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  1. Hmmm good Point .. I get this higher then thou attitude vibe around here and appears to me as toxic. I will have to check out reddit. I can't quite put my Finger on what it is around here ... Might be that we have older players and they come off as acting like they know more then most. Might also be the "Oh, hey I have been in these forums longer then you so sit down and shut up" But honestly this type of stuff goes on pretty much in any forum type atmosphere. So I am not expecting to find the reddit version much better but I will try it out. The good news is .. I can post and just ignore any of the rebuttals that come my way, and they always do!! Some love to pick apart your post and quote every line and attack anything you say that they feel is against their self righteous idea of whats wrong or right. In the end people just want to say whats on their mind, which some how entitles others to be rude with replies by attacking users for saying it. It's like some of these higher then thou posters think they are in a debate class and have to win in some made up argument to justify themselves. heh, I'll let them have their "big moments" as I don't really care to see their replies. Sometimes its just good to get it out and move on.. In a forum full of people that wanna act like geniuses there's not much room for us little people. I have lurked around here for a year or so .. but I'm a newbi poster and I think I have seen my fill of toxic people around here. I won't be missed but neither will they ... touche!!! Now we can finally agree on something huh? See you guys in the game.
  2. Sorry , i'm not following? How could the trolls use it against us ? Only they can see their own notes. Only I can see my own notes.. They could troll hundreds of people with their notes but only they could see them. Again not talking about a global system I am saying if a Jason helper is present , I can go to the players menus where you would Mute the Player , And have a "notes Sections" and there I could put in my notes for that Player that only I can see .. but in the lobby a Tab behind the users name could be representative of a "note" for this player i could then scroll to that note and read it ? Pad and paper ? My suggestion is not that far fetched is it ? I think it's a good idea and I would not have to open a pad of paper and go searching through hundreds of names to find the 7 other players in the lobby to verify if they have been a bad player when My notes could just be flagged on each username I have had a run in with and chose to put a note on .. it does not have to be specific to just Bad players I could put in notes that "This Guy is a good Jason, beware he likes to hack and slash" I think its not so far fetched and could be easily done being that its not technically "new content" heh .. just a suggestion.
  3. You are correct that they would abuse a global system like that, but What I am asking for is the Notes be read by me for me. Not global , just local to me only. Kinda like a Poker app called "pokerstars" I could put notes next to players that only I could read. So I knew if I wanted to sit down and play with them.
  4. Whats worse glitchers, Jason helpers or vehicular manslaughter artist? All of the above!!! Okay, Is anything in the works about players/counselors that are mowing down other players. These people don't care that we just spent 15 mins trying to fix the car or repair the phone box. They see you and mow you down in their own sense of self satisfaction. One example - I grab the fuse and as I am fixing the phone box I get run over. I am Lucky enough to come back as Tommy Jarvis. I run back to the phone house complete the fix, Hop in the window as the car is coming back around from his murderous mowing down of half my team, and As I am standing at the window the guy driving the car is just ramming the house. I stand at the window watching this insane student driver and then mysteriously Tommy falls over dead. This guy just killed me while I was in the house. This should never have happened. I don't mind that the car can kill another counselor , it gives some realism and consequences but when bored/troll players are able to ruin our experience for their own enjoyment it kinda just ruins the game. With that Said... I know there was some talk of a "salt mine" for players that would rage quit ? does this really happen ? If sooo can something like this be done for the People that are racking up dozens of betrayals? Also could we get a "NOTES" option for players so I can put notes on Players that are Glitchers/Jason helpers/Vehicular Manslaughter artist so I will see the notes I have made in the lobby and know if I want to load in with these people. I can't tell you how much time has been wasted watching glitchers sitting on a rock or a roof, or a chair, kids wagon preventing Jason from getting that last kill and I have to leave the game because I don't feel like watching 10 mins as Jason tirelessly tries to reach the glitcher. At the Same time, The Jason throwing a knife at a car and the car flipping over sucks too. So many exploits getting used. Give Us a chance to put notes on these players - At some point they wont have anyone to play with because we all will have noted that these people are the bad eggs. I had a counselor tell Jason where I was hiding as he was chasing her through the house. In their words I should not have been "hiding" and should have been doing something? .. Is hiding not part of the game? Here is the scenario - Phone box Fixed, Cops called, 2 seater gone with two counselors. I'm a repair nerd, I can't hit hard, I can't run fast or far, its my job to fix and sneak. There was nothing left to do accept wait for the cops but because this person was being chased they wanted to snitch out my hiding place in hopes of gaining favor from Jason. I hear every word of them telling him where I was. I ended up getting away when the cops arrived and this person tried hard to justify their actions but this is another example of bad players ruining the fun for others. If I could put notes on them I would know why I don't want to load in with them.
