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  1. Did I say I was an awesome player? Nope. Is it my fault the Jason player don’t want to spend time in offline mode to get better? nope. Name any other game the good players will let the trash/noob players run all over them ... I’ll wait. Can’t he do that in offline mode? That’s what I did, it worked well for me. Like I said if escaping is an option then I usually go that route. If I have no other options then it’s either try to kill him or make the lobby wait out the whole 20 mins. That is trolling. That is denying the entire lobby of a way to survive. You are holding the sweater JUST to avoid someone killing Jason (aka teaming with Jason) it’s no different then someone holding the phone fuse just to avoid getting the police called, or no different then holding the keys when the car is ready. Now, if the whole lobby is nothing but disrespectful assholes, then yes, they SHOULD be trolled.
  2. I’ll kill any Jason if given the chance. I don’t understand why people would avoid killing an unskilled Jason player. That gives them a reason to work on a better approach to the game & actually get better. taking the sweater just to avoid someone killing Jason is trolling, I don’t care how you put it. It’s no different then teaming with Jason. Now to answer the question in this topic, when I start a game my goal is to survive. If no one is picking up car parts, I’ll look for them myself. If I’m not having much luck then I’ll more then likely go for the kill. Unless someone calls the police. Now if nothing is accomplished & his Mask gets knocked off, RIP.
  3. I voted bugzy. Mostly because of his speed & stamina. Tommy should be removed as he’s undoubtedly the king & shouldn’t be included.
  4. Vanessa got my vote. Post Rage, stealth goes out the window & All that really matters is speed/stamina. Out of all the time I’ve been playing it’s usually a Vanessa that’s the final girl more often then not. However, that could be because more people play as her. Tiffany is better early on, but post rage is Vanessa’s bread & butter.
  5. I’ve been getting stuck on “Initialzing” for awhile now. It’ll search for a good 5 minutes, then when I try to cancel it, it’ll be stuck on “canceling” until I close out the game & repeat the process over & over for nearly an hour.
  6. I just found the video you was referring to, good stuff! Thanks man.
  7. I think that’s common knowledge, only thing is it’s “top secret” unless you go to YouTube & watch an 8 year old poorly explain it. The glitch IMO won’t be patched ANYTIME soon, if ever. Wanna know what would make the glitch useless? If getting on roof as Jason was common knowledge. What damage could it do? Sure he could just stand on the roof to avoid a kill, but he can also avoid it by going into the lake.
  8. I couldn’t agree more. If I see multiple Vanessa’s in my lobby I will leave every time because I KNOW absolutely nothing (other then speed looting) will be accomplished. All they do is run around with a shotgun refusing to deliver any parts because they don’t wanna lose that precious shotgun. Heck, half the time they bring Jason to you so they can loot for a 2nd pocket knife.
  9. Once injured, I was waiting to hear the sound of a med spray being used. lol surprisingly she didn’t have any. Definitely surprised me.
  10. Had a guy and a girl thinking they could pull a fast one on ol’ Roy.
  11. A moment that had me shaking my head was when someone got the car stuck on a rock. Now before I get into that story let me give you some backstory on why I even tried to do what I did. Same situation, car was stuck & could not be moved, i got out & the driver kept trying to reverse, I got in front of the car and hit it with my axe and boom! THE CAR WAS FREE! Wow that worked? Now, on with my story, I tried the same thing again (months later) & the second I got in front of the car, I died ... the car wasn’t moving, no one was even in the car, but I got ran over ... by a driverless car.
  12. Isn’t that the truth ... girl was with a different guy every challenge. lol
  13. @Vulcanium Welcome to camp! No new content will be added. It sucks, but that’s how it is. At this point all we can hope for is a NEW Friday the 13th game. Although I consider that very unlikely.
  14. I guarantee it’ll be a good 4 months or so before anything is patched.
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