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  1. fk it if i get my ass beat or see a cocky vanessa course ill slash
  2. i was thinking what if they update the security to the game it could help stop the hackers hacking the game just a idea
  3. it happend to me to this guy hacked my game just because i reported him
  4. gun can fix glitches but not this 1 ugh
  5. i noticed on the beta if the car hit u it would stop it might help againist teamers or trolls skip to 11 20 to see
  6. u can still kill teamers in public games just with bear traps or the car
  7. hey now ive seen alot of veteran 150 players team with jason so it aint just the new people
  8. a friend of mine cant sign into the game but yet he can still play other games ok just wondering has anyone got this yet
  9. hmm werid even if he didnt have part 4 unlocked he should still have the kills
  10. well if it gets removed the trolls will just go back to bullying him jasons might to be a beast not a punching bag
  11. so i was jason a other game so i ran into this gang killed em and they came out of the party chat and said to me they would kill me in real life if they saw me so one became jason and the others tried running me over with the car but really your gonna thearten someones life over a game grow the fk up u win some u lose some [Media removed by forum staff - Please avoid naming and shaming]
  12. Past couple Days ive seen people crying how hard the game is and crying cause him and there helper didnt get to kill everyone my opinion is dont play the dam game just to ruin it for others
  13. every since the update my friends and me have been having truble finding a session
  14. sorry i posted this here to help jason players catch them cheating 150s who hide on the barn to troll jason
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