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  1. Pile driver? Doesn't the game call it body slam? Anyways, if back breaker, head punch and body slam are the fastest kills in the game, which are the slowest?
  2. This right here is the funniest shit I've read all week. Its amazing how online gaming has basically given people an unlimited amount of N-word passes all because they hide behind a screen. Bet you if they ever said any of that shit to someone in real life they'd get their asses dropped in a flash.
  3. See, that's exactly what has me scratching my head a bit. Shelly does have some good attributes just not the best ones. Btw, I have never found nor heard of a Shelly main. Really, really difficult to find one on Xbox.
  4. In which case, I would love it if someone in the community had actually bothered to 'update' Rydogs guides. Especially since the game is at the very end of its life cycle.
  5. Exactly. I usually bitch slap every little shit nugget that PMs me that. The irony is that they are the ones that actually need to get good themselves.
  6. There's a guide on Steam by Rydog that details both the map layout of items and all possible variations. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=959754906
  7. Go watch any of GreenDragons competitive matches on YouTube. Double Tapping is possible off host but not on host. Knife cancelling is possible both on and off host but easier off host.
  8. I noticed that sometime around when I first started playing this game. I recently was looking at a few tourny F13 matches and found out almost nobody in the competitive scene uses Shelly. Heck, you almost dont ever see anyone use Mitch, Shelly, and Jenny in tourny play ever.
  9. Its to improve the overall consistency of finding objectives. Also its easier to house hoop and it slightly compensates for counselors that have bad stamina (2-4).
  10. I had someone once tell me that Shelly is suppose to be a male version of AJ but AJ in of herself is not a great character. I had one guy on PC tell me that the reason why hes the worst is because of how poorly programmed stealth and strength are.
  11. Can someone explain why Shelly of all counselors barely see any casual and competitive play? You would think a character with 5/10 repair and 8/10 stealth would be just enough to get by but I guess not.
  12. Shift easily. It's his most important ability with Morph being second.
  13. Jesus Christ dude, stuff like this are the reason why I never want to go back playing the PC version of this game.
  14. lol I thought they patched rubber banding. The games more busted than I thought. God willing this game can at least fix that before they fully move on.
  15. I'm going to be very upfront about this and if you don't accept that that's perfectly fine with me: Part 6 is an objectively BAD Jason. And there's no way around it. I'm not just talking about his weakness of minus morph, but not being able to run makes you 13% slower in getting to the cabin door, in getting to that knife on the wall, in dodging a incoming swing, in chasing a counselor, etc etc etc. It's THIS weakness among a few other things why I stopped playing Jasons that can't run (Savini included).
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