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  1. While it didn’t perform great it was at least playable lol
  2. My game froze 3 times tonight. Also audio in game lags. Extremely long loading times for games
  3. I voted a lot less. What’s sad is I just started getting back into this game not too long ago and was playing regularly after not playing it at all for months. I’m glad I got to enjoy its final moments because after playing this game tonight I can see it’s going to go downhill. My experience tonight: on Xbox the game performs worse on p2p vs Dedicated Servers, hosts kept quitting, there was worse lag+fps, loading times take forever, game randomly froze 3 times, and to top it all off one game I dealt with teamers. Yeah I might just take this game to the barn and shoot it..... sadly.
  4. While I do appreciate the effort to fix some of these bugs you guys also introduced bugs into the game as well. There seems to be some serious audio and loading time issues. Audio lags in game and games take forever to load. That along with the peer to peer sucks. On Xbox it already didn’t run great but was playable on dedicated servers. Now there is some serious lag+FPS issues. Peer to peer connection is terrible. Also my game froze 3 times. It makes it pretty much unplayable. anyway thanks for giving us a fun ass F13 game to play. It has been great and it’s looks like this is the end of an era.
  5. Interesting thread here. here’s my ranking Tiffany- 10 🍑 Deborah- 7 Jenny- 9 Victoria- 6 she looks great in part 7 the movie but she honestly doesn’t look that great in the game AJ- 8 Vanessa- 7.5 Fox- 4
  6. That is amazing man!! Are you still selling him on eBay?
  7. This bullshit is what got me sick of the game
  8. Sorry for the late reply I don’t visit here much often anymore. But amazing figure man 👍🏼 Also did you see NECA has a J7 for pre order
  9. Came here to laugh at all the cry babies comments crying about the Jason buff. I’m happy to see the broken one hit de mask is gone
  10. Yeah and if Jason is smart he will eventually break all the windows and doors. And with your low stamina counselor you’ll have to window hop more meaning abusing broken windows which only lasts so long before you run dry on hp and spray cans
  11. Appreciate it. origins is an awesome game. Especially the boss battles. its been rumored they’re going to release another Batman game this year so be on the lookout for it!
  12. But if a decent to good Jason is tunneling you for 10+ Minutes you probably won’t survive if you’re using a low stam counselor like Deborah. You’ll wear out eventually
  13. I make predator speed runs for Batman games. I get on the top 10-20 on the leaderboards most of the time. I’d appreciate if you check it out. If you like Batman games you’ll like these clips https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCfSS1MMdGFmMK8417DHNLxA
  14. Tell me how strength, composure, or stealth are going to help save your life when you’re out of stamina? It’s beyond me why you have stamina as low tier
  15. Thanks man!! The dark knight trilogy are my favorite movies of all time. It’s my goal to complete the entire trilogy of collectibles 😁 still got Bane, Scarecrow, Ra’s, and the Batman Begins figure to go. Not too far away. Just added in Wonder Woman this week. I love Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. So, I couldn’t pass that up lol Im so excited for the Snyder cut to come out
  16. You should definitely do it!! There would be plenty of people who’d buy from you. The fact no one can go buy a part 7, 8, 9, 10, etc Jason figure from NECA would make your custom figures worth a pretty penny. Maybe sell on Etsy.com?
  17. Yeah no problem man. Oh... I see now it makes sense why they aren’t available. We can all hope the lawsuit ends soon so more Jason/f13 related things can come our way again 😁
  18. Thanks for the tag. You do some impressive work. Looks like a legit figure made from NECA. Ever think about doing a little side business work and flipping these custom figures you make?
  19. Hey guys’ I thought I’d share my collection (so far) it’s still growing and there’s more I want to add. But it’s a good start. I really got more into it this year. Let me know your thoughts! https://ibb.co/album/K0ppw5
  20. Very nice! I have a NECA part 3 figure. I really wanted J8, not sure why they didn’t make a figure of him. It’s my favorite look out of all the Jasons. Nice work customizing it yourself. That is goals
  21. I agree this tier list is so off. Sneaky and Friendship are not S tier at all. S tier is medic, thick skin, and nerves of steel. These perks will help you so much more in matches
  22. I’d rather them not make a Halloween game. It’d be another troll fest
  23. Lol it’s obvious they suck at fixing anything so I doubt this will get fixed. And what’s the big deal about rainbow blood? Other things should be higher priority. And we aren’t getting new content so why not keep the rainbow blood? It’s cool
  24. A good way to prevents gangbangs would be to allow Jasons weapon damage to automatically go up if he’s surrounded by counselors. This would help him tremendously and counselors who swarm Jason should have some sort of drawback to it not reward. Gun Media even has a perk for counselors to deal more damage to Jason if close to each other. It’s the friendship perk. Oh gun media you guys are so bright... it’s like they designed the game for Jason to be bullied. Some of the shit they allowed counselors to do to Jason just astound me
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