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  1. From what I heard people say in game chat is that the modders are paying to host these servers. Seems like a giant waste of money to me. It benefits neither the modders nor the players.
  2. Is it possible there will be a solution/workaround out by October? I'm itching to play the game again on PC. I've taken a few months off since the whole modded lobby thing got out of hand.
  3. Stumbling and getting grabbed from the resulting delay. I've died many a time because of badly timed stumble.
  4. I would think PC. It's easier to Alt-F4. How fast can one rage quit on a console?
  5. The Jason player. This is assuming that the counselor is not doing some shady things (cheating, hacking, etc.).
  6. I remember back when the random counselor bug first appeared, people were suiciding because they didn't like the counselor they spawned in as. It was sort of a protest.
  7. Wouldn't an offline profile save require another game update? If so, I doubt that would happen.
  8. I want to say this issue is fixed. I went up to that area multiple times during a match and I didn't get locked. If it does happen again, I'll post back.
  9. No, I wouldn't say the camera zooms in. I just can't pan the camera and I can only move in a straight direction pretty much. I also can't pick up anything or do anything that requires interaction. I play with a controller exclusively.
  10. I don't know what triggers it exactly, but up in the hallway area on the 2nd floor of Higgins Haven where the bathroom is, what will happen 98% of the time is I will end up getting locked from just walking around that hallway. I'll still be able to move, but I cannot pan the camera or interact with anything. This is as a counselor (any). If it helps, I started noticing this issue several years ago when I started using perks. It got to the point where I'd just simply avoid going up there when playing the game. I haven't tested it enough to see if it's the perks causing the problem or if it's just a coincidence. The perks I use are Thick Skin, Medic and Marathon. I play on PC.
  11. I hope the fixes for the interaction locks address the IL that occurs on the 2nd floor of the main house on Higgins Haven. That one has been around for years.
  12. Played on PC for about 5 hours last night, didn't hit one hacked lobby. Didn't do anything special, either. Wonder if it was luck...
  13. I have to wonder what the hackers/modders goals were when they made these hacked lobbies. Was it solely to disrupt the game? Did they think their version would be more fun to play than the original game? I'm just trying to understand the thought process behind this. Word around the campfire is that people are paying a lot of money on the back alleys of the internet to buy the hacks so they can run these lobbies. The question is: why?
  14. I've noticed that after calling Tommy, there often will be a pocket knife in a drawer in the same cabin. It's as if the game is programmed to give you a PK as a reward for calling him. This doesn't always happen but I've seen it happen a lot.
  15. I would love to see the game survive at least all of 2022.
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