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  1. @mattshotcha My experience in Friday The 13th The game...since 1.35 patch (over and over). So frustrating and boring. https://youtu.be/fHf9O32ZaFU PS4 (Spain/EU)
  2. I forget Black Christmas. I have in the backlog. 😉 PD: And "The Burning" (1981) is the best "unofficiall" Friday The 13th movie.
  3. Norman Bates is a serial killer...but for me Psycho (masterpiece) is more a mistery film than a pure slasher film. Italian Giallo and The Texas Chainsawn Massacre (1974) are for me the first steps in the pure slasher films. And dont forget JAWS (1975)... slasher...in the water or Alien (1979) Slasher in the space (Jason X cof cof 😅) PD: Sorry for the offtopic...and my english
  4. The EU servers are dead. Im Spanish and the game puts me in CA (Canadian?) servers?? lol The ping is terrible, and the search time inadmissible Please fix NOW (PS4) Where is @mattshotcha ?
  5. Thanks for the info 😉 Pls, fix the Enviromental kills
  6. Restore the game to the 1.32 version. its my "temporal"suggestion for this mess (disaster) and meanwhite...work on a fix. PD: Sorry for my english.
  7. RIP Friday The 13th the game. This is the real end I love the game and the franchise...but patch 1.33 and 1.34 are unacceptable. Unplayable
  8. Please...restore the game to 1.32. The last 2 patch destroyed the game 😫
  9. 3 months?...waiting..for nothing. New bugs !! is this a joke?. Testers objetive = Kill the Game So disappointed. PD: Sorry for my english
  10. And Jason environment kills ?. After 1.33 patch are totally buged. 3-4 month waiting...for nothing. New bugs incoming... in 3,2,1...😟
  11. New patch in...2020-2021 maybe?.... 1.33 Patch is a disgrace. Friday The 13th testers:
  12. Friday Part 8 and 9.....horrible films. The worst with Jason X
  13. I reported to Jasonkillbugs. But see this. Last night game...the same match xd https://youtu.be/JEp3LTcPnSY https://youtu.be/TK0q71K5owQ
  14. Disaster Patch. Please fix this. The Executions are totally broken Sorry for my english
  15. LOL. Thanks. 😉 But...pls...devs...fix this. I love the game (and the franchise)...but the bugs and glichts are masive. Sorry for my english.
  16. Me, playing as a Jason (GottaEvil) in Cristal Lake small (PS4 version) https://youtu.be/-uc33riVj1Y Toxic/Idi*t player: solidsnake230 lvl150...(facepalm) Pls...fix this.
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