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  1. Hello, I'm doing this because I can not stand it anymore. This game goes in peanut! I play Jason, the last survivor, monstrous ... When he hit with a weapon in the air, he teleported 2 meters away Fortunately, I managed to catch it, but frankly ... It's the drop of water, it came out in 1 second of Jason I managed to kill him by chance ... Left click ... The next part is Jason ..... My god .... Infinite displacement, infinite tp, infinite knife, aimbot ... Stop, do something, all Russians with the developer version of the game Sorry for my bad english...
  2. That's what I understand for Americans, we French is total shit .. I even ask colleagues it's the same
  3. Before you want to develop on other platforms, you should fix your bugs. Because when we are not able to do a pseudo update to fix bugs, but which adds even more, so do nothing at all.
  4. This Game is very nice, no bug, lol... No acces to a session for more than 30 minutes -_-
  5. Add me : DarkFalco Haven France
  6. Hello, You need to know that Jason's live update to Jason, which is no longer stunning in fury mode, is totally correct. Your problem at all is that you all seek to want a game whose difficulty is easy enough to be able to do the marioles and bothered people .. Let me explain. When you stun Jason, you do not know how to dance in front of him, or arm him like a provocation to Jason's player. I especially think that the update to Jason is correct, and must remain so. However, Mode Fury, what do you think? That Jason cooks merguez on his skull to give them to you then? Stop seeing, the update of the fury mode is excellent, you have plenty of time to escape, fury mode arrives at 07:00 minutes remaining of the game IF JASON IS NOT TO STRIKE OUT. And I insist on INUTILEMENT. Because if you put it in fury mode at 14:00 minutes, and you're stuck at four in a small house with two windows that Jason will have broken before, well you'll end up dead! All his why? Because you will hit Jason for nothing just for the purpose of playing the beautiful brat. Now, his sufficiency with your comments or irrelevant topics about Jason's update is being abused, in the early days could actually think about it because we did not expect it. And finally, it is much less risky for us survivors because we know he is in a rage so we do not touch him and therefore 50% chance of not getting bunch, and more, when we are alone with Jason on the map in fury mode, just have two Sprays (With the bonus x2 guerrison without penalty), and a pocket knife. Afterwards, run through the windows and all that follows. In short, dear developers, do not take into account this topic, it is completely useless. I forgot, if you do not know runner, training in the public part exists. And for bad players, just get out of the community and play simply. A word, I do not aim at anyone. Cordially. Kev In P.S : Sorry for my bad english. P.S.2 : I forgot, you're on a strategy game, not the sims 4 or GTA.
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