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  1. I once had a kill squad of 4 people (2 Brandons, Victoria aka sweater girl and Tommy) all tell me in the mic about how I'm a tryhard and need to get a life after I beat them. I told them straight up in the mic "What the fuck do you think? That I'm just gonna block and slash all day and hope that your weapons break? No bitch, I'm just gonna fucking Morph abduct Sweater girl and be done with your bullshit." Next match one of them is Jason and they start teaming me so I did the most reasonable thing that came to mind and that was leave the lobby. I've had enough of teamers as it is.

  2. I no longer try to trap the shack simply because most players now run Thick Skinned/Medic and I would rather trap objectives that are of course more important. And it wasn't until I started learning how to double tap on Combat blocking counselors and reading up on Tommy86's tower guide that I truly was no longer scarred of fighting kill squads.

  3. 1 hour ago, SirMang said:

    Pisses me off as a counselor to the point I'll grab my mic and call whoever locked them an idiot as they're a one hit door for Jason either way.

    Makes me laugh when I'm Jason and see someone have to take the extra few seconds to unlock them. 

    Lol I've actually done this before and I one time called the person that did this a fucking retard. She then said "fuck all of you" and left the game. I guess calling people out on their bullshit makes the game better.

  4. 20 minutes ago, Dragonfire82877 said:

    Dumbest thing I’ve seen them do is crouch in the bushes. Some of them will crouch walk in the open. I guess they think Jason can’t see them as long as they’re in crouch. 

    Lol that's rather common amongst low level players who think Stealth means something when Jason gets Rage. Like come on, there's a million better things to be doing then crouch walk for a good portion of the game.

  5. Make it so that Jasons depending on their grip strength can't be hit out of grab based on Counselors' Strength stat. Example of how I think it should be:

    Jasons with Weak Grip (5, 8, Savini): Counselors with 2 in strength or more can hit Jason out of grabbing a Counselor.

    Jasons with Neutral Grip strength( 2,4,6,7,9) Counselors with 5 in strength or more can hit Jason out of grabbing a Counselor.

    Jasons with Strong grip strength (3): Counselors with 8 in strength or more can hit Jason out of grabbing a Counselor.

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  6. 5 hours ago, F13 Seppuku Squad said:

    Funny you should say that. I've come across many players doing actions within the game that seem beyond just pressing a few buttons. So whist hacking comes to mind, you initially think that it's not possible on console. That is until I heard about the CronusMAX. It's a device that plugs into your console like a USB stick and then your controller plugs into it. The device runs a script that you can download from their website, or create yourself with their tool, and it allows you to enter multiple commands with just a couple of button presses. Apparently the device is rife in games like CoD because it can greatly reduce recoil, quick scope, improve accuracy etc. So out of curiosity I created a fake account and logged into their website, and lo and behold they have scripts for F13 too - counselor slide on command, break free from Jason's grab/get out of stun immediately, block-knife-slash combos etc. Whilst I don't think that something like this was used in the incident that the OP mentioned, it is possibly being used in other scenerios by the hardcore cheaters. And the most intriguing thing about the device is that because it doesn't manipulate the game's files it is virtually undetectable. Alternatively there's the Save Wizard which allows you to "enhance" your stats and unlock attributes within games by actually editing your save files via your PC. But I don't know how it would work with F13 based on what's saved user-side and server-side. Sad times, as back in the day the Gameshark didn't hurt anybody due to no online play. But hopefully action/prevention, such as DRM, can be taken against direct and indirect cheating.

    Thank goodness someone here knows about CronusMax. I hate it when people use it, and fighting against players that use them is an absolute nightmare. Jasons being able to pull off double taping and Knife canceling with a single button press is just not fair. Hopefully the devs can catch these people and ban them.

  7. 13 hours ago, cutecharm said:

    Every map has some designated med spray spots, I’ve memorized some of them so here they are:

    Crystal Lake Small: 1 or 2 in the bathrooms, 1 at a random campfire, 1 in the boat shop, 1 on the front balcony at the cabin above the workshop, 1 at the lifeguard post at the shoreline next to the car spawn. 

    Packanack Small: 1 on a barrel at the barn at the west exit, 1 in the small green cabin next to the campfire at the main lodge, 1 on lifeguard post at the shore down the stairs from the main lodge, 1 on the small island north, 1 at a random campfire.

    Higgins Haven Small: 1 in the barn, 1 at a random campfire, 1 at the graveyard, 1 on the porch at the main ledge between two chairs, 1 on a stack of books at the top of the stairs inside the main lodge. 

    Packanack: 1 on the balcony on the second floor of the main lodge, 1 can sometimes spawn in the downstairs bathroom behind the door, 1 can sometimes spawn at the same lifeguard post as Packanack small, 1 at the barn, 1 in the small green cabin next to the campfire at the main lodge, 1 at a random campfire. 

    Higgins Haven: 1 on a stack of books on the second floor of the main lodge, 1 can sometimes spawn in the bathroom in the main lodge, 1 at the docks where the boat spawns south of Evergreen camp, 1 at a random campfire, 1 at the graveyard.

    Crystal Lake: 1 in the workshop, 1 on a barrel next to outhouses by the archery, 1 on the balcony at the cabin north of the workshop, 1 in the boat shop, 1 or 2 at the bathrooms, 1 at a random campfire. 

    Jarvis House: 1 in each bathroom in the main lodges, 1 on a barrel next to the docks on the east island, 1 at a random campfire OR at one of the boat spawns. 

    Pinehurst: 1 in the bathroom at the main lodge, 1 in the upstairs bedroom w/bunk beds, 1 at a picnic table at Stoneside next to the campfire, 1 at a picnic table at Camarillo, 1 at a random campfire.

    Always check all bathrooms and side rooms as well on every map, they can spawn there too.  

    Edit: Medic is very good, but only if you can roll it with 0% damage taken increase. I wouldn’t suggest using it otherwise. 😊

    This right here is the reason I sometimes don't run Medic. Once you get really good at memorizing the Med Spray Spawns and  learning to mitigate damage from Jasons attacks, Medic is ALMOST not necessary.

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