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  1. I’m new here and I didn’t know It was maniditory to introduce myself. I’m QueenOfIllusion. I’ve been a player since October 2018 and I’m a big fan of the game and it brought me into the F13 franchise as a whole which I can greatly respect. I would love to play a game anytime as I use PS4 and my gammertag is just the same; “QueenOfIllusion” im fairly new to the use of forums but I hope I can participate in the discussion of feedback and catch up on the news for latest game updates
  2. If you are going by the movies Jason didn’t have shift, morph and all the other stuff either now did he? People still fought back and stunned him didn’t they? May be not everyone but they still did. and where’s the fun in that not choosing the play as the killer? That’s a stupid excuse. I never beat on Jason unless it was necessary. The situation is just flipped around, same exact problem but with Jason. Didn’t know Jason had to be an immortal god to be scary. I don’t at all wish for Jason to be as weak as he was before cause that ruined my time as Jason AND Counselor. But with immunity like this because people whined about him being a chump and making him immune was the only way to fix it then it’s double standard. No one sees the imbalance of this cause they were so used to a “weak”Jason. Jason always had the upper hand and there were still excellent Jason’s too without the patch. Now anyone can play Jason willynilly and win. No strategy is needed once rage hits when that’s what made a smart Jason. Now with new found immunity they can guard the car, phone etc. “well he can’t be everywhere at once” isn’t a valid excuse either, he can still morph to the car or on the phone like that cause he can hear it. i don’t need to be around since launch to see that. It’s still not balanced. Stun resistance boost would be perfect, it still leaves the challenge for both sides all the way until the end. Not just one half of the game.
  3. Doesn’t matter, the stun chance isn’t there anymore. They will run out of knives, stamina and can’t use a weapon. I don’t feel accomplished with that when a rat is cornered cause they had no choice
  4. It is. Kills are handed to me cause no one can fight back. Of course people are going to like this “it’s a tough Jason now not a chump” only time Jaosn was ever a “chump” was when the occasional party of bullies came along. everyone now chooses a repair character cause now those are the only ones useful. And being Jason it’s made too easy for them. Limited guns with one time uses. ooo! Not every lobby was full of bullies. i felt accomplished when I could kill a full party where they could fight. Now I don’t cause I know I already have the full advantage. “Well what do you do in the first 10 minutes? waste time?” Takes time to find stuff and get it together especially when Jason is on your ass like that. a resistance boost would do just fine. I would of loved that, I can still be tough and actually use my wits to win the game.
  5. That’s not what I mean, I know he still has that but those are limited. While you have strength characters and melee weapons all over the map with specific stats are your disposable now render useless. players will now hog the shotguns since those are the only stunning weapons. Not everyone beat up on Jason either, teaming up was a valid play style. If people want to compare the movies to this well he didn’t have shift or morph and all these other abilities. a simple stun resistance boost and actual situations where character strength stats apply would be fine. Your perks and stats are now useless in that last half of the game because he is now immune to all of it. Unless the team wants to fight over a single gun found on the map if Tommy doesn’t show up. its far fetched. I always feared Jason finding me new patch or not. I always still tried to play the game correctly. I just don’t think it’s fair to take one side of things over the other. One persons fault doesn’t speak for everyone else. Now because people bullied, no one can defend. Jaosn was still an unstoppable force as it is. If they took actual stats into play it wouldn’t be an issue. Instead it seems like the easy way out of things. People may call this whining but it’s not, people even around the games first launch can agree with this cause I’ve seen it. I love the other buffs to Jason though for sure, I just believe the problem falls that Jason now has full advantage while counselors don’t have the fighting chance anymore now cause their perks and stats only work for the first half of the game. Dialing it down and not limiting it to one use items would still leave Jason with the upper hand. Use character stats like it’s intended. i don’t see anyone in lobby’s that aren’t repair characters anymore. That’s boring.
  6. Yes exactly! If this happens it still leaves strategy in play for both sides. Let strength characters do the hitting. Let Jason be more resistant to stun than full immunity. Still leaves a window of 50/50 for both stunning or getting killed I can agree with your first half there. I hated the ganging and I wish I was around the time the game first launched to see it in full. But Jason’s advantage is unfair slightly because of the full immunity. It’s an instant given if found by him and will stay on you because you can’t fight back. Jason always has the advantage no matter what. But resistance increase rather than being untouchable still would be better in terms of fair play when survival can still be 50/50. i say this from both a Jason and Counselor point of view. I don’t want my matches as Jason to be easy cause I’m now fully untouchable at that point. I liked the challenge. ( not the bullying though. ) but a resistance boost would of done wonders for me with just that I’m sure this patch is just an early testing stage and they will make tweaks but I’m just trying to get a point across that this was just a little too easy for Jason now.
