot pan the camera or interact with anything. This is as a counselor (any). If it helps, I started noticing this issue several years ago when I started using perks. It got to the point where I'd just simply avoid going up there when playing the game. I haven't tested it enough to see if it's the perks causing the problem or if it's just a coincidence. The perks I use are Thick Skin, Medic and Marathon. I play on PC.
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