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  1. That bug has been around forever but Jason can usually slash them so it's not much of an issue. Think it's because the folding chairs under the window.
  2. I think there must be some language barrier issue here. Striogoi: The phrase"not going anywhere" is often used to mean that they will be around. In this case it just mean that they (gun) aren't going to be going out of business any time soon. You seem to take it as them not moving on from a project which is not how they meant it. There is no hidden meaning here.
  3. Not abandoned yet but don't expect anything other than bug fixes.
  4. No way to legitimately get him. You could be banned if you buy him on eBay, not worth it.
  5. Sometimes that map has two batteries but never two cars. Makes me wonder if sometimes there is no propeller. Sure feels like it sometimes.
  6. I got told to kill myself because I wouldn't pick up more than one person on the boat.
  7. The stuns are fine as is. If we even get another patch I would much rather have them focus on fixing the environmental kills, interaction locks, knife car glitch, drawer glitch, etc. instead of changing gameplay mechanics than on one will agree on and are fine as they are.
  8. They are tracked for achievements/trophies though, so it really seems like it should be possible to have a 'view stats' menu in the game. But I guess that would count as new content.
  9. Really don't mind the rage buff, but I think it would be better if the counselors just had 1/4 of their normal stun chance, and Tommy have 1/2 of his normal stun chance instead of no stuns at all.
  10. That's just how it worked for me. Not sure if it's bugged or whatever but it's worth a try if you think you've done all the Jason kills and didn't get the trophy.
  11. I had to kill Jason again after doing all the kills before I got the trophy.
  12. I really hope this is fixed next patch. Sometimes the fuse or keys are in that drawer. There is always some poor soul who tries to open that drawer and gets stuck.
  13. That screenshot has been floating around since before the Reddit post.
  14. Latley I've just been putting one trap on both the phone and the four seater, double trapping everything just feels unfair. I like for there to actually be a chance for the counselors to escape.
  15. With the newest patch he gets stock much sooner.
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