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  1. Regardless of whether or not it's a level bias, I'm interested to know the algorithm behind Jarvis coming back. It can't be just completely 50/50, randomness.
  2. Every now and then I'll play with a friend and we'll have the same objective. He'll be Jarvis a decent amount of the time, he's around level 80 or so, but I almost never come back if I die instead of him.
  3. Once I posted this, I went back to the game and it seemed to even out a bit. It is so bizarre. If there really isn't a level bias, then that is an amazingly long stretch of coincidence where the lower level comes back as Tommy for like 50 straight matches. lol.
  4. Would any of the staff here know about it? Should we take this to them? Alright, guys. There is absolutely a level bias against Jarvis. I'll keep close tabs on it. Whoever comes back as Jarvis is almost always, nearly 100% of the time, a lower level than all of the people killed. Players coming back as Jarvis is not random anymore. There is a level bias. I am a level 150 and never (NEVER) come back as Jarvis. Does not matter what order I die in. I am never Jarvis.
  5. I ignored the thread stipulations and just ranked my favorites. :p I still probably say Ted White because that is just how I picture Jason Voorhees. I don't know why the hell I put Jason Mears. lmao
  6. Jason can shift through firecrackers and make that set of firecrackers useless. Has been this way as long as I can remember. The issue is Jason shifting, not a glitch.
  7. When I play as a counselor I generally go for the sweater, hoping to kill Jason. 95% of the time Jarvis returns, it's a low-level player who has no idea what he's doing. This is also part of the reason that leads me to wondering if there is a bias against high-level players regarding Tommy Jarvis. And even in a lot of the rare instances where a high-level is Tommy, he'll ignore me and try to fix the car or something. Sometimes a friend and I will play in the same lobby and we have the same goal of killing Jason. He is around level 80 or so and almost never (never) has a problem coming back as Jarvis.
  8. I've really grown to appreciate Halloween III. I used to resent it a long time ago. When I first watched it I was in my mid-teens, riding my bike to the video store and renting them all on VHS. I felt screwed when I sat through the whole thing and Michael wasn't in it. But it really is a solid horror movie. John Carpenter is a God-level director and he's 100/100 in music scores. I'll rank Season of the Witch with all the Halloweens, just as I do with A New Beginning in Friday the 13th rankings, but it's a totally unique horror movie that's withstood the test of time, has all the John Carpenter perks in a movie and Tom Atkins is a stud. So it's hard not to love.
  9. Ranking favorites: 1) Ted White 2) C.J. Graham 3) Richard Brooker 4) Derek Mears 5) Steve Dash (not Warrington Gillette) 6) Kane Hodder 7) Ken Kirzinger
  10. My franchise ranking: 1) Halloween (1978) 2) Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982) 3) Halloween II (1981) 4) Halloween IV: The Return of Michael Myers (1988) 5) Halloween (2018) 6) Halloween H20 (1998) 7) Halloween VI: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995) 8) Halloween (2007) 9) Halloween II (2009) 10) Halloween: Resurrection (2002) For Halloween 6, I prefer the producer's cut version, but with the director's cut ending.
  11. I've noticed a pattern recently that it seems generally lower level players come back as Tommy rather than high level players. I am a level 150, and I'd say 1/10 times I will come back as Jarvis. I will have been dead for about 12 minutes in the game, the only counselor dead, and the moment another dies, that counselor will become Jarvis. Or vice versa. I'll be the second one dead, but the other person comes back as Jarvis. It seems the only time I'll come back as Jarvis is only when another very high level player is dead. Am I just on a huge run of bad luck when coming back as Jarvis, or Is there a bias against high level players?
  12. My username is the same name as my gamer tag. You may have seen me on the PS4. I received a warning saying I am forced to make an intro or be banned, so I am saying hello. Hello.
  13. There were already a lot of players who were skilled enough as Jason that they were essentially unkillable anyway. I noticed a massive wave of new players during the free month of October where everyone got the game for free. Not sure if that's why the new Jason buff came in, because so many new players just weren't good enough as Jason yet, but I thought it was perfect the way it was.
  14. I still think any melee weapon should bring him to his knees even in rage mode, but at least he's still killable.
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