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About Me

Listen, I am going to suggest, say and do what I wish. If you do not agree or approve then just be on your way.  I will not get drawn in to bickering with children.and adults whom use words they don't really know the meaning. Words heard from someone else and repeated by unsophisticated hoodlums in what they hope is the right context.  Just because you pllay this game and google vintage Friday: the 13th  doesn't make you an expert and  bring dishonor on yourself and insult everything it is about and  for which it stands..

 When you become angry shouting and posting in an arrogant way you end up being the one that looks like a fool! You really didn't win a victory cursing at a stranger. You've shown yourself to be a fool and I am laughing at you and probably getting other to do the same, that is why the voice chat is silent.

I will be anyone's friend and do what I can to promote that friendship but idiocy and foolish behavior is not tolerated.  


Thank you,






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