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  1. Lol that's rather common amongst low level players who think Stealth means something when Jason gets Rage. Like come on, there's a million better things to be doing then crouch walk for a good portion of the game.
  2. I face palm every time I'm chasing a Counselor and they go for repairing the car with no one around protecting them. I also face palm at people who don't punish a Jason out of grab when they CLEARLY have a weapon in hand and instead chose to run away. Very cowardly if you ask me.
  3. I play on Xbox One X. Soon to be Series X if it's Back Compatible. I would say the FPS is rock solid.
  4. You live and you learn man. I suggest you watch videos by Boredom Era on how to play better as Jason. That's what I do.
  5. Make it so that Jasons depending on their grip strength can't be hit out of grab based on Counselors' Strength stat. Example of how I think it should be: Jasons with Weak Grip (5, 8, Savini): Counselors with 2 in strength or more can hit Jason out of grabbing a Counselor. Jasons with Neutral Grip strength( 2,4,6,7,9) Counselors with 5 in strength or more can hit Jason out of grabbing a Counselor. Jasons with Strong grip strength (3): Counselors with 8 in strength or more can hit Jason out of grabbing a Counselor.
  6. Thank goodness someone here knows about CronusMax. I hate it when people use it, and fighting against players that use them is an absolute nightmare. Jasons being able to pull off double taping and Knife canceling with a single button press is just not fair. Hopefully the devs can catch these people and ban them.
  7. This right here is the reason I sometimes don't run Medic. Once you get really good at memorizing the Med Spray Spawns and learning to mitigate damage from Jasons attacks, Medic is ALMOST not necessary.
  8. Medic, Thick Skinned, Marathon, and Nerves of Steel. Best perks in the game. I don't say preparedness simply because I love my mini-map and I never want to lose it.
  9. Honestly, after reading through the difficulty of the Jason kill post, all I care about is the devs making the game better.
  10. Watch this video. It speaks for itself. Especially the later parts:
  11. Knowing Konami, I doubt they ever will. Konami is known for being neglectful to their franchises and would rather make them into slot machines like they did to Silent Hill.
  12. Killing Jason is NOT difficult at all. If you just play with a couple of your buddies who have a well understanding of how to kill Jason, regardless of your skill level, you can already kill most Jasons. When I play with my buddies, we usually get 10 Jason kills a day. This is on Xbox btw.
  13. Sorry to hear that ☹️. Hopefully the devs can fix that error on your end cuz mines is working fine.
  14. Believe me, you are so fucking fragile without Thick Skinned that I honestly question why you wouldn't run it. If you go up to any top player and ask them "What perks do you run?" they're guaranteed going to tell you they run Thick Skinned. Why? Because it's the best perk in the game with the only ones coming close to challenging it are Nerves of Steel and Medic.
  15. I really do hope Sony does buy Silent Hill from Konami. Sony sure as hell won't be as petty as Konami is to their franchises. With Sony's track record of amazing single player games like God of War 4, they definitely will give Silent Hill the treatment it deserves.
  16. A big thanks to all you guys. I decided to keep the 20% Hypo. That 3% Legendary effect isn't enough to truly make a difference.
  17. That I won't answer here. You'll have to look for that on your own. But in short, it removes the start-up animation that makes Jason so vulnerable and slightly increases your distance.
  18. Honestly, Jason being so punishable is the reason why I started learning how to do the more advanced techniques like Knife Canceling and Speed Shifting.
  19. I have two Hypochondriac perks. Both have no drawbacks. Hypo #1 has 20% more healing. Hypo #2 has 17% but with a 3% faster police arrival time. 3% faster police arrival time is equivalent to 9 seconds. Is it worth it?
  20. I only waste a Pocket Knife on traps if I'm playing with my buddies trying to kill Jason or in group post or if I'm in a tournament. Honestly though, I never waste them on traps.
  21. Shelly is easily the worst counselor in the game. No question about it. I main Deborah, Vanessa & Fox. And occasionally picking Victoria. And no, Victoria is not the worst. Low-Mid tier? Yes. Bottom tier? No.
  22. The new trilogy as a whole is a big f**king mess. I mean seriously, I could've written something a thousand times better and chances are, anyone in this forum could. You're telling me this billion dollar company cant come up with something unique and forever classic like the OT? I hope one day Lucasfilm de-canonize the sequel trilogy since they contradict many things in both the prequels and OT.
  23. When I'm at the lobby one of the first things I do is look at the counselors that my teammates are playing. If they're playing mostly runners like Vanessa, Brandon, Tiffany etc, than I choose Deborah as my go to to compansate my teams ineffectiveness to repair. If it's mostly repair counselors that my teammates are, than I swap to Vanessa or Victoria to be able to deliver parts. If my team is a variety of counselors of not too many runners and repairs, then I swap to Fox. For me, it's a cycle between Fox, Vanessa, and Deborah. I stopped playing male counselors simply because I ALWAYS want the kill option on the table. Keep in mind I'm not counting player level/skill since that is a topic for another time and this is an outline to what I do and maybe something you guys can look at and take notes from.
  24. Good one on that game. Saw u took advantage of animation cancelling. It's something all high level players need to learn. But trust me, that was part 5 Jason using the cutters and he actually could've punished you for going through the window if he just entered Combat stance. Too bad most Jasons I've seen dont know how properly punish window hopping.
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