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  1. Honestly the only fight I'm interested in watching are Amanda Nunes vs Spencer. If Amanda does win, she'll be the first person in MMA history to defend two weight division titles simultaneously.
  2. Reduce Vanessa's Luck stat from 6 to 1 and make her Composure stat from 3 to 8. This will reduce her overall effectiveness in combat as well as in other things like Repairing and Starting the boat. However, because she has much higher Composure, this makes her go to a full black screen less often and allows her to manage stamina more effectively. Not the best trade-off, but it's a starting point to nerfing her as she is considered top tier by most players.
  3. There's a video by Boredom Era on YouTube detailing how to properly practice and effectively use the "Quick Knife" technique. Definitely worth checking out if any of you haven't.
  4. What are all the Exclusive skins on the physical release that are not on Digital?
  5. It's much easier to get Savini Jason through illegitimate means on Xbox One and PC than on PS4.
  6. I have 2 Potent Ranger perks. Potent Ranger 1 is Epic with 20% increased damage as Tommy with no Drawback. Potent Ranger 2 is legendary with 20% increased damage as Tommy but 1% less damage as other counselors. Also it has 3% less stumble chance. Which is objectively better?
  7. I once had a kill squad of 4 people (2 Brandons, Victoria aka sweater girl and Tommy) all tell me in the mic about how I'm a tryhard and need to get a life after I beat them. I told them straight up in the mic "What the fuck do you think? That I'm just gonna block and slash all day and hope that your weapons break? No bitch, I'm just gonna fucking Morph abduct Sweater girl and be done with your bullshit." Next match one of them is Jason and they start teaming me so I did the most reasonable thing that came to mind and that was leave the lobby. I've had enough of teamers as it is.
  8. Isn't it against TOS to directly mention someones gamertag on any platform who Teams or does exploits? My advice to you would be to report this to www.jasonkillsbugs.com
  9. You could always get the app UFC Fight Pass. Or their YouTube channel where they post fights every now and then.
  10. The only two fights I care about watching are Tony Ferguson vs Justin Gaethje in Main Card and Anthony Pettis vs Donald Cerrone in preliminarys. My money's on Tony to win this. He's been on a 12 win streak so my hopes are high for him.
  11. My favorite fight is the four man free-for-all between Paul, John, Travis and Victor.
  12. To get his attention. Plain and simple.
  13. That sounds like a brilliant idea. My set up would be +Can Run, +Weapon Strength, and +Morph. I don't care about +Destruction since I can double tap very effectively on host and I don't want +Knife since I can knife cancel very consistently.
  14. You have no ideas how many times I've fucked counselors up that do that. You rarely see 150s do that and that's one small thing that separates a good counselor from a bad one.
  15. Since I can easily and consistently pull off Knife Canceling, I ALWAYS go for knives in Shack then Morph away to Tommy Box.
  16. I can confidently say I'm a 'tryhard' however, I've been guilty of calling others a 'tryhard' as a form of an insult which to be honest is hilarious if you're looking at it from a certain way. In other words, I like being a tryhard I just don't like it when other people are LMAO.
  17. I no longer try to trap the shack simply because most players now run Thick Skinned/Medic and I would rather trap objectives that are of course more important. And it wasn't until I started learning how to double tap on Combat blocking counselors and reading up on Tommy86's tower guide that I truly was no longer scarred of fighting kill squads.
  18. Lol I've actually done this before and I one time called the person that did this a fucking retard. She then said "fuck all of you" and left the game. I guess calling people out on their bullshit makes the game better.
  19. This thread is guaranteed to be shut down any minute now.
  20. I focus sweater girl all match when I see that. You only get the sweater if you got Jasons mask equipped or Tommy is with you.
  21. Lol that's rather common amongst low level players who think Stealth means something when Jason gets Rage. Like come on, there's a million better things to be doing then crouch walk for a good portion of the game.
  22. I face palm every time I'm chasing a Counselor and they go for repairing the car with no one around protecting them. I also face palm at people who don't punish a Jason out of grab when they CLEARLY have a weapon in hand and instead chose to run away. Very cowardly if you ask me.
  23. I play on Xbox One X. Soon to be Series X if it's Back Compatible. I would say the FPS is rock solid.
  24. You live and you learn man. I suggest you watch videos by Boredom Era on how to play better as Jason. That's what I do.
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