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  1. Hi All, For anyone still following the thread - or anyone new that wanted to check out the topic.... Over the weekend, I finally got my 500 Counselor trophy grinding in Private Matches - so I can confirm Private Matches work! I recommend keeping a tally from the get-go (or at least keep a tally once you hit 500) so you're not playing a guessing game the entire time. My F13 partner and I always play Private Match/Random Map/Random Jason. Surprisingly, I still haven't unlocked the 500 Jason matches yet - or the 666 kills. Since I got 500 Counselor, I reckon I must be close to 500 Jason. However, I've played oodles of matches against Bots (7-8 kills/game) and still haven't unlocked 666 kills. Kinda surprised it hasn't popped yet. I'm beginning to think Bot Matches are a waste of time grinding toward the 666/1313 kills trophies.
  2. Hello! I saw in a reddit forum, that devs can look up the number of kills/matches we've completed, if we provide our PSN by messaging through the game website, so here goes: My PSN is NotZach02 and my brothers is maxcap31. Kill #'s and Jason/Counselor Match #'s would be greatly appreciated for the both of us. Been grinding for weeks, man. I'm not sure if bot kills are counting towards the 666/1313 kills trophies either. Every day I tell myself "I'm close! I can feel it!" then nothing. Thx in advance!
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