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  1. Yes they def did I agree. But with how Chris finished him off with an axe in the head was pretty great
  2. That head punch and choke kill gets old fast lol I think you guys should give bonus points for getting cool jump scare kills in stalk mode. That beats speed any day.
  3. Idk I think Chris had the best defeat of Jason out of all the final girls. She got in multiple shots on him and fucked him up pretty good. I can’t wait to watch a marathon this Friday as well! As for looks it’s a tough one to choose from lol
  4. We all have a good idea who’s the best in the game. But with this game not having a proper top 100 leaderboard and ranking system it doesn’t make sense to consider anyone the best in the world mainly bc of that.
  5. Because this world has billions of people on it. And what’s our current playerbase? Maybe 3,000-4,000 between all systems. To be considered the best in the world I’d say you need to be compared to a lot more players than our tiny playerbase we have. Other games have a leaderboard system consisting of 100s of thousands of players. ive seen em play. They’re the best in the game. But tbh to be considered the best I n the world It should consist of being between more than a few thousand players
  6. I think that’s too big of a claim to make that any Jason’s are the best in the world with a small playerbase and game with no real leaderboard. It’s a lot more realistic saying you play with the best Jason’s in the game.
  7. Tiffany has the best booty in the game. That has been settled in my other poll on that topic 😂🍑
  8. The point I was making is Good coordinated teams usually have some survivors or escapees almost every match and in some people’s eyes it’s a L for Jason if anyone lives at all. Even if it’s only 1-2 counselors. I personally don’t view this game as a competitive game no matter what anyone tells me bc all I do is screw around, have fun, and entertain myself. But that’s just my view. I know some people do play it competitively and get serious with it. That’s cool people do that and I have respect to those players that set up their own tournaments, play in teams, organize everything with a points system, etc. But what I was getting at is this game won’t ever be as competitive as some games like fighting games. And other players like some people here who made some rude comments shouldn’t bash players who play this game competitively. Everyone needs to understand everyone plays different games for different reasons. for quick play Jason’s I see most not play right at all. And some will learn from their mistakes and some won’t. That’s their problem lol I disagree on the game mechanics not playing a role into what makes a game competitive. Competitive games needs to be balanced for both sides and not be too sided with one. Also our own devs don’t do the proper buffs and nerfs necessary that we need.
  9. I don’t want to sound like the grinch here but I think we’re about out of hope to get any sort of balance changes at all. At best, we can only hope some of the bugs get fixed. but my wish list that I could only dream of would be For Jason- more mask hp. At least 400% mask hp to non weapon strength Jason’s. At least 300% to weapon strength Jason’s. These are high percentage numbers due to buggzy and tommy currently having a 1 hit de mask. Approximately in 1 heavy Brandon can do at least 80 damage. With this Buff it’d take around 4-5 hits instead of the current 1-2. 50% buff wouldn’t make much diff to help Jason against large groups with machetes and axes. Get rid of slugger, friendship and thrasher Damage perks entirely. Counselors don’t need to make it too easy for themselves. give +Stalk Jason’s more duration time while moving. As well as bringing in stalk sooner Let jason re set 2 more traps. Only bc of how powerful medic+thick skin is and they make Jason’s traps feel only as alarms and there’s no drawbacks buff Jason’s combat stance. Off host- no block/swing delay. Or no delay getting into block. Also allow him to grab in CS as well. Bring back meat shielding more recovery time to receive damage and stuns after animations 3 seconds minimum. make +sense and +stun resistance more of a strength. Make the perks work a bit better than they currently do. I know stun resistance right now does nothing. rage mode- instead of the stupid lazy bandaid we currently have. something much more interesting is counselors should have 25% stun chance to stun Jason when he’s in rage. 25% sucker punch would then give them a 50% chance to stun him in rage. It’d take more skill and counselors would have to use the hit and dodge technique to get a stun in. Also when he rages through doors he’s immune to stuns and damage... make parts spawn further away from destinations jason receives very minimal if any damage in block. Small % if anything nerf trap damage Jason receives allow Jason to slash a counselor in his traps For counselors- Give them 4 perk slots to help counter all the buffs to Jason I listed above. Buff stealth. 9-10- No sound pings while sprinting. We shouldn’t have to use a sound ping perk to get this benefit with a high number on stealth..... also they will only glow red with 2nd use of sense. 3 with sense perks. In rage it goes back to 1st use of sense. 2 with sense perks. 8- only sound pings are during a sprint. The sense sound pings perk will help get this to none during a sprint. 1-2- they will carry sound pings even if they’re holding still. I’m talking about you especially Vanessa. And they will always glow red no matter if they’re using sense perks or not. Vanessa can run but defo not hide with this set up Buff composure stat for 9-10 to not make any noise at all while hiding. And never stumble, never scream, not raise fear while seeing a dead body, and slightly more fear resistance overall. Buff some perks and have legendaries have no drawbacks and buff the + numbers on perks like man at arms, grease monkey, heavy hitter, and the other perks that we feel don’t do anything. in CS to not lock onto counselors and only to lock on to Jason. This stupid lock onto to counselors has screwed me over before More XP for surviving the night At level 150 all your perks you roll will be legendary perks. (Less chance of rolling these at lower levels) This is what I came up with for now. Might have more to add later. I’m def dreaming with this list to ever happen. 😂
  10. For me it was between Chris Higgins and Megan Garris. Ended up going with Megan. I’m referring to looks as how they looked in the movie 😂 Thanks lol
  11. I agree with this for the most part. There are times that Jason does kill an entire lobby even against good teams. But it is favored for counselors for the majority of the matches we have a group of devs who don’t know how to fix bugs or even balance the game. They could start by making the kill hard and making objective parts spawn further away from their destinations
  12. I agree this game isn’t really meant to be competitive and it’s more meant to have fun with and not take seriously. Which is how I play, just for fun mainly.. troll Jason have a laugh.. kill bitches have a laugh. But to each our own, there are organized tournaments and teams held by the best players in the game that want to play more competitively. I respect it and so should everyone else. But you will never see f13 being anywhere near as competitive as injustice, mortal combat, rocket league, etc... those games are on another level of competitiveness
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