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  1. I wanna first say that although I have been playing this game since October 2018, I knew deep down that I wouldn't be playing this game for very long. My reason for retiring amounts to a lot of things but just a quick run down, here are the three main things: Very inconsistent updates from developers, very toxic community (especially from my experience on Xbox & PC), and overall, just a very lack-luster experience that has finally dawned on me while playing my last few matches on PC. I have so many wonderful memories with this game to share with you all but I would probably have to make a Movie trilogy to tell you guys all of it. Everything from roasting the shit out of that squeaker in the lobby that seriously needed an ego check, to killing that racist redneck in the lobby while he's Jason. And other funny moments like a part 6 tryhard Jason playing the song that goes "That's the way uh-huh uh-huh I like it uh-huh uh-huh" while he goes around slaughtering everybody. I like to thank all of you guys who played with me in the past, good or bad. So farewell, and have good day.
  2. Note: All of my Perks (Excluding Speed Demon) have no Penalties (i.e don't have any negative percentages) so I'll be writing down the perks I have that I feel very proud owning and lucky enough to obtain. Thick Skin: Epic 20% Less Damage Taken Overall Medic: Epic 9% More Healing Hypo: Epic 20% More Healing Preparedness: Epic 10% Less Fear Overall Swift: Epic 19% Faster Attack Speed Thrasher: Legendary 24% Increased Axe Damage and 2% Less Incoming Weapon Damage Taken Nerves of Steel: Epic 9% Less Fear Overall Grease: Epic 14% Car Start Time Marathon: Epic 15% Overall Stamina Increase Restful: Legendary 15% More Stamina Regeneration and 3% More Stamina Gained From Breaking Free of Jason's Grab Sucker Punch: Legendary 24% Higher Stun Chance and 3% More Weapon Damage Speed Demon: Legendary 25% Faster Car Speed, 8% Less Repair Speed, and 3% Faster Run Speed
  3. Honestly, the Steel Pipe is the worst weapon in the game. The best ones from my experience are Machete, Axe, Baseball Bat. Anything else and you'll struggle getting Jason off you.
  4. I recently been watching Roswell. Just finished watching the first episode and was hooked. Talking about the 1999 version not the remake.
  5. The only exception to number 1 is if its Shelly-Bitch, I get him last since there's so many better Counselors to focus on.
  6. Vanessa for sure, but there's this one story of a Chad player that I'll never forget. One day while halfway through a match, bitch-boy Chad and his friend who was in a Car was trying to kill everybody in the lobby and to put the Cherry on top of the shit cake, Jason just so happens to be with them in a party chat. So as you can imagine, they're probably saying stuff like, "Watch the left side of the house, he's going through there" or "trap the right window, if he heads out through the main door I'll run him over". At this very moment, I knew I had to be in my A-game. And so by a miracle I was able to call the cops and was able to escape via Cops after I had wasted 2 PKs.
  7. Dunken

    Neon Jason

    Neon Jason's Positives: +Can Run +Weapon Strength +Shift Neon Jason Negatives: -Grip Strength -Stalk -Sense
  8. Choke kill and Head Punch. Use only those two exclusively as others will take advantage of how slow the other kills are.
  9. My stats would be something like this: Composure: 5 (according to Rydogs Stat guide, you only truly benefit from Composure if it's at 7 or more. However, you will have a much higher fear bucket for doing so. Taking longer to go back to normal state. So I'll go with 5 since that's where you really start seeing a difference) Luck: 6 ( Looking at Rydogs Stat guide again, it's clear to see that Luck is only good if you have it at 6 or more because at 6 you get 3 Basebat hits, 6 Machete hits, and 7 Wrench hits. Repair: 6 (If you have a 6 in repair that means that you'll get anywhere between 3-5 Skill Checks and 4 Skill Checks on average. This is super good because now you can consistently get shit done even when Jason is on your face. And with a 6 in Luck, expect those Skill Checks to be even easier as higher luck makes them slightly bigger. For reference, I can repair anything in 5.32 seconds assuming I didn't mess up) Speed: 5 (Honestly, I'm perfectly ok with not being the fastest character in the game. For me, anything less than 5 in speed and you suck.) Stamina: 7 (Playing Victoria for so long makes me appreciate her Stamina. It's saved me in so many scenarios its unbelievable) Stealth: 4 (I don't care too much for stealth but as long as your stealth is not 2 or lower, you're good) Strength: 2 (this is abysmal and probably would bite me in the ass in certain situations, but because I don't usually go for killing Jason, I can say I'm good with just 2. For reference, because I have 2 in strength, I need a minimum of 7 Machete hits on Jason to demask him where as Counselors with 1 in strength need 8 at minimum) TL;DR Composure 5, Luck 6, Repair 6, Speed 5, Stamina 7, Stealth 4, Strength 2.
  10. Sounds to me like you've never been in a lobby with a skilled Jason. You're lucky not to have fought me cuz I would have smoked your ass in a heartbeat. 95% of my matches when Im Jason everyone dies in under 7 minutes. I can tell you've never fought a Jason that utilizes Speed Shift, Double Tapping, Double Trapping, CS Break Windows, and Sense Spamming.
  11. Just use the one handed choke kill and the Head Punch. It's usually able to kill them before they leave.
  12. Dude, stop defending a garbage perk and really listen, if you have ever played in tournaments than you would know that the only perks that are used are Hypo, thick skin, medic, NoS, Prepared, and occasionally Grease monkey. I've spoken to top teams on Xbox and they said they all run Medic and thick skin. Bottom line, there's so many better things to run.
  13. There's a fancy term for it, Dark Humor.
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