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  1. Best thing to do is break the doors beforehand and shift inside after the caller
  2. Best repairer- Deborah easy. Best runners- Tiff and Vanessa. High stamina wins the race. Counselors who can do it all- Adam and Fox Best at survive the night- Tiff, Vanessa, and Chad Best trolls- Chad and Vanessa Best at being useless- Shelly
  3. If we’re talking about logic, how can counselors jump out of a two story house and run off just fine? Fireworks stunning Jason doesn’t make sense? Tommy shows up to save counselors but only brings 1 shotgun shell? Lol
  4. It’s fine. I like the discussions. I honestly don’t see why he’s hating on Halloween so much. It’s an awesome franchise just like F13. Michael and Jason are two horror legends
  5. 😂😂 Halloween is one of the most successful horror franchises out of all movies. don’t forget Friday the 13th got a lot of inspiration from Halloween
  6. Yes but the bots are dumb and too easy to catch so it isn’t that fun.
  7. Without thick skin 25% damage from each tk so only 2 will limp 4 will kill.with 17% thick skin + each tk does 20% damage. 3 to limp 5 to kill. I’m pretty sure this is accurate... Throwing knives combined with slashes is pretty deadly especially with a weapon strength Jason
  8. It’d be cool if we also had the boat kill from part 6 and the one from part 3 somehow. Both done solo only. Counselors having a chance to defeat Jason by themselves is something this game needs rather than the constant gangbang Jason for the mask routine
  9. With even skill amongst Jason and the counselors. Jason should have the edge. He’s a psychotic supernatural killer. In no way in hell should tiny teens be able to whoops Jason’s ass every game. This just makes the game and Jason look like a joke
  10. Answer to your first question- because it’s GUN media. second question- if Jason is close enough behind to slash you why are you trying to crawl through a window anyway? This isn’t a bug it’s just jason slashing you, canceling your window crawl animation. His throwing knives can cancel this animation to. It’s a legit strat. Don’t rely on Windows all the time
  11. For more horror I don’t think Nerfing those would help. Instead, a completely different Jason with infinite stalk, combat buff, and a bit faster running speed. Along with a heavy nerf of his shift cooldown time to balance it. And buff counselors stealth and buff low stam/low speed counselors stam/speed. Now, we got more of of a game where you can utilize stealth more and run/hide can be more of an option. And a very stealth Jason that’s more likely to jump scare counselors more often. And obviously a lot more balancing/testing would need done with this set up.As different as this is from our current game, it’d need to be involved in a whole new f13 game if we get a remake that is. I respect your opinion, above I listed ways to make this game more scary. I’d like to get your thoughts. I feel like jump scares would become a very common thing with this set up. Something needs done to put some fear into these damn fearless counselors 😂 Yeah the constant spam of shift grabs being the common thing of the game bored me. All I used to do was survive the night and the 30 shift grab attempts and misses became very repetitive. I mean, some Jason’s do care about utilizing stalk in an effective way to put some fear into you but most just use shift every time it regenerates and don’t think to use stalk in a stealthy “cool” way like grabbing you when you open a door or when you walk around a corner to truly scare TF out of you. @Wolledc that made me LOL
  12. Should’ve put that as an option lol Good reasoning. I agree the atmosphere, music, and the kills are just excellent and add the horror of the game. but how trollable Jason is, stalk coming in later, jump scares being rare, Jason getting killed too easy, people dancing on Jason, counselors playing against Jason fearlessly, etc is sad and takes the horror out of the game for me 😕
  13. Ehh jump scares are rare. There haven’t been too many moments I actually felt scared playing the game.
  14. The only reason why Jason still needs buffs is because the rage buff wasn’t proper at all. I’d rather them get rid of the rage buff entirely and re work Jason in a more proper way
  15. I personally don’t at all. Jason isn’t feared by counselors.
  16. Just shows more about how no one fears Jason and this game isn’t even remotely close to a horror game lol
  17. Xbox. and audio isn’t in line with the animations (at times) and performance dips like the game feels very laggy and underperforming. I feel like overall this game on any game mode has never ran near as smooth compared to other games I play. p.s. every other game I play runs perfect
  18. Played an offline challenge today and I noticed The single player offline challenges are running terribly. It doesn’t feel smooth whatsoever. Anybody else experiencing this issue? I noticed this on challenge 10 btw
  19. Higgens Haven large I like the best. Overall atmosphere is amazing and looks identical to the part 3 movie
  20. Fucking troll. Leave the forum alone from your constant spam about the Jason kill
  21. So, basically you guys at GUN are still going to ignore the fact a legendary horror icon gets killed too easily and nothing is going to change. Got it.
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