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  1. New patch? (Enviromental kill fix cof cof) Double exp week? Something...
  2. More than 5 month waiting to fix enviromental kills. Shameful.
  3. @mattshotcha I have a petition, you could increase the music volume in the car? Its sound very low 🤔 no cool xd Thanks! 👍
  4. The solution for rage quiters is easy. Penalize, 1 level less.
  5. I've been playing for 2 hours without problems 👍
  6. Its True, JASON IS BACK..EU SERVERS ARE BACK!! Aleluya PS4 version 📣
  7. Thanks mate, is so frustrating. PD: And my english
  8. Sorry but is very common/generalize in PS4. Look the comunitys (Friday The 13-Find players with 100k subs). Pure waste time..is tedious. Before 1.35 patch..i find match in 15-20 seconds. Edit: can't express myself well, but I understand everything
  9. 2 weeks without servers...and 2-3 months without enviromental kills. Thanks for the suport, you are the best devs..destroying/killing the game. Jason would be proud
  10. Its normal. The servers are down since 1.35 patch in PS4. 11 days without servers..in Online multiplayer game. GG
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