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  1. Instead give infinite stalk and give stalk right when game starts. don’t get rid of shift but nerf it to have a longer cooldown, that way it isn’t a game of shift attempts the entire time and counselors running around like they’re mentally disabled to juke Jason every time his shift recharges. This way it gives Jason players a chance to think more outside the box and be real stealthy and get some good jump scares. Maybe they could have all Jason’s have +morph to help compensate. if they did this they’d have to get rid of car escapes entirely. Replace car escapes and make boat escapes more of a thing.
  2. Dealing with teamers- *beat them and piss them the hell off doing so *leave the game entirely once you notice what’s going on and don’t let them get the satisfaction they desire in the first place. No counselors to troll, it ruins their purpose. you can also just say fuck it and suicide to. *troll the shit out of the Jason and if grabbed leave and deny the kill *stay until you get selected as jason and let the entire lobby live and only kill them and give them a taste of their own medicine. But only 10x worse. I was dealing with teamers once and the following round after dealing with those pricks I got selected as jason. They stayed in the lobby when I was Jason that following round. So, I killed one. And let the other counselors in the lobby run the other one over. Once ran over there was 4 counselors tea bagging their dead bodies. They left the game and we could finally play as normal again. Making teamers gaming experience a terrible time is the key to getting rid of them entirely.
  3. It just isn’t that scary to me. If Jason had infinite stalk with a nerfed shift Jason players would have to be creative with being stealthy and try jump scaring everyone. How often do you see jump scares? Hardly ever. Rarely any Jason player cares to try getting any jump scares in stalk now. They made Jason too reliant on using his shift ability every time it recharges. So surviving the night especially is more just getting shifted at every time jasons shift recharges and always having to run like you’re mentally disabled. 😂 you call this scary??? Lol. I would’ve liked to see some creativity with the stalk ability being used more instead. Then you can say the game is scary if people playing are constantly getting jump scared all the time. You said Jason players are scarier and harder than any ai? This definitely isn’t some of the stupid Jason’s you find in qp. Of course you’ll still get a mix of skill level in qp.... But the best Jason’s play in private matches. also the fact of how killing Jason is the easiest win In the game, you can circle Jason around furniture without him being able to at least break it or throw it, dance emotes, Jason’s clunky combat off host, counselors being able to gang up and gangbang Jason, dancing and teabagging on a psycho “killer”, kill squads being more of a threat and are instead the killers more so than Jason himself are all things that contribute to this game not being scary. I play this game to entertain myself with bc of how it was made. No point in taking a game like this seriously. It’s more of a comedy game than a horror game tbh. Sorry to hurt your feelings 💔 That’s why when I’m Jason I’ll try and get some stalk “jump scare” kills in rather than a direct approach the whole game. It warms my heart when I hear someone scream on the mic bc I scared them. Jump scares are too rare 😢 Trust me I still love the game and have a ton of fun playing. I just wish they would’ve done some things differently. Like make Jason's abilities more stalk focused instead. And make him more destructive. Jason should be able to break more than just doors, windows, and walls. Maybe once Jason is a lot more like how Jason was in the movies you can call it a horror game. @Krystal
  4. For Jason- Infinite stalk, Pretty heavy nerfed shift, buff morph (to compensate for a nerfed shift). a more badass and destructive Jason. He can throw furniture, counselors, break furniture, buff combat, deals more damage, a lot of mask hp. for counselors- buff stealth. Make being able to play hide and seek more of a thing overall more focus on surviving the time limit, defeating an OP Jason in multiple ways (Part 3, current, and part 6 jason defeats to match the movies), a lot of scary jump scares in stalk mode, and boat escapes. No car escapes due to nerfed shift. New counselors like Megan Garris, Trish Jarvis, Julius, etc.... New Jason’s like Jason x, 2009 remake, FvJ Jason. Multiple clothing packs, kill packs, Etc. For Jason to be able to pick up weapons on the map. Jason to have special weapons with a one time use. (Spear gun 1 shot 1 kill) Single player campaign story mode. Pamela as a playable killer online. And online free for all mode for counselors only. oh and most importantly, for gun media to not be apart of it
  5. And the bugs they bring in they hold off for at least 6 months or longer before they try fixing what they brought in. Environmental kills should’ve been fixed a long time ago. This just shows their quality of work on bug fixes is poor
  6. I’m pretty convinced we aren’t getting bug fixes either
  7. There was some talk from them on how they’re going to somehow keep the game rolling when servers shut down. Probably peer to peer play
  8. Yeah everything is mine unless I’m playing with a friend then I’ll share a Pk or spray for them to. But randoms? Why should I share with them? They may even be Jason’s helpers for all I know.
  9. Who is the most common Jason in lobbies/private matches? lobbies- I typically see part 3 & 8 private matches- almost always part 3 every game overall- prob part 3
  10. Counselors falling down is one way to make Jason’s job way toooooooooo damn easy for him and giving low comp counselors barely any chance. That’s just like handing Jason free kills without having to put in any work. What about for counselors who run solo and prefer to stn?? You know not everyone likes to go for escapes... I know there’s an issue with people ganging up on Jason, fighting, de masking, killing, and trolling him constantly. The reason people are so comfortable around him is the devs didn’t make him destructive enough. For this to be fixed jason needs a big combat buff. And unrealistic changes would be to let jason destroy/throw furniture, and throw counselors.
  11. Consequential as in? I already get pissed off enough giving Jason a free grab stumbling right into Jason’s arms 😂 it’s frustrating bc I didn’t even die to Jason working for it or bc it was my own mistake. Dying to a stupid stumble out of your control is the dumbest way to die. I wouldn’t want low comp counselors trippin more than they do now. I’m not saying I always trip into Jason’s arms but it has happened plenty of times I’m sure to all of us
  12. Don’t lose stamina while jogging? Sounds way too op for high stamina/high speed counselors.
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