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  1. I just find Dunken to be a really cool name. Had some buddies back in high school that were named that.
  2. You know, the original intention of this was to post your own made up counselor. Not so much made up perks or even new game mechanics, especially broken ones.
  3. Because you didn't earn that ability to stun Jason while he's in Rage. It also kind of promotes Counselors hiding till everyone else is dead. It also promotes being a 'lone wolf' when it doesn't need to. Not to mention team killing would probably be more common.
  4. Giving the last survivor the ability to stun Jason while he's in Rage should not be added. It wouldn't be a 'Gift' or a 'Privilege', it would be a burden.
  5. You may want Jenny to be able to stun J while in Rage, but not other folks. I just happen to be one of em.
  6. Let me elaborate a little more on why Jenny doesn't deserve the ability to stun J while he's in Rage. But first let's examine her with Brandon and Adam. Brandon is by definition a 'Jason Fighter'. Adam is considered by many a 'Jack of all trades, master of none' similar to Kenny. Brandon has a 4 composure and Adam has 6. Both have weak stealth. Jenny doesn't have weak stealth and she has max composure keeping her from getting too much fear. This enables her to regen stamina faster, keep being stealthy since having high fear makes being stealth impossible. And the privilege of being able to hold Pamela's sweater. Where I'm getting at is Jenny's Composure and Luck compensate for her many bad attributes. Adam and Brandon's luck and composure don't.
  7. I've always viewed Jenny as a 'lone wolf' kind of character. She's most dangerous when in doors fighting Jason. I can understand most people not knowing how to play her but she's a defender. And giving her stun chance while Jason's in Rage would be a nightmare for J.
  8. If there's one thing I would love to see the developers add in the next installment is that every Counselor has a 'Passive' effect. Lets use the Counselors Cody and Laura I made up a moment ago as an example. before we start its important to remember that the Girl Counselors have an exclusive feature which is being able to pick up Pamelas sweater. Guy counselors don't have anything 'Exclusive' to them. Therefor, its much more common for someone to pick a female counselor over a male Counselor simply because there will never be a situation where 'Oh no, all the females are dead so we cant kill Jason'. So when we add Passive abilities, we need to make sure they benefit more Guys than Girls. So for Cody, it would be being able to pick up and place the Radio anywhere on the map. And If he's the one that turns on the radio, the radios radius and stamina regeneration effect is doubled. As a bonus, Cody is also able to repair Radios. As for Laura, she takes no damage from going through broken windows.
  9. This would be too rewarding as most people would only focus on three things: Speed, Stamina, and Repair. Those types of counselors would be too strong and every one would probably main them. It also ruins the fun playing as Jason (which is to find and merk Counselors).
  10. This should not be on Jenny since her Strength is at 1.
  11. Hey yall whats up? I'm a Friday The 13th player and someone who's invested a total of 21 days in the game. So I have a really good grasp of whats good, what isn't, and how to play a good Counselor/Jason. I mainly play the Xbox One version but don't mind comin' over to PC every now and then. PM me if you wanna play together
  12. I know that currently with the lawsuit going on that this will NOT be possible. But it would be fun to see these in future installments. So without further a do, lets begin: Say hello to our new counselor Cody "Nighil" Lebowski he's the 'New Kid on the Block/ New Kid in School/ The New Kid and here are his stats: Composure) 4/10 Luck) 5/10 Repair) 4/10 Speed) 10/10 Stamina) 4/10 Stealth) 6/10 Strength) 1/10 Cody is very interesting because he ALMOST qualifies for a repair runner. While his speed is high, his stamina is what holds him back from doing many things. This also makes him bad against Jason one on one should he encounter him. Codys strength however is the worst among guys. Our next Counselor is Laura "Emily" Hernandez and she is the "Every girls best friend/ The Athletic White Girl" Composure) 8/10 Luck) 3/10 Repair) 3/10 Speed) 8/10 Stamina) 5/10 Stealth) 4/10 Strength) 5/10 Laura excels in two things Composure and Speed so its important that she keeps Jasons attention as other counselors do their objectives.
  13. Always happy to help man I don't think the chances of stunning him while in Rage should be slim, but rather the chances of stunning him should be normal. Especially if taken into consideration what I said previously about characters with a strength 8 or higher being able to stun him while in Rage. This will make Jason's think more carefully about how they approach Tommy, but also Brandon and Adam. High level Jason's will probably want to kill them first assuming they are in the lobby.
  14. Yes, it would be considered new content but for the next game without a doubt this SHOULD be a option for players that spawn in as Tommy.
  15. I genuinely think Tommy Jarvis should be able to put an end Jason by himself. More or less how he did it in Part 6. How I think he should be able to do it is (much like the film) he finds a steel chain, wraps it to a large rock and puts it around Jason's neck drowning him. Tommy needs the boat and out in the water and ONLY he can set this up. This is not a replacement for killing him with the sweater but rather a 'I'm the only one left' kinda scenario.
  16. While indeed he is the Hero of the show, he's still human just like any of the other Counselors. But I think by adding this, it would make Brandon and Adam a little more useful since Male Counselors don't have the ability to pick up Pamela's Sweater. This, if anything, will be an extra for Tommy
  17. While I appreciate your concern over not being able to stun Jason while in Rage and trying your hardest to save other counselors, I don't think this should be exclusive to Tommy. A better approach would be if Counselors with a Strength of 8 or higher are the only ones that can stun Jason while he's in Rage (i.e Adam, Tommy and Brandon).
  18. Here's a couple things I would suggest adding in the next update to make it a little more interesting next time we face Jason: 1) Counselor placed Bear Traps, Shotguns, and Flare Guns no longer take Jasons mask off. 2) When a counselor is High in Fear, they are unable to use the Walkie Talkie to communicate from long distances.
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