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  1. I currently have Medic at 8%. And I was wondering since the best Medic is one with 10%, how much more health do you regain back if its only a 2% difference?
  2. Jesus Christ dude that situation with the whole lobby plus Jason all on top of you is an ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE. Ive been in something similar like Jason and 3 other people on me. But a whole lobby, I would just DC.
  3. Bonding Power: Whenever a Car Part gets repaired, gain full health. When all Escape Vehicles are repaired, you're faster overall. Poor: 1-2% Common: 3-4% Uncommon: 5-6% Rare: 7-8% Epic: 9-10% Legendary: 9-10% Legendary Effect: 1-3% Swimming Speed Drawback: 0-5% Slower Running Speed
  4. Let's analyze I'm a Warrior! a little closer. Assuming you have it Epic/Legendary and you are the last person alive, this means you have 30% more Health and Damage (35% if Tommy was called and got rekt immediately after he spawned as in most cases). For starters assuming you have Thick Skin Epic/legendary, it would take a Jason with +Weapon Strength 5 hits to kill you. That means that for every hit he does, he takes out 20% health. But thanks to I'm a Warrior!, it now takes 7. 6 to get you limping. Jason's without +Weapon Strength normally need 7 hits on someone with Epic Thick Skinned to kill them but with I'm a Warrior! It'll now be 9. That is beautiful.
  5. I'm a Warrior! : For every Counselor that is Killed by Jason, increase your overall Health and Damage. Poor: 1% Common: 2% Uncommon: 3% Rare: 4% Epic: 5% Legendary: 4-5% Legendary Effect: increase police response time: 1-5% Drawback: Sprint Speed Decrease 0-5% If this perk ever becomes a thing, I would replace Medic with this perk as it's a very powerful lone wolf perk. It's also good if your trying to kill Jason. The drawback is problematic but that's to balance out how powerful this perk can be assuming you are the last person. To me, it would easily become a meta perk because it counters Jason's that like to slash a lot. And it would make house hopping through broken windows a lot safer.
  6. A nerf you say? Simple what you do to make Vanessa not as Powerful, drop her Luck down to 1. There u go. Problem solved.
  7. Jesus Christ that Jason took 10 minutes and 12 seconds to kill you. Here's a couple notes about the things in the video: That Tiffany player at the end was really stupid. Hiding inside a closet when your a character with a 6 in speed is a bad idea. My God, how hard is it to just utilize your characters speed. It's almost like they forget they're playing a fast character. Plus Jason was obviously tunneling both of you so I dont know why she decided to hid there. Technically speaking, if he didn't get that glitch kill in the 6 minute mark, he would have killed you. That stumble at the 5 minute mark really fucked you over and wasted a pocket knife. Jason didn't trap the phone box either. It's also unfortunate for me that you play on PS4. I play on Xbox. For the record, I've put 44 days into the game so I'm no slouch.
  8. If that was me, I would have easily teared you apart. Watching Jason trying to kill you while your Deborah and fail MISERABLY the first 3 minutes alone is cringe inducing enough. But I think you get the idea of my original post: Any Jason, that takes a long time to kill a slow counselor, is a bad player.
  9. It boggles my mind how some Jason players take so long trying to kill a single Counselor with a 4 out of 10 in speed. And I'm not just talking about Deborah, I'm also talking about Jenny, Mitch, AJ, Sheldon (a.k.a Shelly bitch as I like to call him for being the worst Counselor in the game) and any counselor with below 5 in speed. For me, it is soooo easy to get them and they're usually the first counselors to die in just about any match I go to. And its even more mind blowing that in some instances where people are given 7 free minutes to do things, that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING gets done except for maybe gas in the boat (and that's if your lucky). Let's be real for a second, 7 minutes is A LOT of time even by Dead by Daylight standards. I'm willing to bet that any half-decent team of 5 people can get all the objectives done within 7 minutes. To give you all a better idea of what i mean by half-decent its someone that at best put like 4 Days into the game. This is also the reason why I love and main Adam and Vanessa. They have just enough speed to evade Jason even if he has a +Run Speed. I love Adam for his ability to quickly get across the map with his amazing repair and Vanessa for her ability to 'survive the night' consistently if you know how to House Hop properly. A little secret, pay attention to your mini-map. Its your best friend when going alone.
  10. I currently run Think Skinned with a 18% overall less damage and no drawbacks. But how significant would 20% be compared to 18%? It's only 2% more so what more can I tank with it?
  11. And if say this was a thing, counselors with 2 or lower repair can still do propeller and gas on the boat. As well as gas on the car and even electrical boxes scattered around the map. I'm not trying to keep counselors with low repair from being able to repair. Sorry if I come across that way.
  12. @Slasher_Clone I know it sounds harsh what I'm suggesting, but its one of the only things I can think of to prevent bad players (especially when they are teaming with Jason) from taking a role that was never ment to be theirs. One of the things I always tell my buddies whenever I see a terrible teammate is "This guy has no idea what he's doing" or "He has no idea what's going on". I can go on and on about the many times I've come across people like this but I dont want this reply being 10 paragraphs.
  13. I know a lot of you would disagree with me on this but let's be real, do you seriously want to have a random Jenny or a Chad fix the Phone when theres clearly a Deborah or a Mitch nearby who can do an infinity better job? I know with Vannessa you can chess your way to have a better result and do the mini games without messing up, but come on. For the people who play counselors with high repair, I bet the reason why u even play them in the first place is to do as much repair as you can to help teammates. How unfair it would be to have a Tiffany steal your battery or Phone Fuse and the Tiffany player obviously sees that your a Deborah or Lachappa and not hand you it. Its painfully cringe inducing whenever I see a Tiffany or a Brandon repair things they're not suppose to. So please Devs, make it happen
  14. I've seen a few people do it online and I was wondering of anyone here can tell me the inputs. Basically the way I've seen it done is just as the healing animation occurs when you Heal yourself, you can cancel out of it midway through and begin running. Would love to practice that in my matches. A real life saver technique.
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