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  1. Eh, sounds like an excuse to not try to be good at the game to me. Every multiplayer game has shit like this. The vocal crowd is very often the people who just don't want to keep up. It's one thing to sit on a rock that Jason can't reach for 20 minutes, it's another to heal yourself half a second quicker. Tons of games rely on little tips and tricks to succeed, and it's already been exacerbated, the argument between "tech" and "cheating". But it's a 20 minute match tops, and most of the exploits are easy to counter if you know what you're doing. there's really no reason right now to complain about the state of public lobbies. Roof and Rock glitches were/are a far more egregious problem than J's breaking doors down too fast or counselors quick healing. Those are easy to counter if you play for a while.
  2. This. No disrespect to the devs but it shouldn't be hard to look through the reports for issues, all issues should be handled with care. Edit: Quick edit to say no hate but just saying that it has always felt pointless going to JasonKillsbugs, but that's usually the only solution given. Nobody is gonna use that avenue if it always feels ignored.
  3. Considering this is mostly countering things I was arguing without mentioning me, I guess I'd just reiterate that it isn't too hard to find a new lobby, and most J's/Counselors don't actually know most of these techs anyways. It isn't a persistent problem in every lobby, and some people complain just cause they can't survive, even if tech isn't involved. the fact of the matter is that there's only one legitimate game type for this game, and it mostly involves playing with strangers. Every game has random players that are better than others, this game shouldn't be an exception. And it's very gray, the line between what's an "exploit" and what's "allowed" by the game (i.e: CS to break down doors).
  4. idk why anyone is arguing with you. Pub players basically ignore the actual point of the game mostly. I fucking love when I'm Jason and someone quick sprays in front of me, because I know I'll finally have some competition. (Not even trying to big talk either, I'm ass against actually tourney or league players).
  5. I mean, yes and no. Most pub Jason's don't even know the tech we're discussing. And honestly, it's not that hard to find a new lobby if the Jason you're facing does. Considering there's no penalty for leaving matches, it really shouldn't be a huge deal. Also, tons of video games are enhanced by looking up strategies and shit. If you like a game enough, it's not that hard to find a few Youtube videos detailing the meta. Otherwise the FGC wouldn't even exist really, aside from the oldheads. The game "dying" has little to do with skilled players employing tech. The roof glitch and shit like that was far more poisonous for the game then knocking down doors "too quickly".
  6. Just adding, most tourneys and leagues have rules based around which exploits/techs are allowed, and I think they tend to find a pretty good balance. (i.e: Counselors can quick heal, Jason can double tap and speed shift). If everyone's on the same page it tends to even things out for the most part. Idk why everyone is so concerned what people do in pub lobbies. If you're getting owned by exploits, learn how to counter them. Not like the devs will ever pay attention.
  7. There's a lot of threads for those concerns, you ignore them, lol. Matt "warned" me now with a ban, even though I never got toxic with him. This whole environment is a power trip.
  8. Elaborate? I've not been trolling, I've listed why I've been frustrated already, and I don't know why you're threatening me with infractions...
  9. Nah, you just pick and choose when you want to answer things. Quit trying to make excuses lol Also mark this before Matt deletes this convo cause he doesn't like it!
  10. You literally muted the other conversation I was trying to have with you, so maybe start with that? I was about to respond but i couldn't because you blocked responses... We can't derail threads you refuse to allow XD
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