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  1. I know you can do it by yourself but, it is a lot more fun if you do it as a team.
  2. I know what I'm saying is that when I and some of my friends play the game is that there is only three of us trying to win and the other 4 counselors are trying to kill Jason or hiding.
  3. Every time I get into a game when I try the fix the car and the boat, everyone is either hiding or trying to kill Jason and you can't win a game by yourself.
  4. Hey I have been playing the game the past month and if you have a ps4 give me your gamer tag.
  5. If you give me your gamer tag I'll be in your squad.
  6. Hey can I have your gamer tag me and my friends need people to play with?

  7. What is your gamer tag me and my friends need people to play with. 

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