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  1. I’ve always wanted to be allowed to shoot Jason with the shotgun while in the car. Like some GTA style drive by shit lol
  2. Fireworks are very useful for repairing objectives or protecting the phone box when it’s repaired so you can call the cops without Jason destroying it
  3. skip to 9:36 seconds. Jason takes 6 bullets and is still moving forward. Jason didn’t always get stunned in the movies....
  4. Yes I know! Thanks for the answer as well. And yes I agree, he’s really annoying in his videos and wayyyyy too obnoxious/dramatic. Yes, now it’s too late to take action on it. H20 wouldn’t even get a slap on the wrist for glitching on top of the roof since he was a big backer of the game anyways. I just don’t think it’s fair to the playerbase as a whole. It’s pretty sad that in the graveyard stands a tombstone of a glitcher/exploiter.... that’s pathetic in my eyes regardless how much he backed the game. I can thank the people that figure out the counters to the counselor glitches as Jason. Always feels good killing an exploiting pos. That’s really interesting.
  5. Even if he was a major Kickstarter backer it doesn’t make it right for him to glitch. Everybody should be treated equally. I mean really, do you know how many players he probably encouraged to do glitches just because he did them? He has millions of views, he’s apart of the reason people found out about these dumb ass cheating exploits.
  6. I think Jason right now is almost to that point where the balance with how powerful he is and counselors is almost just right. Just a couple more buffs. One in combat stance blocking and the mask department mainly and I think he’ll be perfect
  7. I probably wouldn’t have played as Jason back then lol sounds terrible
  8. I wasn’t around at that time. There was seriously 10 pocket knives or more that spawned on the map?
  9. I know naming and shaming isn’t allowed but I think it’s a load of bullshit that just bc someone is a famous YouTuber they can get away with purposely doing glitches/exploits. Im sure you all know of H20********** he has several million views on YouTube and has multiple videos of him glitching in friday the 13th the game. Why is he allowed to do it? And he gets a gravestone made for him in the game? But if someone else does it they can possibly get banned? This doesn’t seem right. Explain @mattshotcha
  10. If they do make a Halloween game I hope they make it scary as hell. F13 is a great game but it isn’t that scary. If more Jason’s knew how to use stalk then it’d be more scary but part of that is on the players. I made some players scream on the mic with my stalk abilities, it’s quite amusing 😁
  11. It really just depends what developer makes the first jump and goes for the license and puts forth the effort to make a Halloween game.
  12. I can only keep my fingers crossed that a Halloween game is possible Same here. I hope the video game gods have heard our prayers and fulfill our wishes. And a new Halloween movie and video game in the same year would bring in a boatload of $.
  13. All we need is a Halloween game with Michael Myers...... we would all be happy as hell with this and it’d help keep our minds off the lawsuit and how sad it is that we can’t get anything new for Friday the 13th movie wise and game wise.
  14. I highly doubt this would be possible to use Jason in a new game with the current lawsuit going on. This lawsuit means all Friday the 13th content is on hold (movies, games, etc) and Jason is the face of Friday the 13th so I don’t see how it could be possible to use him in a new game
  15. Do you guys mainly play by yourselves or do you guys play in a team of friends with mics/communication? Personally, I prefer playing solo. It’s a more intense experience facing Jason and relying only on yourself to survive. Sometimes I like playing with friends though.
  16. I suggest to make legendaries have 0% drawbacks. It makes no sense for them to have drawbacks when they’re supposed to be “legendary” perks. I hope they can get re worked soon. Also man at arms doesn’t really give any extra weapon hits. This perk percentage needs upped a lot so it’s more useful and gives an extra 2-3 hits at least. Also tinker should make it so you have to do less skill checks and make the skill checks bigger, so it actually helps their poor repair stat. This would encourage those high stam counselors like tiff and vanessa to run around camp and repair things.
  17. Y’all are absolute trash. You guys probably have to team cause you guys lack skill and I bet you would have an issue with teaming if you got a taste of your own medicine.
  18. Yes especially when people use an entire lobby to do the kill and act like complete a holes.
  19. True that. Instead of newbies dying as Jason the first few minutes of the game and hating the experience they’ll have some time to be able to make some moves on tommy or SG
  20. I’ve always been a Xbox gamer so I’ve been using a controller ever since I was a kid. It’s just what I’m used to. If I were to play Friday the 13th or any other video game on a PC, it’d probably be really weird for me and I probably wouldn’t do too well lol.
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