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  1. I didn’t say you couldn’t survive as chad? I said his best stat is useless (luck) if you use it you are helping Jason reach rage MUCH faster. & yes, Jason can reach rage just a few minutes into the match if he has someone helping him, & that happens pretty often. Hardly “laughable” I’m talking about the Jason players that walk right past everyone else just to come after you & YOU only. It’s happened to all of us, that I’m sure of. Tunneling is a good strategy at times, but when you walk right past someone else within grab range, is that good strategy? No, that’s basically trolling. The time could be increased to 30 second stun immunity. I can’t really think of any reason you’d need to stun Jason more then once in a 30 second period. I’d rather be stunned roughly every 20-30 seconds or so then every 2-5 seconds as it currently is pre rage. That’s a great point, maybe instead of removing it, nerf it like you suggested. You would get 2 uses BUT you have a cool down period, meaning you can’t use the second spray for a couple minutes. & increase the amount of time it takes to heal yourself. Throwing knifes are somewhat useless if you can simply heal up within 1-2 seconds, that rarely gives Jason enough time to reach you. I was hesitant about that one, maybe only shotguns & firecrackers can make Jason drop another player? That could give firecrackers a great use, while also making shotguns important. Or drop that all together & go by when the last time he was stunned. If he was stunned less then 30 seconds ago then hitting him won’t make him drop the other player. That would help keep groups from ganging up on Jason.
  2. The patch didn’t break the game, but it DID make it less enjoyable. No one is saying a buff wasn’t needed because it certainly was, just not THIS buff. It made certain counslors useless (chad for example) his best stat is now useless within the first few minutes of the match. you are powerless to those “troll” Jason’s that tunnle you all game. If you fight back guess what!? Ur helping him kill you later when rage kicks in. You shouldn’t be punished for defending yourself. This was a lazy buff simple as that. You wanna stop pinata party’s? Once stunned Jason cant be stunned again for another 20 seconds. (he currently can be stunned every 5 seconds pre rage) Increase the throwing knife damage! that will give Jason a way to do some serious damage at distance. & REMOVE MEDIC! The insane amount of med sprays is why no one is afraid of taking damage. & once grabbed by Jason in rage, a friend should NOT be able to stun Jason to set you free, & Keep the weapon buff we got from this patch. End of the pinata party’s. Unless ur a hopless Jason.
  3. I don’t know what I’m talking about? Please enlighten me ... if someone is a good Jason I highly doubt this bug has happened to them enough to complain about it. Unless we have completely different views on what is considered a good Jason. The fact he’s easier to kill is a good thing imo. If he can’t be melee stunned post rage, being easier to kill is a good trade off. After all, he was defeated in every movie so killing him shouldn’t be that rare of a thing. Just take some extra measures to decrease the chance of being killed & you should be fine in most games.
  4. It sounds like a lot of people need more practice playing as Jason ... I’m very rarely killed playing as Jason (although it does happen) you can stop a lot of kill squads from ever getting started if you know what ur doing. Sounds like people should spend more time playing & less time complaining & you’d avoid this situation in most cases.
  5. It helps a lot more then you’d think. putting on 1 or 2 bots and practicing shift grabs can help a lot of new Jason players. I agree bots & people are very different, but if you get relatively consistent at shift grabbing in offline, that will translate over to online, that alone will net you most kills. Most new Jason’s I’ve come across can’t shift grab a stationary target, let alone a moving one. For that reason I won’t simply let him kill me just because he/she wanted to skip practicing in offline. Same with any other game you gotta get good at the basics before you play other people.
  6. I don’t, & won’t. I don’t sympathize for people that didn’t bother putting in the time in offline mode to become a decent Jason.
  7. BlkHawk

    Stunned in rage

    The hit that knocks your mask off will stun you. That’s pretty much the only way to be stunned post rage. But acourding to some members here, some people are still being stunned while in rage without the mask being knocked off. It’s supposedly a bug.
  8. Haven’t had it happen to me, but about a week ago I witnessed the car glitch with 2 people inside. 1 player was stuck in a sitting position either under the map, or up in the air somewhere. You couldn’t even spectate the other person even tho the game showed she was still alive. The person stuck in the sitting position eventually was able to stand up & somehow stepped in a trap multiple times & died (acording to the game she was murdered). The other person that you couldn’t spectate just left the match after a few minutes.
