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  1. I find tinkerer to be extremely useful with players that have high luck and garbage repair, like Chad. I don't get why everyone hates it.
  2. Truthfully, I run Jenny quite a bit, but I see how she is lower tier. I think you can be successful with any counselor though.
  3. This is a series of ours we are diving into and is simply for fun. It was to start a discussion and engage with our audience, which clearly it worked lol It's not meant to change minds and serve as a "my opinion is better than yours" scenario. Again, just for fun
  4. Hey there! I appreciate you checking out the video. In terms of Gun, I did want to say that we've called them out when we felt we needed to - things like poor transparency before Shifty, lack of specific priorities, engine upgrade, revealing content way too early on, etc. Unfortunately, we get stuck a lot attempting to correct very poorly informed people when discussing things like the lawsuit. In attempt to correct that, it always seems like we are just bowing down to Gun, when that's not the point. I totally hear your perspective however and is something we try to be mindful of.
  5. Yeah, that's just me being stupid. I suck so bad with Part 2 that I rarely ever play him and don't know shit off the top of my head. When we were going through a wiki image of the Jasons when prepping for this, apparently all of the stats were wrong. In terms of water speed, that's just something I always take advantage of when I'm playing Jason. Nic never plays as Jason... Like ever. so that's different. Clearly however, we are more of counselor players lol
  6. Listen, I'm sorry lol I suck at Jason anyway. (Also, I forgot my account password, now I'm a noob again. Great)
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