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  1. I know of 2 rocks you can get on top of on Higgins. All you have to do as Jason is keep reaching/grabbing. During the animation Jason steps forward, that will get him on the rock. You just have to find the correct spot (usually the lowest point) I just finished a game with a Tiffany sitting on that rock dancing away. The party stopped once she seen ol’ Jason strolling up.
  2. I always trap the shack. ALWAYS. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard someone tank my trap & I morph to the shack, & catch sweater girl before she even exits. It’s not fool proof, but I can say 100% it has saved me multiple times.
  3. Yep. Can’t count the number of kills I’ve gotten with quickly entering/exiting stalk when a counslor climbs out of a window (thinking I morphed outside) & they immediately climb back in only to realize I’m standing just out of view. 😂
  4. No, Absolutely not. P2 has 7 traps. That’s MORE then enough to keep the car from getting fixed. That’s 1 trap at the battery, one at gas, & 1 at the driver door. If you allow all 3 to get tanked & don’t even bother morphing to the car then that’s on you. P2’s job is to keep the car from getting fixed in the first place, not chase it down afterwards. P4, P7, & P9 all could use an additional trap. 3 is just not cutting it. 4 traps would be a lot better so you could trap both cars, the phone, & the shack.
  5. I have never understood the slasher hate, at all. I mean, it’s literally MORE work for Jason because you have to get within grabbing range at least 3 times or more to even get them limping. That’s 3+ times you could of just grabbed & killed them (assuming they don’t have a PK) Instead you slashed, got smacked, they healed, then you gotta repeat the whole process over again. I personally don’t slash. Not because people hate it, but because it just makes things that much more difficult for me. If I’m slashing someone I’m gonna get hit back in the process. That = Damage & I prefer to avoid it whenever possible.
  6. I gotta go with XIII. The sound is on point. The intro to “Killer” reminds me of the intro to “love is a lie” by LION (from pt.4). I definitely feel as if they purposely did that as a little nod to them. overall the sound of crazy lixx strongly reminds me of LION. & that’s a good thing imo.
  7. It definitely is very annoying. just the other day I was in QP, 1st game a squad of 4 attempted the kill, but Jason didn’t drop. 2nd game another counselor & I escape within the first 3 minutes (one of the kill squad members) I come back as tommy & run into Jason & sweater girl, she stuns him and IMMEDIATELY used the sweater the moment he came out of the stun & Jason once again did not drop. Seconds after the kill failed all 4 members of the squad left the game (3 were still alive) & I received a message “now ur going to get ran over every game” I simply respond with laughing faces & educate him on how the game actually works. I shouldn’t of even attempted the kill, but I had food in the oven & needed to check on it, otherwise I probably wouldn’t of helped a squad in the first place.
  8. I gotta say so far I’m really enjoying the new custom options. This update was much needed & much appreciated! I would really love to see some more custom options in the future. Maybe even some crazy off the wall options.
  9. I go back & fourth with it a lot. With the flood of new players I’ve been set at counselor to give the noobs a better chance at being Jason.
  10. Yes, I’m very entitled, I paid for this entitlement. Thank you for clearing up that I’m not the only person in existence to pay for this game, it’s much appreciated. It’s beyond me why anyone would defend the laziness exhibited by this company. If they can sell the product they should be able to fix it. Simple. The game is still playable? I guess if you are being SUPER technical about it. It’s certainly not playable in the way people intended on playing it, that’s for sure.
  11. what does being their employer or signing their paychecks have to do with it? When I pay for something I expect it to work/function properly or at the very LEAST fix it in a timely manner. The condition this game is left in for months/year at a time IS unacceptable.
  12. Should of figured when they added Double XP that they’d break something ... give it a few months, they will fix it & break something else in the process. COMPLETLY UNACCEPTABLE.
  13. It’s nice to dream, but let’s come back to reality ... we will get nothing, more then likely.
  14. These bugs are getting ridiculous. - Jason can’t use environment Kills. - You thread the needle by fixing the car & all good ol’ Jason’s gotta do is toss a knife & KA-BOOM! All for nothing. - Getting stuck while looting certain drawers. - Now disappearing pocket knifes ... lol Please fix by 2025.
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