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  1. Bingo Rocky!!! October Free PS Month is EXACTLY why we got this "new buff!" And on a side note- funny how this game which is rated "Adult 18+" is NOW PLAYED BY SOO MANY KIDS AND UNDER 18 YEAR OLDS...Hmmmm I wonder why we got this "new buff????" Because you know tons of parents WEREN'T letting their CHILDREN PLAY THIS GAME BEFORE OCTOBER!!! The proof is all there guys! Just put the game please to the way it was or at least BRING BACK STUNNNNNNNNN!!!
  2. PLEASE SAVE FRIDAY THE 13TH!!! What is the use for EPIC/LEGNDRY SWIFT ATTACKER, SLUGGER, HEAVY HITTER and SUCKER PUNCH perks if COUNSELORS CAN'T STUN JASON AFTER 10 MINS or JUST CAUSE HE'S IN RAGE!!!? Seriously, this is bogus; just "defending yourself" is now IMPOSSIBLE AFTER RAGE!? Sapping those last bits of STAMINA off Jason make ALL THE DIFFERENCE in the end and now that's all gone. Just running around until your stamina is out with no way to recharge but to wait for your stamina bar rexharge(*in FULL FEAR so it REALLY DOESN'T WORK LOL) for an OP JASON with infinite stamina is super duper lame. Think about it Black Tower... You got a lot of "tweaking" to do. You guys are so LUCKY to have got FRIDAY THE 13TH THE GAME... PLEASE DO RIGHT BY ITS MANY FANS WHO LOVE IT AND FIX THIS IMMEDIATELY... THIS GAME DESERVES IT!!!
  3. So what are counselors supposed to do now to kill Jason since even after USING THE SWEATER HE WONT DROP TO HIS KNEES!? It has happened 3 times since this patch came out and has made the game horribly unplayable. Try it yourself!!! The KILLS DONT WORK ANYMORE!!! This NO STUN JUNK IS A JOKE!!!!!!
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