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  1. How long is the double XP for? I don't get my account back until Thursday so hopefully its still going then, I need this event badly.
  2. Totally disagree The patch is great... I played the game on release and Jason was strong as hell back then & it was great to play the game, on both sides of the coin. Escaping actually meant something & was WAY more fun, and cleaning house as Jason had that rewarding and satisfying feeling of being super strong. I came back to the game last month and thought it was pure garbage tbh... Every session was full of kill squad tryhards that gang up and just do whatever they want to you when you're Jason, to the point where if you don't want to die & you don't manage to get them early because they're organised, then your only option to not get killed was to sit in the water out of spite & waste everyones time. Now there's a reason to actually play Jason again, because he's not weak as hell & a disadvantage to play as... All those morons that play as Vanessa with Swift attacker/sucker punch can keep crying tbh. Also great addition to stop people suiciding to get Tommy and organise the kill squads.
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