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  1. What about the party chatters helping Jason find the counselors.Or is that just part of the game and this is the way it is if so I’ll play with it until LAST YEAR THE NIGHTMARE comes out which is way better than this game
  2. This is an asymmetrical game which means teamwork is involved but a lot do not play like that. They just run to cabins leave doors open and scatter like cockroaches.
  3. So let me get this straight now we may Jason stronger it’s a speed play and now when we get the sweater and se Tommy 90% of the time they quit. What are we supposed to do about that but they can Spawn kill.I guess gun media and the new Jasons All have something in common they know how to quit I got an idea how about we just have no weapons because the fireworks don’t work nothing works the only thing is the guarantee is that Jason will quit I love this game I love it so much it’s just the best make more like this you guys are the greatest keep up the good work
  4. I think he should always be in rage mode I mean isn’t he supposed to be mad and kill everybody. And then we all will just run. And at least have a trap or traps in each cabin, since that really the only way to slow him down.
  5. You put a lot of thought into this topic and I have to say you have a lot of time on your hands. This game is a speed play game now and it’s even easier to kill Jason now.
  6. This game is way too easy now it’s just a speed play now. My friends can kill Jason faster than before. 😁😁
  7. That’s a hell of a observation, seems to me that you have sucked at Jason and have been killed a lot. This is a rated M game and yet children are playing and yes I’m and the assholes and friends that do whoop that Jason’s ass and Kill Jason because theirs nothing else in the game to do most of the time.SUCK IT UP SOLDIER. This is true but I think if when in rage mode the counselors stats should be decreased by at least 50/60 percent meaning the probability of anything working very slim.
  8. It’s is what it is the game is not the same how it was on launch date. Only the original players know how this game really was and now it’s worse than before. Tommy the hero has no reason to help because he can’t fight against Jason in rage mode. Considering he has killed 2 timesinbtge movies. And he has no ability to fight back.
  9. Me and a group of friends played without the Jason chase music and it was so fun because it was like always in stalk mode. If they took the chase music out you will never hear him.
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