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  1. I wasn't hating on your comment. I get how you feel about wanting content. I see where Gun is coming from they spent money/time creating new content for us and then they get a call or an email, telling them to stop all future content till further notice. How would you feel? Try looking at it from their perspective.
  2. If Gun didn't care we wouldn't have this game to begin with. I'm happy with what we have. If more is added that's a bonus. I hope it happens like the rest of the community. We have to be realistic about this lawsuit and Gun isn't slapping the fans in the face if content doesn't continue. The decision is between Miller and Cunningham. Sean Cunningham holds the cards to the future of this game. Gun isn't to blame!
  3. H20's retelling of the ending to create Resurrection was them digging themselves out of the huge hole they made by killing off Michael in H20. The line of BS they gave us at the beginning of Resurrection doesn't make sense. Michael gives his mask to one of the paramedics after crushing his vocal cords my problem is he could've easily removed the mask. I like all of the Halloween films even Resurrection but, that story they came up with humanized Michael. He's supernatural, he could just vanish in the thin air, hide in the shadows. Michael was killed in H20! The writers had to figure out a way to bring him back and that i'm happy about. The way it was done didn't fit what Michael would do in my opinion.
  4. I watched the new fan film a few days ago and it's definitely motion picture quality. I loved it! These guys should get an opportunity to direct a major film. Slash 'n Cast: has also made some good fan films and i hope they get an opportunity one day to direct a major horror film. Give creators like this a big budget and you'd see magic created.
  5. Thanks! Ruining other players experience because some of the community is bored that's still no excuse to ruin the other players fun who still enjoy the game. Sorry jerks have done the same to you! I've heard people use the excuse content is the reason they ruin the fun! Taking their frustrations out on players that doesn't have any control over whether this game will receive content again is absolutely ridiculous! Toxic players making excuses to be jerks!
  6. I'll say this, I don't mind the change. I like combat and there are moments it would be nice if you could still stun Jason. I especially feel that way when Jason is teaming with counselors. I feel it's fun playing as Jason again! I feel excited like i use to when it's my turn to play as Jason. Reminds me some of how fun it was before the counselor buffs. TBH... I became a Vanessa main because Jason wasn't as fun to play as after idk... The 4th or 5th patch! Jason got altered and counselors had free reign to beat on him. I like the challenge of taking on a group but, now it's more fun! I hope it stays like this! As a player you should feel excited/happy when it's your turn to play as Jason and i feel this patch made Jason fun/strong again!
  7. I played earlier and i helped a player with the car while keeping Jason off their back. I knock him down. The player picks me up stops at the exit, Jason comes to my side of the car kills me. The player helping Jason drives away. Jason morphs... 😒👉 He didn't even try an stop her. Win fair or not at all! Cheating other counselors and working with Jason ruins the point of the game. This is what i consider to be a trash player!
  8. Paint ball that could've been fun as a daylight mini game then sun goes down... Jason arrives and the game proceeds as usual.
  9. I like the ideas you have here Slasher, especially the last one. I also believed paranoia was gonna be a mode where the counselor becomes roy.
  10. That would've been a blast. 😉👍 Different for sure. Good stuff bud! What's your thoughts on Paranoia? A few of your ideas... Just curious!
  11. I Just saw Slash n Cast is doing an event on Youtube to raise funds for him and his family. Very nice of them. Good people in my opinion! My condolences to the family of John Carl Buechler.
  12. I think if you would go do some offline bots it would help you with shift-grab and Vanessa wouldn't be a problem for you. Trust me if you want to get better at using Jason's abilities then practice with bots. That's what i do! Stalk is also a great way to catch Vanessa. Don't get discouraged (if you shift go for a grab and miss) because it happens to us all. If more J-players would use offline bots and get used to the areas of the game they aren't comfortable with they would see what a difference it makes.
  13. Hopefully this patch will address some of things the community has been asking for. I can't wait!!! 👍👍
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