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  1. guys, its very very easy to kill jason if you know what you are doing (well most jasons) 3 of them do pose actual threat. group of premade friends-counselors with pink/red perks can rotflstomp all of them (maybe except saviani). But again not an issue - happens sometimes and it's fine. what is not fine - glitches. 4 ppl standing on a rock and dancing where jason cannot do anything to them at all as rock hitbox is the size of a mountain and he cant get on the rock because reasons. this is what kills the game. if i know i am facing decent/good grp of councilors i know i have to prep and play strat - not go leeeeeeeeeeeeeroyyyyy jenkins XD but those stuns man. almost all jasons get rekked by stun spam and by the time rage activates well at least one car is at the verge of going bye bye - and 9/10 cases if they fail at that cuz u stop them - they just go glitch the car in the shack (or rock dance, or roof bonanza etc). what would make it more fun to play is to allow jasons to roll random perks in similar way as councilors do so that they can customize they playstyle a bit more - try to compensate a bit on weaknessess/enhance streanghts a bit etc.
  2. true, but suing instead of approaching like civilized people and achieving a compromise where both parties benefit makes them dbags business is business etc but nobody benefits on that end result, neither party nor the player/fan base ps. i'd have nothing against backer only additions/dlcs unless they affect actual gameplay - and saviani does that - he is a hellish beast from depths of hell that is nigh unstoppable
  3. why not? if they cant get new stuff out bcs of bs lawsuits of some dbags then they could earn some revenue to actually be able to fix bugs etc
  4. If no new content - so please make it possible to purchase OP saviani jason for all as it is unfair getting molested by ppl who have him also leveling CP is extremley slow with perk randomization - you could think on boosting that a bit or making weekend events for it. but most importantly fix all glitches that councilors abuse CONSTANTLY (esp. the ones u claimed u fixed like car+shack or rock at panakack) Slight rebalancing of jason +/- would be in line too or a randomized perk system as right now there are pretty much 3 jasons worth playing that aint gonna get murdered within 10 minutes with sweater+tommy.
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