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  1. I hope they don’t patch this. This is hilarious and I wish I can hit Jason around with a giant weapon sometime
  2. Eric and Tiffany? No wayyyyyy. Even though they had something happen on challenge 10 doesn’t mean that. They shouldn’t have even used Eric for that role. Tiffany is too good for Eric. She’s out of his league. Shelly in a relationship? When he tries to be funny he more so annoys people than make them laugh. Actually does him more harm than good lol. Eric and Shelly are both a couple of geeks who got a slim chance with a hot girl 😂 eric could get Deb I think but Shelly I don’t think there’s any hope for him lol @SteadyGosling I guess I forgot how nice and sweet Tiffany was in some of the challenges. I might change my answer/answers around. She def wasn’t quite as nice in the movie her character is based on
  3. Yes. I have a question. Why did you guys make killing Jason so easy? This is a huge balance issue in the game that needs to be higher priority to make difficult. It isn’t a fair fight for Jason. When are you guys planning on making the kill hard and what is the plan to make it hard? Also why did you guys allow counselors to be able to deal more damage than Jason??? 1 hit de masks is insanely overpowered. It just amazes me this kind of stuff is even allowed to happen in the game.
  4. Oh I see. On Xbox I’ve gone against quite a bit of good kill squads. I’ve survived some and lost some. But even though I’ve died about 10 times, it made me learn Jasons combat pretty damn good. It made me come a long way and be able to fight smarter and better. Especially in groups. Now if they ever buff Jason’s combat stance and make the kill hard. I’ll be able to put up an even better fight bc right now the fight between Jason and kill squads is very far from being a fair fight....
  5. Only a dozen? I feel like I’ve been hunted 100s of times.... I’ve been able to prevent it a lot. Probably been killed around 10 times. How can a Jason simply only be hunted 12 or so kill attempts? I feel like on Xbox there’s a lot of Jason hunters
  6. Thanks dude. Just took me some time to gain knowledge on higher chance of tommy box spawn locations. Takes a mix of luck and knowledge preventing the call.
  7. I like this. Good explanation bro. And it makes me laugh you call counselors brats.😂
  8. Who would be with who? Aj/Mitch- Mitch is a stoner and AJ seems like the girl you could light up with. Deb/Eric- Both are nerds. Perfect fit Buggzy/Vanessa- One is a jock and one is a track star. Perfect fit Kenny/Jenny- both are more matured than anyone else. Kenny is the head counselor and that’s the kind of guy Jenny wants. Adam/Fox- One is into cars and one is a biker. Seems like a good match Victoria/Chad- I got the vibe the character Victoria is based off of (part 7) is stuck up and probably has rich parents. She seemed like a spoiled brat. Chad kinda seems like a rich snob himself to. Victoria and Chad would be a good match. Although, I could see Victoria cheating on him because she’s a slut Tiffany/Tommy- I could see them two being a good couple. Tommy would save her life from Jason and then they’d fall in love. Shelly- Poor Shelly would be the single one and not have a chance with any of the girls in camp.
  9. I really don’t believe anyone that claims they’ve never died. They either 1. Hide in the lake or run away 2. Leave if there’s a competent kill squad in the lobby 3. Rage quits before killed 4. Has never had the balls to go against a good kill squad or all of the above. Sorry it’s the truth
  10. Fix Jason’s weird combat stance and make the Jason kill a actual challenge
  11. Yeah np. Here to help with the game. Not sure what eac is. When you say bans are you guys going to be banning hackers or glitchers/exploiters? Or both?
  12. I agree. I think the lock on should focus on your target you want and you should be able to select the target. Same for counselor to. Sometimes I’ll go into combat stance to fight Jason and my counselor will lock on to a counselor nearby. And combat stance shouldn’t be able detect counselors.
  13. I actually tested the one above the window last night.... All a counselor has to do is go in the bedroom. Crouch crawl on top of the bed and hit the button to go under the bed, then it brings the counselor through the wall, above the window. Not sure how the roof one is done
  14. @The Rain @badassgixxer05 I can almost always get into block quick enough. I rarely have an issue with it.
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