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  1. I’ve noticed Jason players usually won’t trap windows unless it’s a cabin with 1 window opening. Then they’ll trap the window and also in front of the door. In this situation I’ll hope to have some fireworks, health spray, or a bat so I can stun him step in his trap and get out. This kinda thing happens to me all the time and the Jason player typically wastes traps because I can usually get out as long as I can stun him and he’s not in rage
  2. Something that really irritates me that Jason players do is when they try trapping me inside a cabin. Windows and in the front of the door. Also when they glitch car with knives and team up with their little helpers
  3. Pass the b and let’s sing a campfire song @HuDawg @Slasher_Clone
  4. If people do this shift against the table and if they come towards you shift grab em or they’ll jump out a window and stop that game for a bit.
  5. Yeah sometimes I’ll give someone another chance if I’m feeling nice, but usually I try my absolute best for no survivors to make momma proud
  6. Your Jason seems so nice! I’d like to meet a Jason that’s that forgiving 😆 most are savages and will kill you regardless of the situation
  7. I agree I think part 4 was a badass in the movie as well. He was so damn aggressive and fast. I think his running speed could be increased as well a little bit. In my opinion I actually consider part 8 to be 2nd best behind savini. I think this bc he’s really good at stopping the car, boat, and has 5 traps. So stopping the counselors from escaping is his strength. However if you’re dealing with a kill squad he’s a bit weaker due to not having weapon strength
  8. Part IV would def be a top tier Jason if he had this added.
  9. This is a good idea but Jason is my 2nd favorite horror icon with Michael as my 1st. I’d be so sad to see Friday go. I’d rather see them settle the lawsuit and keep the game moving forward. But we all know how that’s been going. Now all we need is for a Halloween game to come out with Michael Myers, but with no lawsuit BS.
  10. I think u misunderstood my question. Not how many times have you killed Jason but how many times has Jason killed you. I think ur puffing too much grass today😁🤣
  11. I don’t like tommy spawning with 2 counselors left. He’s supposed to save as many as possible, this discourages his role. Counselors should have a mini map. I really don’t like random selecting. A lot of us have particular counselors we like playing with and should be able to play as whoever we want
  12. Yeah true he is a little too large for the windows, maybe if they made the windows a bit bigger then he could jump through them. It’d just make the game pretty crazy if he could jump through windows when chasing people along with my other suggestions. Mainly for this reason alone is why I think sense would need to be nerfed, since he’d have easier access to cabins would mean he could really stay on people’s tails in chases if they’re hopping through windows and if they get some distance from Jason they can hide for a bit to regain stamina before the intense chase begins once again.
  13. Not sure how balanced this would be unless it’s tested but what if they buffed Jason to be able to do things like jump through windows, grab people out of windows, and if someone is running around a long table/furniture he can throw the furniture/table out of the way. If they did make Jason this OP I think sense would need to be heavily nerfed down to make it so he can’t spam sense and maybe sense should only last a shorter period of time as well. Sense would definitely need this nerf with this kind of buff so people could have a chance to get away/hide from Jason. Also, I think more people would be shitting their pants when Jason is chasing them rather then trolling him if he could do these things 😂 what’s everyone’s thoughts?
  14. Yeah I wouldn’t recommend to drop weapon and pick it back up right in front of him. Getting ur distance first I guess I thought they’d already know this.
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