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  1. I forgot this thread existed. Might have to get it locked
  2. I would've loved to see a part 5 Dream Jason tho
  3. Good for you. You use a modded XBOX controller.
  4. Smarter counselors in offline. I've experienced a few AI counselors just standing next to a cabin and not moving a muscle while I walk towards them as Jason...
  5. I'd think Part 8 or 6 would scare the hell out of me. I can just imagine this big hulky figure with a bloody machete or another weapon walking towards me, lmao
  6. Would love to play as counselor in offline mode. Really need to practice.
  7. Besides Part 6, Part 5 was a good movie in my opinion. Was pretty cool to see a new masked killer besides Jason, of course.
  8. While a sequel to the 2009 film would be cool, but i'd like to see a sequel on one of the older films Also, leaked script? Are you able to link?
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