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  1. Sounds to me like you've never been in a lobby with a skilled Jason. You're lucky not to have fought me cuz I would have smoked your ass in a heartbeat. 95% of my matches when Im Jason everyone dies in under 7 minutes. I can tell you've never fought a Jason that utilizes Speed Shift, Double Tapping, Double Trapping, CS Break Windows, and Sense Spamming.
  2. Just use the one handed choke kill and the Head Punch. It's usually able to kill them before they leave.
  3. Dude, stop defending a garbage perk and really listen, if you have ever played in tournaments than you would know that the only perks that are used are Hypo, thick skin, medic, NoS, Prepared, and occasionally Grease monkey. I've spoken to top teams on Xbox and they said they all run Medic and thick skin. Bottom line, there's so many better things to run.
  4. There's a fancy term for it, Dark Humor.
  5. I normally do Vegetarian Cuisines. I'm a lacto-ovo Vegetarian. I absolutely hate Pig meat but I do enjoy Eggs and Cow meat from time to time.
  6. Before I start, I need to say I only ever told this to two of my closest friends. Both which help me fill in the missing details. Anyway, this story of mine has to do with someone I met back in Highschool having one of the most embarrassing things that can ever happen. I wont say the name of who it happened to but the name rhymes with Navi and I think we'll call it that for this story. And Navi's friend we'll call Anna. Navi and Anna weren't exactly close but they shared a lot of the same classes and even at one point visited each others houses. One day while I was in Culinary class, I overheard Anna wanting to beat up Navi for apparently wearing her shirt and jean. Navi had stolen her friends clothes behind her back and thought she wouldnt notice. Fast forward a couple of months later and Anna started to gossip all over Facebook that Navi's mom had sucked her boss' dick for a two thousand dollar couch. How do I know this is true? Later that day, Navi completely deleted Facebook and had been missing school for the past 3-4 days. My whole thing is this: WHY WOULD YOU EVER TELL SOMEONE THAT. That is to be kept between you and your mom, not anyone else. After Navi's 'secret' got exposed to basically everyone at school, they all started calling Navi's mom a whore. I also heard rumors from one of Navi's other friends that Navi's mom was fired from her job. Life basically went to shit in a matter of a few days. So why am I telling this to a bunch of random people on the internet? Well, this is just a reminder to always be careful with what you share with people. Btw, if anyone is curious, Anna now has a YouTube channel but I highly doubt any of you would find it. Edit: I forgot to mention that Navi's mother had posted pictures of her new couch all over Facebook and one of the comments that appeared said something among the lines of "So how many times did you strope your boss' cock to get that". Honestly, I wouldnt be surprised if Navi ended up becoming a pornstar after Highschool.
  7. For me, I would love to be in Welterweight. If you didn't know, here are all the weight classes: Flyweight (125) Bantamweight (135) Featherweight (145) Lightweight (155) Welterweight (170) Middleweight (185) Light Heavyweight (205) Heavyweight (265)
  8. The perk I made clearly states Pocket knife not included.
  9. Always use perks with no Drawback. The only exception to this rule is Speed Demon since having slower repair means you can get the skill checks more effectively and consistently.
  10. Barney is a good nickname for NES Jason. Forgot to include it.
  11. From what I hear the community label each, it goes something like this: Part 2: Potato Sack Jason Part 3/Retro: Barney Part 4: Noob Crusher Part 5: ? Part 6: ? Part 7: ? Part 8: ? Part 9: Meatball Head Jason Savini: Fire Jason If someone can fill out the rest, much appreciated.
  12. Doing that would ruin the purpose of the perk. Anyone with good map awareness would already know all the Pocket Knife locations along with all the Med Spray locations. So no, they don't waste 5-10 minutes finding anything.
  13. I don't think you realize that Three Tactical Talents isnt as good of a perk as you think it is. 5% faster jog speed isn't enough to make a difference. Plus it's only really good if you and your team are all using it.
  14. Good question, hypo would take over 1 slot while Three Tactical Talents would take over the other 2 free slots
  15. Name: Three Tactical Talents Effect: Start the match with 3 random items in your inventory (Pocket Knife not included). Also increase Jogging speed. Positive: Jogging Speed 1-5% Negative: Damage Taken 0-5% Legendary: 1-3% XP Gain
  16. I've been killed only ONCE in my entire 2 years playing this game and it was by a tournament competitive group.
  17. Honestly the only fight I'm interested in watching are Amanda Nunes vs Spencer. If Amanda does win, she'll be the first person in MMA history to defend two weight division titles simultaneously.
  18. Reduce Vanessa's Luck stat from 6 to 1 and make her Composure stat from 3 to 8. This will reduce her overall effectiveness in combat as well as in other things like Repairing and Starting the boat. However, because she has much higher Composure, this makes her go to a full black screen less often and allows her to manage stamina more effectively. Not the best trade-off, but it's a starting point to nerfing her as she is considered top tier by most players.
  19. There's a video by Boredom Era on YouTube detailing how to properly practice and effectively use the "Quick Knife" technique. Definitely worth checking out if any of you haven't.
  20. What are all the Exclusive skins on the physical release that are not on Digital?
  21. It's much easier to get Savini Jason through illegitimate means on Xbox One and PC than on PS4.
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