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  1. Smarter counselors in offline. I've experienced a few AI counselors just standing next to a cabin and not moving a muscle while I walk towards them as Jason...
  2. I'd think Part 8 or 6 would scare the hell out of me. I can just imagine this big hulky figure with a bloody machete or another weapon walking towards me, lmao
  3. Would love to play as counselor in offline mode. Really need to practice.
  4. Besides Part 6, Part 5 was a good movie in my opinion. Was pretty cool to see a new masked killer besides Jason, of course.
  5. While a sequel to the 2009 film would be cool, but i'd like to see a sequel on one of the older films Also, leaked script? Are you able to link?
  6. Hello everybody, I have officially signed up to this forum. Hope to have a good time here! I currently main Part 6 Jason and for counselor i play as Buggzy. XBOX Gamertag is HJWilliams05. Add me if you'd like.
  7. Let's hope we get a Friday the 13th reboot in the future..
  8. Kind of disappointing that we won't see any content soon. Got the game not too long ago, mainly because of Jason X. Also, yes. I have a profile picture of Wes Craven's New Nightmare Freddy.
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