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  1. For real dude. It’s even worse when one of them on Jason’s team has a car chasing you to. So Jason, his helpers, and a car are all chasing people. I hate those people. Most we can do is try and survive and if we get caught DC and deny kill lol
  2. You forgot to include bc they suck at actually playing the game right so they resort to teaming. I think this is how a lot of it starts in the first place also of course to troll others and make other people’s gaming experiences bad are probably the biggest reasons for it.
  3. Nice work man. Looks like I got a new challenge time to try and beat
  4. Nice work. I’ve finally got all mine posted except I haven’t completed challenge 10 yet.
  5. Since I get some hate it and some like it they should come out with a toggle option in qp. There is one in private match why not qp?
  6. So they brought environment kills into the game awhile ago and it’s been really game breaking since, and this is their urgency for their mistakes? And also the other bugs the game has as well? GUN MEDIA GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER.
  7. This is completely unacceptable timing for fixing the damn game. Great fucking devs we have
  8. That’s facts.... and it was with a non weapon strength Jason to.... little do these counselors know how easy it is to avoid being slashed to death if you just maintain full health and keep spray on hand.
  9. That’s the way to do it to them!!! Haha Yeah I got messages for being a trash slasher lol and that video, wow he made them look pathetic. That’s so embarrassing To have the entire lobby on ur team as jason and still fail. It’s such a disgrace for Jason to have friends on his team. Makes me cringe when I see it
  10. Well the other day I slashed a few people to death in the lobby and brutally murdered everyone else and the next round the Jason player was teaming with the entire lobby and chased me for 9 minutes and used 6 traps on me for the windows and doorways for the cabin I was in. He trapped me in my cabin so I just DC’d Cause teamers don’t deserve the kill. He said he targeted only me bc I slashed LOL it’s amazing how salty people get when they die
  11. Doing both throwing knives from a distance and holding block and letting weapons break to pick them off is the best thing to do also shift slashes and other things. Also Jason can be de masked in block(bullshit) I’ve tested it before. He can take 14 blocks from buggzy with an axe or machete before his mask got knocked off. but counselors can tank 33 blocks before they die from a non weapon strength Jason with thick skin on. Makes a lot of sense huh? Awesome ideas from our devs 😂😂😂
  12. Yeah I wouldn’t consider them having much common sense if they don’t think to kill Jason all you can do is Apply slugger+thrasher, shoot Jason, hit him with a heavy attack with an Axe right out of stun with tommy, mask off, sweater girl presses Y, tommy presses right trigger and A. If someone think that’s a challenge they’re either not good or they have no common sense/knowledge about proper game balance.
  13. He’s talking about the hit doing damage to Jason since non stun hits do more damage reason why I have my buffs to Jason listed above would be better than the rage buff. the rage buff was both a buff and nerf. It makes it extremely easy to de mask and kill Jason when he’s in rage. As the kill wasn’t already easy enough as is the devs make it easier.
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