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  1. One is from a picture someone posted from discord and the other is from a f13 club page I’m on. The person who posted the pic of the counselor on the roof claimed it was new so supposedly post patch. Might not be from r2 cancel..... who knows without more evidence.
  2. @Ahab thanks for the mention. Appreciate it man @Wellhiya if you want to see a good stalk strategy. Check out “how to ambush counselors.” You can use this same strategy for cars or other objectives to. Just flip on stalk nearby objectives people repair things and get them during a car repair, Tommy call, or cop call, etc. and when Jason gets rage depends on how many times counselors hit him. Also time to. If people are nice to Jason he shouldn’t get rage till about 8 minutes
  3. It’s all luck. Which is why I spend all my luck into preventing the tommy call. This is the best way to prevent the kill. Right at game start I morph straight to the power box I think the tommy radio will be for. Jason can put up a good fight but when ur fighting tommy or high strength counselors and they’re running slugger and thrasher all it takes is 1 lucky fucking hit from them and it’s game over for Jason. Once I slashed sweater girl 10 times and almost killed her 3 different times. Kept dodging and blocking hits. I almost get SG for the 3rd time get a little slash happy, tommy hits me ONCE. I die. Seriously who is the f’ing genius behind the thought process on the Jason kill set up? It just amazes me they allow this to happen in the game.
  4. Jason rage mode kicks in too early if people cause it. And I agree that it should be based on time not hits. 10 minutes out rage should kick in. Had teamers last night literally hit Jason and got him into rage instantly. Seen it first hand. And he WAS teaming with them. I was final survivor.... got chased by the car AND Jason both combined. Eventually once Jason took my PK 10 min later I backed out the game. BC fuck cheaters and they don’t deserve the kill. And idk why you still think setting up the Jason kill is impossible in rage, that’s actually funny bc of how untrue that is There’s literally kill squads that have 1000s if Jason kills. I’m not sure what else needs to tell you @Strigoithat killing Jason is too easy and it’s a joke and an embarrassment to Jason. Not sure what f’ing genius thought of the Jason kill process but whoever thought it was balanced was clearly an idiot
  5. I’m not exactly sure what Vanessa damage would do to Jason in block. If you block machete attacks from lower strength counselors you should be good. And even if you block machete/axe hits from high strength just know you’re still receiving a fair amount of damage.
  6. I’m pretty sure the A prompt to kill Jason goes away if you hit him to go to his knees more than once. The only purpose to making Jason go to his knees multiple times is for the lols ps @mattshotcha pretty sure unplayable areas coward counselors found are back on Pinehurst. https://postimg.cc/gallery/1iwae5j1w/e44b2568/
  7. Part 8 took 14 blocks from buggzy till mask came off in my test I did. While counselors can block 33 swings from a non weapon strength Jason till they die. Counselors can take more damage than Jason. Who was the genius behind this idea? Seriously
  8. I know good jasons can clear lobbies lol Definitely not a piñata? You’ll say that till you see a whole lobby ganging up on Jason for 20 minutes. Definitely a piñata.
  9. So Jason is a piñata in the switch version? Also the window bug is there to?
  10. Oh no someone posted on the Xbox club today that the roof glitchers are back. Video showed someone on pinehurst roof. I asked if roof glitchers found another way up. Word is, they did.
