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  1. I have already said it's a waste of time discussing anything with anyone here, so lock it down! I couldn't care less!
  2. I didn't say they did. I said that they provided the players with the game design which allowed bullying. And now they have corrected it, and that's fine. But it isn't fair to blame player's for playing a game the way they believed it was designed to be played. It's just a waste of time talking about any of this here.
  3. You say this as if the ones who bullied Jason are responsible for implementing the game design which allowed it. That is almost laughable. The developers are more to blame for bullying than the players ever were, providing not only the tools to do so but even designing them with suspiciously accurate precision. The players' only sin is that they played the content which they had purchased under the developers' misleading impression that their game was intended to be played the way it was designed.
  4. I realize there has been a great deal of argument about the update. I didn't like it at first, but after giving it a fair chance, it's growing on me as well. However, weather anyone cares to admit it or not, there is a drawback. There is no endgame. You either escape early (in which case, the length and richness of gameplay is short lived) or you survive long enough to conclude that there is no way in hell you're getting out alive. Having the ability to stand a fighting chance in the endgame is much of what gave appeal to the game.
  5. I don't think they are quitting because they have a problem with the buff. If that were the case, they wouldn't bother playing at all. They are most likely quitting because "they didn't get to be Jason." After all, he did get a buff.
  6. I know that rage is not a penalty on Jason in terms of gameplay, but to me, it absolutely is one even if it makes him more powerful. The twenty minute clock is not on Jason's side. it is another enemy for him, and in my opinion, if he had to enter rage mode to get things done (which does make things easier for him with faster cooldown times for abilities, instant destruction, and zero stun chance,) its equivalent to dying in resident evil 2 enough that the prompt allowing you to lower the difficulty setting for the game appears. It's the way I see it. Time is against the Jason player, not in favor of him.
  7. Good Jason players will rarely even enter rage mode. They don't even need a buff, and they rarely get bullied. Even if they do, it quickly escalates into a slash down and councilors start dropping like flies. That being said, rage mode is in a way like a penalty on Jason because he was either unable to prevent being beat on too much or he took too much time taking everyone out.
  8. Eventually, players will adapt and stop thinking of Jason as a magnet. They will evade, and I am willing to bet that a good evader can give Jason a much larger dose of frustration than any bully can. I'm also willing to bet that because players are going to stop thinking of Jason as a magnet to beat on and actually treat him as a threat, this game is going to get much more difficult for Jason players. You wanted it. You got it.
  9. We aren't aloud to do that anymore. It's "bullying!" Now you must escape because Jason is very sensitive about how we treat him.
  10. Increase in coordination? What game are you playing? Does Jason need another buff already? Better be careful, you might overdose him.
  11. Actually, no. There hasn't been very much coordination at all. Its like I'm playing with a bunch of randoms.
  12. Jason never needed a buff, at least not from a gaming perspective. And they didn't buff him for the people who play this game either. They buffed him for literally Jason (the character) because they felt the character of Jason was being made into a mockery, by "bullies," so they made him noob proof.
  13. This is the kind of crap that this buff was trying to stop. Putting Jason in rage early ALWAYS screwed over the remaining counselors. Now it screws them over even more. If I have to explain why this screwed over other players before the patch... then you are truly lost. By putting Jason in rage early, you have made yourself a Jason helper... You are what you are complaining about, which makes your point moot. I'm a level 150. There is nothing left for me to unlock, I have over 20 legendary perks, and over 200,000cp. I have escaped Jason countless times in every possible way the game allows. Therefore, the only interesting thing left for me to do was fight Jason. As a result, I got good at it. Now, the developers are forcing experienced players back into the new player realm by diminishing the combat which kept early release players hanging in there after having achieved max level. What is going to happen is: the high level players are going to start dropping off because many of us see the update as a step backwards, and furthermore, we have nothing else to achieve in the game by escaping.
  14. I still do just that before he gets rage, and its such a blast. You should try it sometime. I don't need a developer to hold my hand. I take a bat, then I find the teaming Jason, then I pop his ass over and over until he gets rage. Then I evade him like a boss on top of it, hitting him to get more stamina so I can run away and dance some more. It's so great!
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