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  1. Jason only gets in rage mode that quickly if you hit him numerous times. It only takes a few good swings with a machete or axe that will get that mask of quick. And also Vince idk if you seen my poll but I strongly think Tommy Jarvis should be able to stun Jason the entire time Jason is in rage mode.
  2. I think fireworks should still stun Jason in rage mode. The fact it doesn’t is overkill
  3. No doubt I do agree there does need to be some more balance though. Maybe spawning more than 2 shotguns on the map would be an idea. Or maybe even make shotgun ammo available on the map to refill your only one shot you have.
  4. At first I hated the patch. But after playing I like it now. When the match begins I feel like it’s time to work quickly than ever before l. The intensity is a lot higher to get objectives done. I main Tiffany and this is my game plan. When the match begins I have one of two options. 1. Getting parts to the destinations as quickly as possible while repair characters install 2. Demasking Jason right away and hoping Tommy comes in asap and getting sweater and killing Jason before rage. And if there is a circumstance where you’re the final survivor. Utilize the house!! It’s much easier to juke Jason and give him the run around. I survived plenty of matches last night. It’s still definitely possible to survive but you have to get to work ASAP when the match begins...
  5. Yeah exactly when Jason gets in rage mode he is hard to escape from. It’s still definitely possible to survive and out run him but it’s very hard.... with tommy getting called if he had the power to stun it would give the counselors a higher chance to survive. And coming back as tommy and having that power would give the players a shot at being a real hero in the game. I think that’d be really cool.
  6. Last night I came close to surviving with Tiffany 2 minutes left in the game as the final survivor and I almost out ran Jason. Then he got me with a shift grab. I was just like ahhh fml lol
  7. Definitely not. Some of my best chases have been with her. I’ve ran Jason around the map with her for 5+ minutes plenty of times. Often when I use her I’m the last survivor. Most underrated character....
  8. Thoughts about allowing tommy to stun Jason the entire time during rage mode? It’d really help out the counselors who are dealing with an OP Jason
  9. Now you’re talking about tommy being able to stun him the entire time in rage mode? Not just when killing Jason
  10. Thanks, and I think around 3 months or so. Tbh I wish I would've started playing a long time ago. I LOVE the game. Favorite Jasons are part 2, part 6, savini. As for counselors I mainly use Tiffany and AJ. Sometimes I'll use Chad, Adam, Vanessa or Victoria. Maps- Anywhere but pinehurst LOL virtual cabin I've done as well as the challenges.
  11. Tommy Jarvis isn't scared to fight Jason, he wasn't even afraid to fight Jason as a little boy lol so I believe he should have the power to be able to stun a Jason in rage mode. Tommy Jarvis' role in the game after all is to save the counselors. If that is true he should be able to take Jason down and keep as many people alive as he can. This would really make him an important part of the game as the real team hero.
  12. Sorry if this question is kinda dumb but how do I start a poll?
  13. Hello all. I’m a die hard Friday the 13th fan. For the game and the movie as well. I’m here to discuss topics about the game. Thanks for having me here.
  14. Thanks. Hopefully they see this post and consider my idea
  15. In this new update nobody can stun Jason in rage mode. I think only Tommy Jarvis should be allowed to stun Jason in rage mode because it would help him be able to save the counselors and clear objectives that are not done yet. Tommy didn’t run scared from Jason in the movies. So Tommy should be able to put up a fight against Jason in the game.
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