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  1. Lets just stick Mr.X in the game 😆 I am no programmer or game designer and i want to make it clear i respect their hard labor and i am not telling them how to do their job. Gun Media has been killing it and faced every adversity along the way. Mad respect guys. With that said it should be considered that Jason AI does not have to play by the same rules as a jason player would. Aka, Jason AI can know where counsolers are on the map at all times and instead of porting around to random cabins, make it a percentage that he will warp to the correct cabin. Maybe as the game increases the likeliness of rolling the correct cabin or location you are in increases. Start of game its anyones guess, maybe 20% chance he will land on a correct cabin. By 15 minutes in maybe its 80%. Idk just brain storming. I also realize one of the harder aspects to program is the head games between counsoler and Jason. If Jason is always going for the door once you jump in a window then that gets easy to predict and makes the offline jason AI decrease in its replay value (although id still probably play it a lot) But as i said, Jason AI does not need to play by the same rules as the player controlled Jason. Maybe cool downs are quicker. Maybe he can see you on the map more often. Item drops, match times, players noise and detection level, health and ways to escape are all things that can be changed to make up for the limitations in Jasons AI capibility. If it is too hard to program Jason to be like a player than make him like a boss. Offline and online will always be different but having differences between offline and online isnt a reason to have playing as a counsoler be exclusive to online. Im okay with offline being different than online. This would increase the lifespan of the game incredibly. Games with bots ironically tend to have players online longer into its life, because fans have less hesitations about picking the game up and playing it. Sometimes i all together avoid games i know will only be around for a limited time. I dont want perfect jason AI. I just want any Jason AI. Even counsoler bots in private matches would help at this point. I love u gun media. Consider it?
  2. Has the possibilty of playing as a counselor in offline mode ever been thrown around? In other words, playing offline with a bot playing as Jason. I dont know what anyone else thinks but this would easily increase the value of the game to me. Somtimes i just want to play as a counselor but due to my work schedule i play at odd hours and sometimes just cant find a game. What do you guys think?
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