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  1. I love most of the dedicated player-base for this game but it's a stretch to say they brought life back to the franchise. The game was pretty terribly received upon launch and that's what the majority of gamers perceived since many didn't bother to try for themselves, as is the case for a lot of poorly reviewed games. Considering the new movie was also relatively poorly reviewed, idk where the momentum you saw would've come from. (and to be fair, I'm a fan of both. Popular opinion was not).
  2. Cool, great retort. They HAVE been back and forth about it. They've shown interest and backed off multiple times, which is why "interest" was in quotations. I still think if they found it monetarily plausible, and if the lawsuit settled, they'd continue, which is why I don't take them exactly at their word. I don't think it's likely but I don't find it impossible, and their word hasn't meant much yet honestly. I doubt the lawsuit will settle in the foreseeable future anyways, so I doubt its an issue. You're the one who questioned why they wouldn't make a sequel in the first place, so I don't think you quite understood my original response anyways. Edit: The message I'm responding to keeps getting edited every couple of minutes without note so hopefully this still represents what I'm responding to.
  3. I don't think I said anything to the contrary of this...? Edit: I mentioned Wes even saying in that interview they specifically wouldn't add content, even if things were sorted out, but just take that with a grain of salt since they've seemed to contradict themselves in multiple interviews in the last year or so on the matter.
  4. They've been back and forth with their "interest" based on developments with the lawsuit, but have never seemingly committed one way or the other, (especially with Wes recently claiming there'd be "no new content" in that interview a month or so ago). Ultimately, it's a business decision, and the fact that people keep thinking they'd base this decision on passion for the franchise is kind of ridiculous. Passion doesn't pay the bills. A sequel is even further out of the question if they can't even add content now, and there's no sign of the lawsuit ending any time soon.
  5. Fair, but Jarvis is honestly good enough on his own without extra help IMHO.
  6. This is a bit of a stretch. Not to say the devs aren't passionate about F13 in general, but Jason as a horror icon was never really faltering, and honestly the newest movie + this game didn't really shed a great light on the franchise upon either's release. The game was ridiculed for it's bugs immediately and it certainly wasn't repaired quick enough, even relative to the lawsuit, to justify it continuing the F13 glory. And the reboot wasn't incredibly well received either.
  7. Even the "Voice Skins" seems like a pretty new thing according to some quick google searches, so I'm curious how you'd know it was voice changers? Not necessarily doubting it but there's definitely a ton of 5 year olds in the game anyways. I'd be curious to see or hear a clip of what you're claiming OP.
  8. I could live with making it easier to get better/higher-tier perks, but the characters are fine where they are and adding a perk would break the game in my opinion. Focused players can already get shit done well enough.
  9. Agreed, I main Part 2 and his biggest struggle is in the chase. I usually just use shift as an add on right after a morph honestly, but his morph is killer and that's a big flub on them.
  10. I give blue cheese a pass.
  11. And survivors of course. I'm MrSketchyFungus and I've been playing on PS4 since the game was free last October. Been lurking and decided I'd enjoy jumping on in, happy posting!
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