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  1. The community never deserved this shut down. It's just pissy people with too much time on their hands committing federal crimes that brought us to this situation. Toxic/non-toxic doesn't matter. Most (if not all) communities, have some long-standing beef with something degenerate, or at least have a person or persons wanting to be degenerate.
  2. No, it's not. The whole "The game is dead"/"It was fun while it lasted" is something you'll probably be hearing till the heat death of the universe.
  3. Plus the Jasons that they made weren't even that great to begin with. Reboot Jason having -Shift (which everyone agrees is the most crippling weakness in the game) already made him low tier. And FVJ Jason having -Traps, -Water Speed and -Can't Run severely hinder his overall ability to control objectives. FVJ Jason is mid tier even with his amazing strengths.
  4. Pretty sure its illegal to DDoS everywhere in the world, Russia included. So if anything a Russian criminal investigation team should be called or at least be made aware of this situation. In the USA, you'd be trying to pay off $500,000+ USD the rest of your life after they catch and arrest you.
  5. These people are committing a felony over a VIDEOGAME. I guess they want Tyrone to give them a warm and forcefully intimate welcome in his prison cell.
  6. Didn't they do a permanent double XP update a while back? If not, they really should.
  7. Direct Denial of Service is a federal crime. People really want to risk getting thrown in prison for 5+ years over a game that's almost 7 years old. Oh well, play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
  8. God damn, this game is still getting cyber attacks even AFTER the switch to peer-to-peer? It's honestly both sad and pathetic that people want to do this to a game well past its prime.
  9. Honestly I was interested in playing the new Jasons and trying out the unique stats they have for them. But after looking at their weaknesses, they DEFINITELY would NOT be top tier, especially reboot Jason. Be fun in casuals tho.
  10. I still get full lobbies in 2022 on Xbox. So no, F13 isn't dead, at least not on Xbox.
  11. Pile driver? Doesn't the game call it body slam? Anyways, if back breaker, head punch and body slam are the fastest kills in the game, which are the slowest?
  12. This right here is the funniest shit I've read all week. Its amazing how online gaming has basically given people an unlimited amount of N-word passes all because they hide behind a screen. Bet you if they ever said any of that shit to someone in real life they'd get their asses dropped in a flash.
  13. See, that's exactly what has me scratching my head a bit. Shelly does have some good attributes just not the best ones. Btw, I have never found nor heard of a Shelly main. Really, really difficult to find one on Xbox.
  14. In which case, I would love it if someone in the community had actually bothered to 'update' Rydogs guides. Especially since the game is at the very end of its life cycle.
  15. Exactly. I usually bitch slap every little shit nugget that PMs me that. The irony is that they are the ones that actually need to get good themselves.
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