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  1. I am on a PS4 and when Jason talks it's all garbled. I watch videos of others on PC and when Jason talks it's crystal clear. Why is that?
  2. I seem to recall stunning Jason after he is in rage mode. It doesn't always happen and the stun time is brief. Am I mistaken?
  3. The first time I ever got to play as Tommy I was expecting him to be some sort of super character. I had a notion that he could somehow match up against Jason. I was on the mic telling everyone that Tommy is on scene and I'll be taking care of Jason. A few minutes later I was dead. I got back on the mic telling everyone that they are now on their own and thanked them for throwing me to the wolves. Btw Tommy doesn't need a buff. He isn't too weak.
  4. Just curious but how many bear traps load in a map? Is this a constant number or is it variable?
  5. Holy cow. Thanks for this info. I've been using it with AJ thinking it was always active and I'll be dumping this perk right away.
  6. Oops quoted the wrong person! Sorry about that. My speed demon is -12.
  7. Bang on. As a person who mostly plays Vanessa, this strategy works great at wearing me down faster.
  8. She is the best by far. Every other character (aside from Tommy) are second rate in comparison. Nerves of steel Marathon A wild card on the third perk. You can choose whatever you want. I have been using speed demon lately so that I get the negative speed on repairing stuff. It makes a world of difference and I can repair stuff all by myself. Run away from Jason? Check Repair and call the cops? Check Troll Jason and tee bag him when he is knocked down? Check check check
  9. Yesterday I played in a room that included a Jason that didn't use the new abilities all that much. Kudos to that person for holding back! Then a couple matches after that I ran into a new Jason that slashed away. A slashing Jason is bad form when combined with the new abilities.
  10. The biggest threat is anyone not playing the game as intended. It's goes great even everyone plays their roles. It goes off the rails when people do stuff that is against the spirit of the game.
  11. I'll be online tonight. Hit me up on PS4. My PSN is the same as my username. No trolls. Let's kill Jason.
  12. It really is a toss up between Tiffany and Vanessa. You can't go wrong with either one when trying to cabin hop your way out of trouble.
  13. I used to play a lot of AJ but lately I'm playing as Vanessa but using her to repair stuff if nobody is around. She is brutal at repairing but if you time it right, she will be able to finish up the job because Jason might be busy with someone else on the other side of the map. She is slowly turning into my favorite character to play.
  14. And I rolled it again within a few minutes after scoring it for the first time. What the heck!
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