  7. Why not? Maybe not bring it back completely but at least a simple resistance boost. And stat fixes to counselors with no strength being able to stun with one hit every time. It still leaves openings for escape but also just be careful about not being able to stun as often.
  8. Oh no I know that, but it also speeds up when you break down doors and such too. It usually happens around the 8 minute mark from observation as well? I could be wrong. but this isn’t my main concern. It’s just seems the rage is a little too OP now when other issues could be fixed instead. Like Debbys stunning me when they have the lowest strength in one hit. Same with Vanessa’s stunning me every time they hit. Who’s to say they had perks etc. but it shouldn’t have happened the amount of times that it did with low strength/luck characters. That could of been adjusted instead. Or just an overall resistance boost to rage rather than full blown immunity.
  9. I mean this is what I imagined but It was very aggravating to see most of the people doing the bullying were lvl 150’s half the time. People believe I’m whining when I say it’s not fair to make Jason completely invincible but you have to think about it. You are on the run and you have a Jason that is pursuing you. There is no escape from that. When you fix that 4 seater and the majority of the party escapes what about the rest? They still need time to get stuff together to fix remaining objectives. ( I don’t use VC because of the amount of times I’ve been harassed and people probably mute anyway ) I understand the buff for the bullies, I had many matches where they did nothing except hit me and taunt the whole time and it’s aggravating. I love the new buff in other aspects but where’s the fun where the kills are handed right to you because no one can fight back without a gun? Counselors lose their fighting chance when rage mode hits because we all try to win the game but with this rage mode it seems like people have to purposely sacrifice themselves to let others escape. I’d say just buff the stun resistance rather than removing it completely. One mentioned have it gradually increase while in rage. And have Rage built on the amount of times Jason is hit. That way you need to use your stun and get right out. Don’t beat on him repeatedly. that way it still leaves the challenge there for Jason and not full blown immunity where it’s an instant win. Yes it was fine the way it was but a little stun resistance to specific stat characters would of done nicely too.
  10. Yeah I can agree with that. I was a fairly new player since October 2018 and I love the strategy. Even from there I did research to figure out how to play it the correct way. It's hard when other people don't do the same. Me and my friends try but its overwhelmed with people who don't have the same mindset. Hopefully this new update will put that into action but it won't happen right away, people are still trying the same routine of winging it. I loved learning how to play the right way and it makes the game so much better. I hope that they continue to update the game like this! it's really exciting! It'd be heartbreaking to see the game go under and give up.
  11. Well a situation like that can't happen all the time. It's just one sided still when it comes to being a final survivor. Now people will be hoarding the guns etc. to save themselves. I was never one to gang up on Jason but I know some of the most exciting moments for me was when it was a one on one with Jason where the chances were 50/50 if you played your cards right. I know the patch is new and I'm not at all bashing the idea of a strong and challenging Jason cause in fact I love it a lot. But it's just a little too easy when being Jason to get everyone now cause they can't fight back without a gun or the sweater. Like the kills are handed to him when in rage. If they perhaps measured the amount of resistance instead before becoming ultimately untouchable then it wouldn't be as bad. The challenge for both Jason and Counselor is still there without it being one sided. Making Jason untouchable completely when you have a mass of melee weapons around the map at your disposal is just unfair is all I'm trying to say. You can still be smart in your strategy but you need to have the chance to adapt too. The new rage mode doesn't allow that, but if it was downgraded in a different way to where the challenge was still there then it would be perfect.
  12. Oh of course! I'm not expecting this patch to be set in stone. But it's just a little observation I've made so far that this instant invincibility just seems to be a little bit too much for a start. And the stun resistance increasing over time seems like a great idea. And the more he is beat on should be a large factor too. Like once you get a hit in; run. Use your hits wisely.
  13. @mattshotcha This new patch is awesome and I’m loving that this game is still being updated! And Jason finally getting beefed. However I know this patch is brand new but I already see a possible issue When Jason is in rage mode, nothing effects him except the Gun, sweater and bear traps. And there is still a huge chunk of time left before the match finishes and when this happens it renders any possible chances of survival useless. Since guns and the sweater are limited. As soon as he enters rage there is no fighting back and sometimes it takes more than 12 minutes to work together to get stuff done. Once the team is down and Jason is in rage you might as well stand there and accept defeat cause there is nothing you can do. It just seems one sided now to render any chance of stunning him to just be ripped from you all together. Especially when the Jason is a pursuer and you need to run, there’s nothing you can do. The win is handed right to him. I can see maybe when in rage mode instead of him being completely invincible, maybe just beef the resistance instead. Still leaving that chance of stun there but not as often as it used to be. It just seems to be TOO much to Jason now. Where he is extremely OP and untouchable around the 8 minute mark, sometimes even earlier than that. If it was dialed back just a little bit, counselors still have that fighting chance when it comes to a final showdown. Giving both Jason and the Team a challenge.
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