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  1. Sorry if i'm in the wrong section, but is the lawsuit still going? I haven't been on this forum since 2019, so i'm not up to par on this stuff. Thanks -Hayden
  2. The original Pet Sematary and the 2019 reboot are pretty good, i'd recommend em
  3. I remember seeing and buying the DVD collection.. I was like ''what the fuck is this cover and why does he have Roys mask on''
  4. Hey! Welcome to the forum. Have a great time with the game.
  5. Sorry for being offline a while. Looks pretty good so far, Probably just me but that hood looks a bit deformed 😆
  6. Yes. discord.gg/fridaythe13thgame
  7. Saw this in the discord. Looks amazing and worth the money.
  8. I see you have put @Sprayable Spaghetti™ Sales's artwork in there 😏
  9. I forgot this thread existed. Might have to get it locked
  10. I would've loved to see a part 5 Dream Jason tho
  11. Good for you. You use a modded XBOX controller.
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