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  1. I think it depends on which Jason like the humans and the undeads...
  2. DemonKoopa

    Beta Key Donation

    I won't be using none of them...Im on console
  3. Wait so was it ever asked if P6 Jason could have two weapons on his person at a time? Ex. Machete holstered + Axe/Pickaxe/Pitchfork/Spear/Etc.
  4. You have it out for me don't you sir, I haven't seen part 3 for a while so...yea.
  5. I wonder if this applies to certain death animations, because we all know that part 2 and 3 aren't gonna go around crushing heads....
  6. It ll be cool if Uber Jason fell from space ???? If he makes it into the game of course.
  7. Fall 2016..........................

  8. DemonKoopa

    Releasing this month?

    Fall 2016 should be a meme for this game......
  9. DemonKoopa

    Counselors Spawning In

    As much as I hate preppy guy...Those sound awesome ^