  5. Ok, This is funny. After reviewing many of these post and being a long time lurker I had to put my 2 cents in. To the whole community, what is wrong with you? We all play this game and we all must love it other wise why do we come back to it. I am so confused by the trash talk in the forum as well as in game. SO many Jason's and counselor's just straight up trash talking. It is very rare that I will be in a game where good luck is said at the beginning of the match and then GG at the end it gets so personal. And here in the forums when someone wants to voice their concern over a patch you guys wanna attack someone for having an opinion ? Get the hell off your soap boxes. Your comments are not needed, many people in this forum have a valid point. The subject ... which is the patch. You can tell who plays Jason the most and who plays a counselor in this post. The facts are what matter. Fact is the Jason players have done exactly what the Counselor players are doing now , crying because Jason was getting whooped on. Does that make Jason players any better or worse? No .. so be the bigger person. You don't have to belittle someone because they have their own opinion. If you don't like what they have to say ignore them , its obviously not going to have an Impact is it ? It just makes you feel better. As someone with NO skin in the game ... I say It makes you look like an A$$. I have seen Jason get his butt handed to him many times over but I have also seen Jason dominate just as many times. is it balanced ? who can say since its based on how well someone plays. I keep seeing people say "Well change your play style then" Well we kinda have to now don't we as players? .. but couldn't the same be said PRE -Patch to the Jason Players. I have seen people say "bout time , the bullying stops now" ? WHAT ? So let me get this Straight Jason can see the entire map , He knows where everything is. He can teleport, See in infrared , Magically hear his traps go off from a football field away, swim fast as a shark, be stealthy as a ninja, can kill counselors, and can only be "killed" by doing specific task by counselors , and you think he is not powerful enough? Jason in the hands of Experienced players will dominate completely. If not played by an experienced player then heh .. he kills a few new players themselves but to sit here and say he should be a god is crazy. The statement that look at the movies Jason don't get beat up like a pinata and should be a killing machine. guess what? give them people a prize because they are right .. but you know what else? THERE's also always a survivor. And having Jason in rage mode for the last half of the game has virtually stopped any new to novice players from escaping. Now I am sure someone is going to copy and paste this reply and rip it apart while stripping me of my dignity, but let me just say this. I am in agreement with this patch in my opinion, up until the part you tell me Jason is granted a Rage mode where he can't be stunned for the entirety of the rest of the game. Why not a rage mode Meter that the more you hit him the more it moves up until he hits RAGE and can't be stunned in the normal ways, BUT then a timer triggers and he cools down given that lone survivor a chance to stun him so they can survive. That to me would add balance and would still be a deterrent to them counselors that think they are more bad a$$ then Jason. What if when it comes down to just one survivor left he can't go into rage mode any longer or at least can be stunned again giving the last survivor a chance to escape. I dont know just my thoughts ... I have played Jason and the way the counselors would run their mouths, degrade me as a trash Jason ( and much worse) and then just woop me for 20 mins forced me to only play as a counselor. I hated it cause I never wanted to be Jason, and this patch, I like it because it does give Jason his "power" back, but lets be serious.. all the Good Jason players did not need this anyways. You know how many times I would stun Jason just for coming head on at me and hear the Jason Player get mad and say "Bul$%^&" while he starts smashing the button to get up as if the counselor should not be able to fight back ? Has anyone Seen Friday 7 ummm Jason gets his A$$ handed to him but keeps coming and coming .. So if you're going to call out the movies as evidence for why something should have gotten done in the game ... Lets not forget 7, also lets not forget in this game Jason can kill the counselors and thats it for them and yes they can "Kill" him too but are they ? .. nahhh he will be back next Movie. In the end my god are we not all divided in some way or fashion already in this world? can we stop the real world bullying and just come together and enjoy this game that I cannot seem to walk away from. In my Opinion Jason needed a Buff, but this strong of one? ... maybe not so much. I will say, since patch I have been able to escape still but that was if I had a group of people that know what they are doing ... you drop me in a group of new players I am gonna die because they are still learning where and how to do things meanwhile its a blood bath. I will keep playing because I love it ... But In My opinion balance is what will keep the player base Playing and I hope they find it. they're real close ... P.S I love that Jason's swing now hits multiple people .. that's how it would be in real life ? P.S.S there is a new glitch now PS4 where if I check my Map I will swing my weapon for no reason, and then not be able to activate or pick up anything until I swing again ? has this been reported .. AND I saw an Exploit being used where the counselor was swinging his/her weapon and would kinda teleport a few feet ahead each time ? not sure if this gave them an advantage or not cause Jason still got his A$$ .. hahah. See you guys in the game .. thanks for reading my opinion
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