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  1. Hahaha it’s ok 😂 I’ve ran a lot of part 3 with machete swap and a bloody skin. My main was part 8 tho 😁
  2. Part 3 or 5 with bloody skin and machete weapon swap- try hard head punch and choke kill only- try hard If you run Vanessa only counselor- try hard If you don’t care about any cinematic stalk kills and only care about speed killing- try hard Rely heavily on shift to kill counselors- try hard If anyone escapes or Jason gets defeated- rage quit- try hard lol And etc
  3. Left or right triggers to come out of shift with either a slash or grab
  4. No, if Jason knows he’s going to be hunted best thing to do is to not grab knives and morph straight to power box to try and prevent the call. Then, trap the box and carry on with trapping other objectives and collecting knives..... Instead of wasting time trapping your shack at game start on a trap that will get tanked easily later on. The time spent trapping the shack could’ve been time spent preventing the call.
  5. Just because you see escapes more than Jason getting killed it doesn’t mean anything. The average player goes for escaping. There’s a lot of escape mains. But the second an experienced good team is going for the J kill it will get done far more often than it should. Anybody who has killed Jason match after match knows this. You can tell something is broken when you can kill Jason with a 80-90+% success rate...
  6. LOL umm I’ve seen day 1 players kill him many times. If I can walk through a first time player to kill Jason that easily something is wrong
  7. The average player goes for the escape and not the kill anyway. So re working Jason to make him harder to kill wouldn’t really affect escape mains that much. It’d only affect kill squads.
  8. Trapping the shack won’t do a whole lot if Tommy and sg go grab the sweater together. And if you’re there while they’re about to grab it Tommy will just shoot you and tank the trap.
  9. Why didn’t you include the other counselors? Edit: oh now I know
  10. Thank you! I agree they’d be hard to implement in our current game. Maybe for a remake it’s possible Thank you! Glad people like the ideas. I think they’d make gameplay for counselors and Jason very interesting.
  11. Anyone with some common sense knows it’s easier to kill Jason than escape him, c’mon now
  12. part 2- His shack can only be entered the final 5 minutes of the game. So that means the final 5 minutes is when the sweater can be used. I like the idea of this bc the sweater got used on this Jason towards the ending of the movie. In this game, Tommy and sweater girl will be forced to have to survive some time together and make the run for the sweater towards the end of the game. This would be a lot more intense and would give some good endings to games. part 3- One shot one kill spear gun part 4- Can use dead bodies to block entrances or whatever else. Slightly faster running speed than +can run part 5- Be able to uninstall parts that counselors install part 6- If part 6 Jason has 3 counselors surrounding him in his attack range he can behead all of them with a kill button prompt. He will use his machete he has on his belt for the kill. Counselors would have to think twice before they think they can do a gangbang. Before you say this is OP. Counselors can easily avoid this from happening. part 7- weed wacker weapon. Has a time limit on how long it can be used once picked up (not sure on time) but it does double damage. Would be good for kill squads part 8- Doesn’t take damage or get stunned from shotguns. Has infinite stalk first 5 minutes of the game. part 9- have the ability to take control over counselors bodies he kills and go kill posing as that counselor. So it’d basically be a disguise. GOOD counselor teams are grossly op right now and this would help Jason tremendously.
  13. For Xbox It doesn’t run all that smooth in my experience.
  14. +throwing knives is 2 extra knives no extra damage. To each our own
  15. Haha yes I remember that. Just imagine a lobby of experienced 7 of this counselor against Jason 😮 this counselor stat spread would make Vanessa look weak
  16. I’m pretty used to running low comp characters. It’s manageable and not a crippling weakness for me
  17. +stalk and +shift combo? Surviving a good part 9 is the most difficult Jason to survive the night against. He’s far from the worst Jason. Part 4 and 2 are easily the worst
  18. Part 3 is the best. My favorite? Part 8. He has an awesome look, good strengths, + stalk (my fav), and no crippling weaknesses.
  19. When you take a jason with about the same skill level as all 7 of the counselors, the counselors will overpower Jason. Counselors shouldn’t feel as powerful as they do against Jason. JASON should be the one feeling OP to go against. Not some team of little counselors.
  20. Comp 1 Luck 6 Repair 8 Speed 8 Stamina 10 Stealth 1 Strength 1 Having a counselor who can run around, be able to fight Jason well, and repair effectively is the most OP you can get. And I don’t care about having low composure. It’s a shit stat and having a black screen doesn’t bother me too much.
  21. lol! Some kill squads are such babies👶🏻 They can troll and kill Jason every game but when they get trolled back they can’t handle it
  22. Right, I hear this 1000%. Once you figure out how to take advantage of Jason and his weaknesses you’re not scared anymore. One of the reasons why we need Jason re worked so we can have something feel more fresh/new to us. Game gets repetitive these days. @Fair Play are you talking about the patches they started nerfing Jason?
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