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  1. lol. sure. I like how you and anyone else who wants Jason to always win tries to say its fair when its not and lie through their teeth lol
  2. THIS IS NOT A DAMN MOVIE RE ENACTMENT. You can make this argument for EVERY single video game in the world..
  3. Wrong. a good Jason will enter rage mode quick because they will go after. Good counselors will be PUNISHED for combating with Jason now more like 3 minutes if the counselors are good wrong. Against good counselors who combat. More like 2-3 minutes have fun killing noobs
  4. wrong. You just saying pinehurst is good for counselors. lol If anything that map is too big and a BENEFIT for Jason. If a Jason is good he is always going to win. Anyone here who is saying they "escaped 5 times" bla bla is either lying or played crap Jasons.
  5. "having the upper hand" only applied to Jasons who were not good or new. It limits the skill involved as being Jason. It makes it easy to win as Jason. If you are good as Jason you will ALWAYS WIN. "Use those hits wisely" does NOT apply anymore with the update. Jason will just keep coming and coming. weapons will break ridiculously fast. Jason does not have to be good he just has to keep coming and coming and he will win. good Jasons place traps and throw knives and shift grab and shift slash and counter slash and counter grab. You already limited meds and pocket knives. Anyone who defends the update is trying to defend it by saying that it is "harder' to win now and its still possible to win as a counselor. You all are wrong. anyone who isnt a noob and playing as Jason WILL ALWAYS WIN. believe me. very good Jasons are not going to lose. even just somewhat decent Jasons will win. the relentless dumb ones are ALWAYS going to win even if killing Jason is an intent so what? its a game not a movie. A Jason talks shit on mic. He doesn't deserve to die? A Jason is a teamer who helps his buddy win. He doesnt deserve to die? then that Jason was crap. experienced Jasons will win easy no matter what trust me wrong. It can't be adjusted to. Have fun killing crap noob players who only bought the game when it was given away for FREE
  6. It worked both ways.Counselors had to know tricks too. Jasons use deceit and confusion to win atleast the tryhards do. So what's the difference? Not to mention there were already teamer counselors who help Jason and betray fellow counselors.
  7. not really. good Jasons will always win. It takes less skill now
  8. I have seen the f13 films countless times. I'm a 150 and have played the game since it 1st came out.
  9. "just" harder. I like how you try to understate points you dont want to make because you are on the side of making Jason as godlike as you can in the game.
  10. From inspecting posts made on this forum by Jason supporters, it's clear to me that the goal of them is to make Jason a god in the game and for there to be no skill gap. They want the balance of power skewed entirely in favor of Jason. YOU ARE TAKING THE FUN OUT OF THE GAME! IT TAKES NO SKILL TO KILL EVERYONE AS JASON
  11. With the latest update. It makes 1v1 first of all impossible if Jason is decent. All he has to do is just keep going after you without worrying about being stunned. Weapons will just break. Some players WANT to fight Jason as part of their strategy. What if a counselor wants to fight Jason to protect others or to get other objectives done? Now you are being punished for fighting? That makes the game boring if you can't fight. What is the point of the game? Is it just going to be a dead by daylight clone now? That game is boring. It's not like counselors were invincible before the update. Are you kidding? It takes ONE grab by Jason to kill a counselor who is alone! It's called SKILL. Jasons who keep being overly aggressive and just go forward and forward with no intelligence SHOULD be punished for not having a strategy. JASONS ISNT REAL! the only ones on this forum who are going to suck up to the developers of the game are ones who are Jason fanboys. Get over it. its a video game it isnt real life. You've lost about 15 150's I know with this update and that includes dedicated twitch streamers and ones who have been playing since day one good job. Only way to fix this: invincible rage mode only activates after 15 or atleast 10 minutes. Anything. IT DOESNT TAKE THAT MUCH TO GET HIM INTO RAGE MODE I'm not even mentioning that there were already pre patch teamers who help Jason and betray their own teammates. It goes both way with the "trolls" Jason fanboys
  12. You are obviously only concerned with making Jason a god in the game
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