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  1. More than 6 month to fix enviromental kills...and still waiting. Support? Jajaj. SHAME
  2. New patch? (Enviromental kill fix cof cof) Double exp week? Something...
  3. More than 5 month waiting to fix enviromental kills. Shameful.
  4. @mattshotcha I have a petition, you could increase the music volume in the car? Its sound very low πŸ€” no cool xd Thanks! πŸ‘
  5. The solution for rage quiters is easy. Penalize, 1 level less.
  6. I've been playing for 2 hours without problems πŸ‘
  7. Its True, JASON IS BACK..EU SERVERS ARE BACK!! Aleluya PS4 version πŸ“£
  8. Sorry but is very common/generalize in PS4. Look the comunitys (Friday The 13-Find players with 100k subs). Pure waste time..is tedious. Before 1.35 patch..i find match in 15-20 seconds. Edit: can't express myself well, but I understand everything
  9. 2 weeks without servers...and 2-3 months without enviromental kills. Thanks for the suport, you are the best devs..destroying/killing the game. Jason would be proud
  10. Its normal. The servers are down since 1.35 patch in PS4. 11 days without servers..in Online multiplayer game. GG
  11. Dead servers, dead game. Thanks for the inexistent suport
  12. 8 days without servers in PS4 Thanks for the "suport" @mattshotcha
  13. One WEEK without servers...and Devs in holidays. (Facepalm) Shame
  14. Im from Spain...and the same shit. 6 days without servers.
  15. But..you are from..USA?. The drama..is in European servers (RIP since 1.35 patch)
  16. 6 Days without servers..omg. Imposible to find any public server. Where is the suport????
  17. Over and over, over and over. 5 Days without servers...imposible to find any public lobby. PLEASE FIX THIS
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