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  1. Not quite invisible walls just getting hung up going around corners, going up around stairs or in tight places that werent a problem previously. Like the game feels off is the best way i can explain it. I sometimes had the problem before with being unable to sprint or jump through a window as well. Like the game just didn't register it, now it happens alot more frequently along with the audio bugs and 30 ft grab. Same wired connection 56 ping in lobby almost every game.
  2. Nah same connection wired 56 ping in lobby. Game feels off to me. Lots more weird occorunces, stutters, game not registering button clicks alot more frequently as a councelor. Bumbing into edges of objects and getting hung up. Audio glitches every game.
  3. Patch made the game feel different for me. Bumping into more invisible objects, button not responding to sprint or jumping through a window for a second happens alot more frequently and jason insta grabbing you from what seems like 30 feet away. These things happened before this last patch very rarely before but did happen. Also the sound glitch voice hiccups are super annoying and more frequent as well. other than that i dont mind the changes.
  4. Jason isn't weak because the new update made the game laggy. Try to run and the game just wont for a second. Also those times when jason grabs you from 30 feet away after you failed to sprint for a second.. The hiccupy sound glitches are also super annoying. Thats my take on this latest patch.
  5. My point is if you think jasons weak you've never actually played against a skilled jason that is absolutely relentless in killing you. Jason isn't weak if you are good even against the best runners.
  6. God forbid one or two counselors escape. Do you people even play this game or only play private matches? Any jason with half a brain easily kills everyone. I see it all the time. One guy gets beat down the entire game because he's not good the next game jason kills everyone in the first five minutes because he doesnt suck.
  7. Ok i get it. You'd like to see anyone good at jason just wipe out everyone with ease. Oh wait they already do. Maybe you'd like to see average or new players do the same thing? I'm not sure i understand. Maybe i'd have to play with you to see but from my experience good jasons run around and kill everyone, no problem at all before this patch.
  8. Thats not how i play anyway. I never hit jason. ever! op is saying jason is weak and is simply not true. What if they didnt make the changes they did and made it impossible for anyone to survive or escape a decent jason player based on his comments? I think if you got beat up as jason you were a bad jason. Period
  9. Ok well. I speak the truth, he does not. Good jason players easily kill every counselor within the first 5 minutes of the game and struggles SOMEWHAT with more experienced players. So we should buff him just because some jason players are not that good? If anyone survives running for 20 minutes from a good jason they absolutely earned it and its not easy.
  10. I think Op is a troll. Possibly a bad jason player that is upset some people have skill to evade jason and survive. I am one of those players that can run circles around a bad inexperienced jason but any honest one will say you will still get wrecked by a good/pro jason and if not killed easily it will be extremely difficult. Any pro jason will easily wipe out the weakest players within the first few minutes and struggle a little with more experienced counselors. Nothing wrong with the way it is. If i survive by myself by running from jason for 15 minutes against a good jason it's extremely difficult for both of us. Op is a troll and buffin jason is a horrible idea that will kill the game for sure.
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