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  1. Hey devs my fave jason kill i forget which movie i think 6 or 7 is when he pushes someones face thru the side of a motor home and causes an imprint on the other side any chance this kind of kill will feature
  2. What if the screen wasnt split on the tv. 2nd player has full tv screen but 1st player Jason had the vr headset. I know its like what i said before but after i re read my post it didnt make sense also doesnt ps vr come with a new processor to help the system. Btw really excited about the game any chance you guys are thinking about A Nightmare on Elm street aswell
  3. So i was thinking as i watched some gameplay that if you could split the player thats jason to the headset. Leaving the tv open for spllit screen local fun with friends plus opens up the usage more the ps vr
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