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  1. Shelly is easily the worst counselor in the game. No question about it. I main Deborah, Vanessa & Fox. And occasionally picking Victoria. And no, Victoria is not the worst. Low-Mid tier? Yes. Bottom tier? No.
  2. The new trilogy as a whole is a big f**king mess. I mean seriously, I could've written something a thousand times better and chances are, anyone in this forum could. You're telling me this billion dollar company cant come up with something unique and forever classic like the OT? I hope one day Lucasfilm de-canonize the sequel trilogy since they contradict many things in both the prequels and OT.
  3. When I'm at the lobby one of the first things I do is look at the counselors that my teammates are playing. If they're playing mostly runners like Vanessa, Brandon, Tiffany etc, than I choose Deborah as my go to to compansate my teams ineffectiveness to repair. If it's mostly repair counselors that my teammates are, than I swap to Vanessa or Victoria to be able to deliver parts. If my team is a variety of counselors of not too many runners and repairs, then I swap to Fox. For me, it's a cycle between Fox, Vanessa, and Deborah. I stopped playing male counselors simply because I ALWAYS want the kill option on the table. Keep in mind I'm not counting player level/skill since that is a topic for another time and this is an outline to what I do and maybe something you guys can look at and take notes from.
  4. Good one on that game. Saw u took advantage of animation cancelling. It's something all high level players need to learn. But trust me, that was part 5 Jason using the cutters and he actually could've punished you for going through the window if he just entered Combat stance. Too bad most Jasons I've seen dont know how properly punish window hopping.
  5. The nerdy girl with 10 out of 10 repair. High tier counselor, but is terrible if she's getting tunneled.
  6. It is amazing to pull something like that off especially if it's against a Jason with +Destruction. Did it just a few hours ago but wished I recorded it. Btw, I survived against that Jason using the Classic setup of Medic/Thick skin/Marathon. Was curious if anyone else here has pulled it off before and congratulations if you did
  7. Whenever I'm playing Counselor and theres someone that ends up being Jason with Savini, most of my teammates quit. It really pisses me off not just because they're acting like cowards, but they dont bother learning HOW to combat Savini. If your one of those people that quit early on in a match just because it's a Savini, you'll never get better as a Counselor and you certainly wont get better at the game. Then when 2 or more people leave, I'm left with a Savini that has nothing in the world to fear or feel pressured. Let me tell you something, 7 Counselors focusing on objectives or going for the Jason kill is something that MOST Jasons cannot handle. So when theres 3 or 4 counselors, Jason has ALL the advantage and can wipe out the whole lobby super easily. Even someone not playing Savini can get a lot of advantage out of that. So do me a favour and stop quitting just because its a level 150 with a Savini that chances are, obtained him through illegitimate means.
  8. I currently have Medic at 8%. And I was wondering since the best Medic is one with 10%, how much more health do you regain back if its only a 2% difference?
  9. Jesus Christ dude that situation with the whole lobby plus Jason all on top of you is an ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE. Ive been in something similar like Jason and 3 other people on me. But a whole lobby, I would just DC.
  10. Bonding Power: Whenever a Car Part gets repaired, gain full health. When all Escape Vehicles are repaired, you're faster overall. Poor: 1-2% Common: 3-4% Uncommon: 5-6% Rare: 7-8% Epic: 9-10% Legendary: 9-10% Legendary Effect: 1-3% Swimming Speed Drawback: 0-5% Slower Running Speed
  11. Let's analyze I'm a Warrior! a little closer. Assuming you have it Epic/Legendary and you are the last person alive, this means you have 30% more Health and Damage (35% if Tommy was called and got rekt immediately after he spawned as in most cases). For starters assuming you have Thick Skin Epic/legendary, it would take a Jason with +Weapon Strength 5 hits to kill you. That means that for every hit he does, he takes out 20% health. But thanks to I'm a Warrior!, it now takes 7. 6 to get you limping. Jason's without +Weapon Strength normally need 7 hits on someone with Epic Thick Skinned to kill them but with I'm a Warrior! It'll now be 9. That is beautiful.
  12. I'm a Warrior! : For every Counselor that is Killed by Jason, increase your overall Health and Damage. Poor: 1% Common: 2% Uncommon: 3% Rare: 4% Epic: 5% Legendary: 4-5% Legendary Effect: increase police response time: 1-5% Drawback: Sprint Speed Decrease 0-5% If this perk ever becomes a thing, I would replace Medic with this perk as it's a very powerful lone wolf perk. It's also good if your trying to kill Jason. The drawback is problematic but that's to balance out how powerful this perk can be assuming you are the last person. To me, it would easily become a meta perk because it counters Jason's that like to slash a lot. And it would make house hopping through broken windows a lot safer.
  13. A nerf you say? Simple what you do to make Vanessa not as Powerful, drop her Luck down to 1. There u go. Problem solved.
  14. Jesus Christ that Jason took 10 minutes and 12 seconds to kill you. Here's a couple notes about the things in the video: That Tiffany player at the end was really stupid. Hiding inside a closet when your a character with a 6 in speed is a bad idea. My God, how hard is it to just utilize your characters speed. It's almost like they forget they're playing a fast character. Plus Jason was obviously tunneling both of you so I dont know why she decided to hid there. Technically speaking, if he didn't get that glitch kill in the 6 minute mark, he would have killed you. That stumble at the 5 minute mark really fucked you over and wasted a pocket knife. Jason didn't trap the phone box either. It's also unfortunate for me that you play on PS4. I play on Xbox. For the record, I've put 44 days into the game so I'm no slouch.
  15. If that was me, I would have easily teared you apart. Watching Jason trying to kill you while your Deborah and fail MISERABLY the first 3 minutes alone is cringe inducing enough. But I think you get the idea of my original post: Any Jason, that takes a long time to kill a slow counselor, is a bad player.
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