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  1. Not me. I’ve been doing minor things like spray cancel, knife cancels, trap blocking, etc things I consider more adv techniques than exploits for awhile now and have no desire to slide. That doesn’t apply to everyone
  2. Banned for exploits? Most of the f13 player base would be gone if that were the case. and question, so you consider someone health spray cancelling as bad as someone who follows Jason around like a puppy dog and helps him?
  3. I’m not even sure how it’s possible. Only conclusion I can come to is probably because about anything is possible with this game?
  4. Lol right? This set up would be pretty dang OP. I think the game lacks this kind of stat spread bc runners who can repair just as good as Deborah is a little OP. Jason would have one hell of a time with a lobby full of these counselors. 😂 what do you mean exactly with hidden values? Like how some say Jenny secretly has higher stealth?
  5. If it were me I’d do 1 composure (black screen doesn’t bother me) 5 luck 10 repair 8 speed 9 stamina 1 stealth 1 strength (who needs good strength when anyone on the roster can de mask Jason) id make it so my counselor can run and can repair just as good as those smart MF’s. My counselor would be both a track star and smart!!
  6. I think we also need flamethrowers, RPG’s, and grenades to. We may as well blow this MF Jason to smithereens while we’re at it.
  7. Would need to be tested more thoroughly I guess to know for sure if luck helps get better skill checks.
  8. 1. For Jason- More mask hp, better combat stance, faster slash-block response, he’s quicker getting into block, in rage instead melee weapons not stunning they have less stun chance than normal (Stuns requiring at least 2-4 hits and never 1), bring in stalk sooner (give + stalk more stalk time while moving), make strengths and weaknesses like stun resistance work properly, and 3-4 second invincibility after stuns and animations. 2. For counselors- 4 perk slots, buff only useless perks that don’t do anything (Like man at arms and others), only machetes, fire pokers, and axes do damage, parts spawn further away from destinations, spawn more boats- putting them on small maps more often, 1 boat 1 car being a random spawn from the common 2 car spawn all the time, a combination of 2 boats spawning would be cool to, Tommy Jarvis has more stun chance in rage, buff 9-10 stealth to do no noise while sprinting and they only glow red if their fear is high. Make 1-2 stealth to always have a ping even if not moving. Hiding isn’t possible with 1-2. What @Summerofheat said about gender specific clothes for counselors, and creating a counselor. 3. AI Jason 4. Everything you listed 5. if lawsuit ends new content. 6. a smoother cleaner game- it’s a fun game but it is full of bugs and the gameplay could feel a lot smoother. most of this isn’t realistic lol All we‘ll get at most is 1. Somewhat of a bug free game. Not anywhere close to completely bug free (this game will always have its fair share of glitches) and peer to peer online.
  9. Tiffany has speed, stam, stealth, and ok luck. Those are a good combination of strengths. She is useful for either running parts, stn, or wasting Jason’s time so others can repair. Just cause a counselor can’t repair doesn’t mean they don’t have a role. As Tiffany, you shouldn’t be repairing anyway. Play to their strengths.. In lobbies the most effective team is a balance between runners and repair counselors. Each of them having a role in the game. If anybody is useless it is shelly with his awful stat combination that doesn't give him an effective role on a team. @Summerofheat
  10. To add to this list luck also uses less stamina for dodging. And I get better skill checks to like what @badassgixxer05 was saying. Anytime I’ve used Vanessa it’s been more difficult getting a good skill check, with Chad I get it faster.
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