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  1. I gotta say so far I’m really enjoying the new custom options. This update was much needed & much appreciated! I would really love to see some more custom options in the future. Maybe even some crazy off the wall options.
  2. I go back & fourth with it a lot. With the flood of new players I’ve been set at counselor to give the noobs a better chance at being Jason.
  3. Yes, I’m very entitled, I paid for this entitlement. Thank you for clearing up that I’m not the only person in existence to pay for this game, it’s much appreciated. It’s beyond me why anyone would defend the laziness exhibited by this company. If they can sell the product they should be able to fix it. Simple. The game is still playable? I guess if you are being SUPER technical about it. It’s certainly not playable in the way people intended on playing it, that’s for sure.
  4. what does being their employer or signing their paychecks have to do with it? When I pay for something I expect it to work/function properly or at the very LEAST fix it in a timely manner. The condition this game is left in for months/year at a time IS unacceptable.
  5. Should of figured when they added Double XP that they’d break something ... give it a few months, they will fix it & break something else in the process. COMPLETLY UNACCEPTABLE.
  6. It’s nice to dream, but let’s come back to reality ... we will get nothing, more then likely.
  7. These bugs are getting ridiculous. - Jason can’t use environment Kills. - You thread the needle by fixing the car & all good ol’ Jason’s gotta do is toss a knife & KA-BOOM! All for nothing. - Getting stuck while looting certain drawers. - Now disappearing pocket knifes ... lol Please fix by 2025.
  8. I’ve experienced this bug with a mic a few times. I’ll have my headset connected & the game will show nearly half the lobby talking, but I can’t hear anything. Usually after a few games it’ll start working correctly.
  9. I’ve definitely noticed this. It doesn’t matter if I die first or second, the other guy is tommy 8/10 times. Sometimes it makes me just leave the game as I’ve been dead for a good 8-10 minutes only for someone else to die and immediately respawn as tommy. It’s gotta be more then just bad luck.
  10. The moment I saw the notification “this game needs an update” I kind of smirked & said, wonder what they broke this time ... well, they completely broke the game this time imo. I must admit tho, it’s extremely fun basically teleporting in & out of windows without taking damage as a counselor while Jason shifts after you every 5 seconds.
  11. I voted part 4, but I gotta withdrawal that vote. My weakness seems to be part 2. Mostly because of his biggest drawback - his shift. It’s so damn slow & a good Jason can be extremely accurate with him. or maybe he’s the only Jason I haven’t fully figured out yet ... who knows, lol.
  12. going into the match with multiple level 150s with mics, I KNEW they had to be a kill squad, turns out I’m Jason. I trapped the shack & tommy power box, took out 2 people attempting to repair the power at different times through out the game, got down to the final 2 (Tiffany & Vanessa) all of a sudden mother tells me someone is in my shack (the island on Higgins) I was near that area so I just went in the water to get over there, AS SOON AS I WALK INTO THE SHACK, I hear Tiffany messing up skill checks on the tommy power box, obviously sweater girl is no threat w/out tommy, so I morph back to her, & take her out within a minute or so, Then it was just me and lvl 150 Vanessa. He was the typical know it all, no one is better then me type of player, after about 2 minutes I got him with a shift grab & of course he had a PK, I spend another 3-5 minutes & catch him again, only this time as I’m kicking a field goal with his head, he gets on the mic saying how “trash” I am, & “it’s about damn time” ect. So I got on the mic & played along with them & said “if a trash Jason killed you, what does that make you?” The only response I get is a different guy saying “oh shit he’s got a mic” 5 out of the 7 counselors were working together with mics & had 1 goal, Kill me. & they failed. They thought for sure they had me when Vanessa went into my shack. He was hoping I’d morph to it while Tiffany works on calling tommy. Nope sorry, I’m not that easy to fool. Probably would of worked better if Vanessa worked on the box while tiff grabbed the sweater.
  13. Imo Vanessa is queen, solo. Lets take a typical game for example, the cars/phone are ALWAYS gonna be trapped (unless ur against a noob) so unless Deborah has a PK to disarm the trap, Jason is gonna show up reguardless of ur repair stat once he hears a trap go off. 9/10 times when he does show up, he’s gonna stay on you until he either gets you, or another trap goes off somewhere else. Deb just doesn’t have the speed & stamina to keep Jason busy for an extended period of time, especially if the car is in a bad area. Vanessa on the other hand, will more then likely mess up a skill check, but it’s not gonna matter as much because tanking the trap already alerted Jason to begin with. When he does show up, you can keep him busy much longer then you would with deb. now, if you have a group that already tanked all of his traps & ran away from the area, Deborah is very dangerous, she will get that car ready quick! In the end I would say this, if I’m solo I’m running Vanessa. If I had a buddy on with me, then one of us will be Deborah & one will be a runner. The runner tanks the traps, gets Jason out of the area while Deborah ninja’s her way in & gets things ready.
  14. eBay says you can have anything you want. It’s a shame nothing has been done to the people selling savini & making thousands of dollars off of something they didn’t even make. Savini is no longer savini, it’s now eBay Jason.
  15. Thanks for the tips, but I think I’ll continue using Jason’s 4 stored kills. At times it can be a chore catching somebody only for the kill to glitch. It’s Pretty sad us as players have to figure out work arounds a for the devs incompetence. The price I paid for this game & the amount of game breaking glitches we have been forced to live with for 6+ months at a time is completely unprofessional & unacceptable. Yet you will STILL find a hand full of members here defending them. By the time this actually gets fixed, almost nobody will care as they’ve adapted to only using the 4 grab kills they start the game with.
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