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  1. Hi, I thought this issue was fixed long time ago but when i got back to the game, it happened . When i ever i kill the host , he leaves and messed up my game. is there any thing i could do ? am i messing something. Any help would be apprecated . Thanks
  2. Sorry there is one thing i forgot to mention. It gets me so mad when i see unskilled players get killed so quick by Jason when they get to be Tommy J. When you get to be Tommy J, you are supposed to be hard to be killed or catched. That's what brought up the idea to my mind to come up with a selectable 10 attributes character.
  3. I believe it will encourage players to continue playing the game and reach L150 and don't forget it's only availabla for L150 how often there is a L 150 in one session , But it doesn't matter anyway since you have mentioned the lawsuit issue
  4. I don't know if this was brought up before. How about adding a new charecter as good as Tommy J 10/10 on everything that can be selected before starting the session and only unlockable for L150.
  5. How about if they come up with new charecter as good as Tommy J 10/10 on every thing that only unlocked for L150
  6. Part 2 and i don't think that i will change my mind in the future unless they came up with new Jason
  7. Ok, what if i decide to sacrifice for not being killied , How i'm going to find out that the trap noise is coming from Tommy's power house?
  8. Probably one of his friend came back cause i managed to kill one
  9. Probably one of his friend came back cause i managed to kill one
  10. For those who are saying"watch Tommy's power box". I usually main in Jason part 2 so i have plenty of traps, but it's hard to watch every thing at the same time especally when every thing at different location.
  11. Hi In the past, I used to wind up for not being able to knock Jason while he is in a rage mode and i understood the idea behind that is to give Jason the respect and the power he needed. Lately, I've been criticized by some group of counselores that i'm not a good Jason and i don't deserve to be L150 Despite the achivement and trophies that i got. They ganged up on me all 7 counselors, Knoucked my mask in less than a minute, one of them killed himself , Tommy came, Sweeter already there and Thats it I'm dead. THE WAY I SEE IT NO PRO JASON CAN STAND AGAINST 7 COUNSELORS AND IF YOU WANT TO DO IT , YOU GOT TO DO IT RIGHT Therefor, My mind came up with a suggestion that might improve the game and add more excitment. Why not eleminate knocking Jason from the entire game and the only way to stun him and knoking his mask off by the shot gun and ofcourse the kill can be performed by the axe. That way, players won't gang up on jason , they will rely more on escaping and quit trolling. In term of defending themself, I see relying on Stamina, Pocket knives and jumping through windows is more than enough to give Jason a hard time.
  12. You are absolutely right i rather to pee on myself than continue playing the game
  13. At last can someone help reaching Gun Media ? I want to send my complain
  14. Look i might exaggrated at the begining. Some of the changes were good such as the elemination of killing a teammate . But not being able to stun Jason in a rage mode , that is way too much!!!!! When i get to be Jason, i get trolled alot from other counselors. On the other hand ,when i get to be a counselor , i take my revenge by trolling Jason . So what is the big deal!!!!!! why crying like a baby and asks for changes By the way a pro Jason can't be trolled . Imagine L 10 Jason kills L150 Counselor easily !!!! how fear is that!!!!!! you eleminated the skill element of the game This is my final comment . There is no way i'm going to play with this new update consider me one of the trolling mob that i had to go
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