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  1. I can't image what horrible fps a host would get on switch. It's bad enough on PS4 to the point of being almost unplayable
  2. That glitch is mostly harmless and pretty funny when it accidentally happens. I would rather them focus on more game breaking bugs.
  3. Somehow playing quick play I loaded into a lobby with custom rules like a private match. Summer of Heat is no longer the default song on the radio. Seems to be "live before I die" now Rain really messed with the frame rate, much worse than before.
  4. I wish that when the host quit, the game would at least count the match and give experience as if the match had finished. As it is now, this is really frustrating. Host migration should have been a priority over bug fixes
  5. Depends on if host quitting is super common or not. Would be nice if they add options on the main menu to host game or join game, or even let us pick what lobby to join.
  6. While the fixed bugs are nice, they weren't too much of a problem. Really not too many people were exploiting those bugs and you could work around it. Not having host migration will potentially affect a huge percentage of matches. I don't have faith that the other players will stick around after they die just so others can finish the match. ( I mean come on, have you played with these people? Half of them quit at the start of the match and the other half quit as soon as they are grabbed)
  7. Welp I guess finishing a round is going to be super rare now. Players almost always quit after they die, because who wants to sit there and wait 15+ minutes for the match to finish? Would have preferred to keep all the bugs and have host migration, because at least then the game would be playable. At the very least the host should be randomized each match and the should always be Jason.
  8. PS4 games can be downloaded, so there's no extra lag.
  9. Imagine having such a sad life that you spend all your time hacking the F13 servers. You would think they would be bored of it by now.
  10. Think? Dude has video evidence on YouTube and released the tools he used on Twitter. It was definitely him.
  11. Were the servers not patched after last time? You know it's that rain reach loser again, right?
  12. Iirc legendary speed demon perk will give you minus repair speed.
  13. Did Gun fix anything or did the hacker stop? He stopped last weekend and resumed on Monday.
  14. Played 2 games on servers without error just now. PS4, maybe the hacker takes a break on the weekends. edit: 5 games in a row without any issues.
  15. So servers seem to be working for the last few hours with absolutely no problems Edit: spoke too soon, as soon as I posted this the network errors are back but less common than they were over the last two days. Most matches still work.
  16. If you wear headphones the sound is pretty easy to hear even while outside a cabin.
  17. That's one glitch I really like. I hope they never fix it, especially when there are more urgent game breaking bugs around.
  18. Usually to get Jason's attention and lure him away from a counselor or objective.
  19. There is a bug that if Jason slashes or knives you when you're mid climbing through a window then you can't interact with it again.
  20. That bug has been around forever but Jason can usually slash them so it's not much of an issue. Think it's because the folding chairs under the window.
  21. I think there must be some language barrier issue here. Striogoi: The phrase"not going anywhere" is often used to mean that they will be around. In this case it just mean that they (gun) aren't going to be going out of business any time soon. You seem to take it as them not moving on from a project which is not how they meant it. There is no hidden meaning here.
  22. No way to legitimately get him. You could be banned if you buy him on eBay, not worth it.
  23. Sometimes that map has two batteries but never two cars. Makes me wonder if sometimes there is no propeller. Sure feels like it sometimes.
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