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  1. This is an idea I was thinking about and I do not know how much the community would like, since most of the players like the change that was made to Jason with his new way of rage, but it is an idea that I would like share. And I do not lose anything by doing it: My idea is this and it's a possibility to stun Jason in rage mode, my idea is that if there's only one player left and that player is a female counselor, if he has the sweater, he can stun Jason. I would play with the term Final Girl, the nickname that is given to a female character who managed to survive a killer in a horror movie, in my opinion, I would like because while I play I feel in a movie on Friday the 13th. I invite you to leave your opinion
  2. I would like to propose an idea about a way to stun Jason with body-to-leather weapons during the rage mode. My idea is that stuning Jason during the rage mode, can only be possible if the player is a girl with Pamela's sweater. In my opinion this would be an idea that would like a sector, even if it is minimal, that we like to play only a counselor. This would cause that going for the sweater is something that weigh more than two vece, and not simply grab the sweater because you crossed with the house of Jason. And Jason would have very easy to get rid of the stun of the girl in the sweater, since it would simply be enough to kill the girl in the sweater and there would be no way to stun Jason during the Rage Mode (Obiomante ignoring the fact that the shotguns, and take away the Mask are sun stun). And using the sweater to pretend to be Jason's mom as he takes off your sweater would also cause you to lose the stun in the rage mode
  3. Espa├▒ol: Hola, queria expresar mi opinion sobre el nuevo parche de Friday 13. Todos sabemos muy bien el gran buff que se le dio a Jason en este ultimo. Ataca a multiples objetivos y por ultimo, y el mas destacado, es la capacidad de no poder ser inmovilisado cuando entra en el Modo rabia. Me gustaria proponer una solucion. Mi principal razon para hacerlo es por el nerfeo indirecto hacia los personajes agresivos. Ya que su funcion principal, desde mi punto de vista, es el de entretener a Jason, Mientras que los roles pasivos, como lo son los que reparan, puedan hacerlo sin que Jason los moleste . El problema es que; como todos sabemos los golpes le auementan la rabia, y muchas veces los reparadores no llegan a conseguir los objetivos antes del Modo rabia. Tambien las partidas por tiempo ya casi ni existen y las pocas son por un jugador reciente que recien empieza a jugar. Y con la llegada del fin de contenido son pocas las personas que compran el juego. Simpre terminas encontrandote con la mismos jugadores. Mi solucion es que se pueda de alguna forma poder inmovilizar a Jason en el modo rabia, obiamente con armas blancas, por que no alcanza con simplemente con quitandole la mascara. Mi solucion seria: 1- Que Jason en el modo ira las inmovilizaciones duren menos tiempo 2- Que las unicas armas blancas que lo puedan inmovilizar sean Hachas y Bates. Estas son dos de mis soluciones. English: Hi, I wanted to express my opinion about the new patch on Friday the 13th. We all know very well the great benefit they gave to Jason in the latter. attack objectives Multiple, and the most prominent, is the ability not to immobilize when entering the mode of anger. I would like to propose a solution. My main reason for doing so is by indirect nerf towards the aggressive characters. Since its main function, from my point of view, is to entertain Jason, while passive roles, such as those who repair, can do so without Jason bothering them. The problem is that; As we all know, the blows increase the anger, and many times the repairers do not reach the objectives before the anger. In addition, the games that are won when time runs out and almost do not exist and the few are recent players who play Jason, who is just beginning to play. And with the arrival of the end of the content, few people buy the game. You always end up finding the same players. My solution is that you can create a way to immobilize Jason in anger mode, obviously with melee weapons, in addition to removing the mask. My solution would be: 1 - That Jason in anger mode, immobilizations last less time. 2- That the only weapons that can be immobilized are axes and bat These are two of my solutions.
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