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  1. Investing claims of Jason being too easy to kill, but what’re you guys doing about fixing the unbalance of if it?
  2. It’d make it more of a scary game based more around stealth along with an actual intimidating Jason who is a freak of nature who doesn’t let a bunch of brats beat him up. Harder difficulty? It could only make it hard for players who aren’t good at being stealthy. I’ve always loved stealth games, so it’s more of a vision I have for a game like this unlike the current state it’s in, there’s absolutely slim to none in stealth in the game right now
  3. Agreed 10000% counselors do not fear Jason at all. I think this could be fixed if this happened..... Nerf counselors combat, buff Jason’s combat, nerf Jason’s sense only slightly, buff counselors stealth, give infinity stalk, make running Jason’s faster, nerf shift to a way longer cooldown, decrease morph to a shorter cooldown, let jason break furniture, get rid of shitty punishable animations, get rid of his red icon on map, music only plays if you visually see him, etc I think with these changes alone Jason would be more scary and the game overall would seem more creepy. Playing as a counselor, now you will never know where jason is unless you visually see him. Counselors would have to play very carefully and would have to be more aware of their surroundings. Jason could jump out at anyone at any moment. Amazing stalk jump scares would become the common thing. With the nerfing of his shift Jason players wouldn’t have to rely on that so much as now they can stalk the entire game. The game gets old when all Jason players do is use their shift ability every time it recharges and counselors running around like idiots to avoid it. Most Jason’s have no care at all for any cool stalk kills. The mindset now is “kill quickly and head punches and choke kills. Gets kind of lame after awhile. I feel like these ideas could turn the game from a trollfest to a true horror game
  4. If you still think it’s hard killing Jason you aren’t a good player whatsoever. Once mask is off. It’s a matter of pressing a few buttons. It’s stupid and boring as fuck. The devs should do something about it, as it’s unbalanced and the J kill favors counselors not Jason. Huge disrespect to a horror icon making him that easy to kill, good job gun
  5. Aim at your target before you go into combat stance Is the idea here. Exit combat stance aim again to lock on to a different target. Not like the devs will incorporate any sort of proper combat stance aiming anyways
  6. I feel like the aim is good but for the aim to aim where your camera is facing so you can select your targets.
  7. How do you expect to learn or get better if you quit if you come across a better opponent?
  8. Yeah it doesn’t do a whole lot. I’d actually prefer to not have rage activated against good counselors as then every hit a counselor gets it does full damage and I’m more likely to lose the mask. So, if a player prefers to not have rage mode that says a lot about it haha
  9. Hahaha this is hilarious I’ve survived this same Jason and he got so pissed off 😂
  10. First person POV is one great way to increase fear in this game. I absolutely love it on the virtual cabin. In quick play online making that an option would be sweet. Also single player campaign could be amazing with a good storyline. I still love my story based games.
  11. Very well said. Glad someone agrees with me and sees my point, wasn’t sure if I was just being crazy lol.... Hopefully we’ll get a remake of this game down the road and it’ll turn into what we wish it to be. A much scarier and darker game with a more intimidating and badass Jason would be a good switch up 👌🏼😈
  12. After playing this game a little over a year and putting a ton of time into it, lately I’ve realized how dumb this game is. I’ve lost a lot of interest in it tbh. There’s a lot more bullshit I’m tired of than just rage quitters...... The developers ruined the game by creating such a trolling environment and attracting such a toxic crowd. They did this by nerfing the hell out of Jason and making counselors over powered. All I see is repetitive matches full of sliders, people glitching to unplayable areas, people trolling Jason, counselors making Jason look like a bitch, people teaming/cheating, rage quitters, counselors avoiding shift like they’re mentally disabled, suiciders, sore losers, shit talkers, etc it has gotten OLD to me tbh. So, it really lost my interest. It doesn’t have a horror feeling to it AT ALL... I truly want Jason to be more feared by counselors and for teams not to over power Jason so much. I’d love for it to truly feel like a Scary game. It’s nowhere near that to me. It has more of a comedy feel to it and all I seen this game as was a game to fuck around in. Jason isn’t scary in this game. Unless they can use stalk which is rare in quick play. I put all blame to the devs ruining what they created. I seen videos from the beginning and it looked better before
  13. Same. I’m thankful for these advanced techniques. Some consider them “exploits” But these techniques is honestly what makes playing as Jason a better experience. Just imagine how bad jason would be if players used all reg animations. open door- punished, break window- punished, break down door-punished, grab a knife- punished, place a trap- punished. It’d be awful playing as him. I’d rather knife cancel, cs break windows/doors, trap-block, etc. and other Jason’s should learn these to
  14. I will quit if I want to play as Jason and I don’t get selected. There’s nothing wrong with it. If someone just wants to play as jason so be it!!
  15. I always knew this was strigoi. Sounds exactly like a strigoi comment.
  16. I wish this existed where you could choose. But I don’t think there is a big enough playerbase for it to be incorporated
  17. I’m guilty of stun dancing on Jason to so I can’t say too much 😂 but it got old after while same with escaping and killing Jason. Reason why I rarely play anymore unless I want to go for Jason games. This game should’ve been made entirely different imo. With the way they made it, the game is ass backwards. Counselors shouldn’t be able to gang up on Jason and whoop his ass and make him look like a bitch. And counselors running around like they’re retarded to dodge shifts and Jason shifting every time shift recharges gets to be repetitive after awhile and when you look at it, looks silly af. Same with all the nonsense in this game like sliding counselors looks ridiculous. I wish jason had infinite stalk, nerfed sense and shift, faster running speed, buffed combat, more abilities to break furniture and throw counselors, etc counselors have increase stealth and make it more of a game of cat and mouse and more emphasis on stalk kills and jump scaring counselors.
  18. Well said. I agree completely. Jason should be OP. I’ve always wanted it to be a more movie like type game but it isn’t. Tbh, the game is kind of a joke when good teams of counselors over power Jason. JASON FUCKING VOORHEES
  19. by not taking the boat at all lolz I only take the boat if it’s a -water speed or neutral water speed Jason. If you take the boat on a + water speed Jason you are looking to die unless you got motor boating perk.
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