  11. That’s true. But offline bots aren’t very fun when they’re stupid
  12. I only go against offline bots for practice on throwing knives or to test something out. The bots are so dumb and easy to go against! They need to make hard mode almost like going against experienced players online. But for now all we have are airhead bots that are dumb as a box of rocks
  13. I think you need some practice or you’re doing something wrong then because you can run Jason around for several minutes sometimes even the entire game with Tiffany, Vanessa, Tommy, Victoria being the better choices. You can still survive the night with anyone else but it’ll be harder. Try not gassing yourself out when you run from Jason all in one sprint running out in the open and you won’t lose it quickly. Ive tested Tiffany can sprint with marathon for 26 seconds (I think that’s right) go outside and do this and tell me they lose it too quickly
  14. I always like using the come here emote and then they follow me to the shack. Makes me feel like my Tommy has got some game with the ladies 😉 And @Seraphic King I know which Jason killers ur talking about 😂 they thought they could get sweater at game start with me and I killed him right away
  15. Yeah teaming is always very obvious. When Jason isn’t even coming after them and they’re just running around leading him to everyone else, being his little bitches. And then some people can mistake Jason for teaming when he wasn’t. Sometimes I’ll give noobs a 2nd chance and let them escape my grip. People probably thought I was teaming for letting them escape my grab when really I’m just having fun as jason and not being such a try hard all the time like other 150 Jason’s. I’ll eventually kill the noobs tho. I’m not always going to just completely annihilate them head on. I’d rather have fun with the easy bait and scare them in stalk.
  16. Traps are to signal you they’re repairing. When u hear trap go off, go in stalk, morph by them, and get them when they don’t know it. Tank their pk’s Early game that way later game you can just kill them most counselors are not all that hard to catch in QP. But you will every once in a while deal with a very hard team or a very difficult counselor to catch
  17. I’m just saying some combinations are more deadly compared to others when you’re trying to survive. Which is very true. Once Jason hits rage I don’t think anyone can argue against that +shift and +stalk are going to be the hardest strengths to go against. You can play more mind games more frequently then a neutral or negative stalk. And you can have more surprise shifts compared to a - shift.
  18. Well that’s true but I still think the variant can effect the difficulty to. Some Jason’s are just harder to survive compared to others bc of their combination of strengths. Part 9 or part 8 hardest Jason’s to survive from bc of their constant mind games they can play
  19. Same. I can typically wipe lobbies with part 8. Except I had one match today where on higgens Haven small my morph screwed me over and morphed me in a shitty spot by the main road. Was a 4 seat car and 2 people escaped. Thankfully they didn’t pick everyone up first. They wanted a quick get out
  20. Some things I can think of that made 0 sense. In part 8 how Jason shows up where everyone’s boarding the cruise ship and made it there in the boat he killed the first victims in. Jason can drive a boat, seriously? Also crystal lake apparently is connected to the ocean? What made Jason want to go out there and kill all those people on that ship? Why didn’t he stay at home in crystal lake and defend his home instead? In part 8 when they defeated Jason with toxic waste and then he comes back in part 9 and is fully clothed and is chillen in crystal lake again? How did he end up back home? What happened to Chris Higgins in part 3 when she had that traumatic experience with Jason trying to get her when she was younger? She said she blanked out and had no remembrance of what exactly happened other than her kicking the knife out of his hand and him continuously trying to grab her as she’s trying to get away. What happened there? Did Jason rape her? Also why was Jason so interested in her? Jason kills everyone he sees and doesn’t have interest in other human beings other than her? Why do people consider Jason to become a zombie in part 6? Hasn’t he always been a zombie since he woke up from the dead in part 2? Can anyone inform me about any of this?
  21. The original is significantly better. The re make was silly with the white trash family. It didn’t match the original where the family looked normal and Michael looked like a normal young boy that was just crazy inside. Also wasn’t a big fan of how big/loud/aggressive the new Michael was either. I like the more stealthy Michael that stalks more and that’s what the original Halloween’s were more geared towards.
  22. Thanks for the inclusion as well on this thread. It’ll be a interesting discussion. While I don’t know a whole lot about psycho or peeping Tom. I can’t say much about those movies..... I’m going to have to give them a watch sometime though! I remember we were discussing what truly kicked off slasher films, Friday the 13th and Halloween. Which I think is accurate. They seem to be the most popular of slashers. I think we all know Friday the 13th got their inspiration from Halloween. I wonder where Halloween got their inspiration from? Also where Texas chainsaw massacre got their inspiration? There’s definitely a pattern that started from somewhere that led to one movie to another
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