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  1. My counselor tactics haven't changed, I main AJ and try and repair as quick as possible anyway. In fact, the only thing I have changed is when I play as Jason. I purposely walk into firecrackers and traps now, get that rage going quicker!
  2. Tina from Part 7 could make an interesting alternative to Tommy, using psychic powers for an alternate Jason kill. I'll leave it to someone else's imagination on the order of events leading to a kill
  3. PS4 this was on. it happened to me yesterday too, but that was just the battery for the car, not the gas that time. i had the glitch where the X button (A on XBOX) wouldn't work not long before but it seemed to rectify itself. I've reported it.
  4. has anyone else had the glitch causing boat/car components not to disappear when used? thus creating "spare parts"? It's happened to me twice now. i have a video of one said occurrence here:
  5. hey, what's wrong with pie eaters! that's what people where i'm from are known as! haha🤣
  6. i've done both boat and car escapes within the 2:30 mark on a few occasions. also found the fuse in my first draw several times, with the phone being next house along. epic my dads a cop and we've had the whole lobby escape within 4:30 minutes
  7. i definately recall saving the clip of this working but for whatever reason, it doesn't seem to be on my ps4 unfortunately.
  8. Yeah I figured it must be. It surprised me to say the least. I'll upload the video when I get home
  9. Phoning the cops is always #1 on my list of things to do, because you have a failsafe if the car gets stopped. When I'm Jason it's my priority to stop the phone being repaired. You can stop the car, but when 5 counselors come running to the cops in a group, you aren't getting more than one of them.
  10. That's what I thought until I got hit with one. Could just be a bug.
  11. Has the flare gun been made to work again while Jason is raged? I was playing a game yesterday as Jason and someone hit me with one and it worked! It didn't take my mask off so I've ruled that out. I saved the clip so will upload the video later when I'm home from work
  12. did you knock his mask off? that can still stun him even with rage. the machete is the quickest way of getting the mask off too i believe!
  13. If someone steals the car after I've spent all the time fixing it by myself and drives off without me, and the opportunity to do so presents itself, I purposely get in the way of the car and deprive them of points. They wanna be a dick, I will be too!
  14. Escape before he gets raged. Problem solved. If he gets you, hard luck, try again next game. Feels more satisfying escaping by the skin of your teeth.
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