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  1. This recent update will be the last death blow to this game. How could the devs actually have thought this was the best way to make Jason more feared? There are many more logical ways with different variations to have buffed Jason while also requiring skilled gameplay. 1- Give back quick block in public 2- Go back to his original grab so you could actually aim it a little or at least decrease the reset time on the lunge grab so a missed grab doesn't result in a stun 3- Show the Tommy house on his map 4- Give all Jasons more traps except part 2. 5 traps goes to six and 3 traps goes to 5, or give an option to reuse a trap or 2. Increasing trap count increase the chances to stop the Tommy call and also guard objectives. Part 9's mask falls of in the wind and he only has 3 traps to guard power box or objectives, throw in walking speed and he is almost guaranteed to die in kill lobbies. 5- Increase the amount of damage needed to get his mask off. 6- Make it to where an ax, fire poker or machete are needed to remove mask like it used to be. 7- Make him harder to stun in general. Getting stunned by Deborah with a fire poker makes zero sense, even the average man that is blood thirsty wouldn't be stunned by that. I mean it really isn't that hard to see ways to make Jason more o.p. If those are too much work than either leave it alone or revert back to an older version of the game when Jason was still strong, it's not like there isn't newer bugs and glitches now that weren't there in the past e.g. flipping a car with a throwing knife is a newer bug. I'm making this post to, yes complain, but to also give my opinion about this. I have been playing this game since day 3 of initial release and have not played it maybe 7 days total since then, so basically everyday. I was over escaping a long time ago. My goal became surviving the night because I saw that as the hardest thing to do in the game (most fun too) and I will say I am really f'en good at it, some of you reading this that are on PS4 probably know who I am or at least would recognize my PSN. I never saw much reason to post on this forum until now because my love for this game has been deeply ingrained in me and this new update has caused some sadness due to me actually losing interest. I have dealt with all the brokenness and even found it a little fun to have to learn what new was broken in every update, but it is beyond broken now, it is hemorrhaging. I am not the only one to feel this way, most of the hardcores I talked to don't like it at all and are being turned away by it, you know the hardcores the ones that actually have passion for it, the ones that keep the game truly alive, not the ones that mess around for a bit dancing waiting for their friends to get home from school too so they can play Fortnite and cry when they can't play Jason good. I get it a Soc gang of Chad's can troll the F out of Jason but unstunable rage isn't the answer. Now we are just gonna see more running Jason's that don't have to worry too much about firecrackers, bear traps, hits etc..., those are all welcomed now to increase the rage meter, or developing skill because all they will do is rely on running the counselors out of stamina so they can slash. I'd say that we will see that those experienced players that continue to play will be even more heavily aimed at killing Jason now. Where as before they still tried to get things done 1st because Jason was/is so beatable. Now those that want the kill will go for it quick so they can get it done before rage. I didn't make this post to trash the devs because I am truly grateful that the game was created and I got to play it for almost 2 years, meeting some cool people, playing in tournaments and running tournaments. I will have to say though that it seems like the devs don't pay attention to what the more experienced players opinions are, don't actually play the game with the public and have always listened to the cry babies about things. It would be really nice if for once they actually got input from the passionate players and hopefully they see the error in this new update, at the very, very least tweak it, like not even firecrackers can be used to help get stamina is overboard.
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