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  1. Dear Gun Media, Would you consider opening a GoFundMe page (or the like) for a monthly quota for maintaining dedicated servers? I know times are tough and financial hardship is seemingly imminent for some. But players would perhaps opt in for donating specifically to keep the server sessions dedicated (possibly including maintenance and or additional patches and updates). as they're more reliable, less laggy, and will not be interrupted by host-migration. Please consider this proposition. Fellow players such as myself are highly appreciative of the current content that's available and would thoroughly enjoy the sustainability of your game in the foreseeable future. -F13 Fan
  2. All I'm showing is Searching for dedicated servers. I am able to cancel with no problem. Doesn't put me in lobbies though. I have tried restarting App and PS4.
  3. I'm having difficulty searching for dedicated servers also. It only puts me into P2P sessions. Can anyone else confirm? Also are the EU Dedicated servers offline?
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