  9. You better put some respek on lachappa’s name. You clearly haven’t ran him with his inhaler. in all seriousness, I can’t disagree with with ur list. Only thing I’d change is put Kenny and Mitch above Jenny. Her greatest strength is pretty much useless in most circumstances.
  10. Very common glitch. That’s exactly why I never ready up unless I’m in a full lobby. People joining during the loading screen causes this.
  11. Knocking his mask off will stun him. What you saw was someone getting extremely lucky that shot/hit took his mask off otherwise he wouldn’t of been stunned. in op’s case, I have no clue.
  12. Don’t be in a hurry. You’ll clear the lobby once rage hits. Well, what’s left of the lobby because it seems like half the lobby leaves once rage hits.
  13. A lot of the complaining is justified imo. This update forces you to play one way: escape asap. Then you have to spectate for the next 15 minutes. That kills the replay ability of this game because you can only play one way if ur goal is to survive. The biggest problem pre patch was Jason being bullied. Why? Because he could be stunned every 3-5 seconds. Slashing wouldn’t help against groups because everyone had med sprays. And grabbing was pointless because someone is gonna stun you the minute you do. A better patch imo would of been: Keep the buff to Jason’s weapon (damaging more then 1 counselor) Make Jason’s traps a couple inches wider to completely block an entrance. (Right now people can still get around traps at Jason’s shack) Remove Medic. (It results in way to many med Sprays for groups) Reduce the amount of med sprays on the map (this would encourage more people to use PK’s on traps) PRE-RAGE: Once Stunned Jason can’t be stunned again for 30 seconds. (A 25 second increase compared to pre-patch) 10% damage increase to throwing knifes. (Almost everyone runs thick skin, it’s basically a crutch perk, so the knifes’ strength needs to come up) POST-RAGE: Jason can only be stunned once every 45 seconds. Stun time decreased. (You don’t have to spam A or X, you just naturally come out of it after 3 seconds or so) 20% damage increase to throwing knifes. Cant be stunned when busting through doors until 5 seconds have passed. Won’t drop counslors once a player is grabbed & attacked by another teammate. Dont show Jason’s icon on the map AT ALL. No VHS static. (This one I’m on the ropes about) & finally, For the Final 2 minutes, Jason can’t be stunned. The final minutes should be the hardest part of the night. Before this patch most Jason’s we’re clearing lobbies anyway, this would buff Jason while still giving counselors a fair chance & add depth back to the game. sorry for the long post, just wanted to share my thoughts.
  14. How long have you been playing this game? Skill is apart of any game. If anyone could beat on Jason as you suggest, how does most Jason’s clear lobbies? Please explain. it takes skill and time played in order to become a good counselor. Otherwise trying to fight Jason will result in death every time. I can’t count how many times someone would just run up on me thinking they can fight me only to be grabbed almost instantly. Jason had all the tools to take out anyone, we shouldn’t be punished because noob Jason’s didn’t wanna spend time offline practicing different tactics. & yes, I was one of “those guys” that fought Jason, Why? So everyone else could repair objectives. Do I play like that all the time? No. Only when I need to. Some people just play to escape while others enjoy other aspects of the game such as looping, fighting & the thrill of the chase. What fun is escaping and spectating for the next 15 minutes? When before you could waist Jason’s time & help more people get away. Is that my fault Jason didn’t get more kills? No, he didn’t have to fall for my tactic & Tunnel me for 10 minutes while everyone else repaired the cars & called the police. That just makes you a bad Jason. The fact you believe this game requires “no skill” explains to me why you enjoy this patch so much. Because now ur right. Takes no skill at all.
  15. Yeah sure, if you pick a runner for that very reason. If you are a repair counselor, & absolutely nobody helps with objectives (picking up parts, dropping fuse, etc) ur telling me you can last 20 minutes against a decent Jason? No. You don’t have the stamina for it & stamina is the only thing keeping you alive post rage. If you say otherwise then you certainly ARE NOT playing “average Jason’s”