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  1. Yeah but you gotta think of the good players as well. The good players who will play as tommy the proper way and stun Jason at the proper times and be a hero instead of trolling. It’s those players that would truly have the game In their hands as the hero since they’re the only one who can stun. Besides, I don’t think there’d be much issue in negative behavior b/c it’s only one person. It’d also create that much more excitement to be able to play as Tommy. And thank you
  2. Should I re do the thread or whattt. Because now it’s probably innaccurate
  3. I should’ve listed final survivor and tommy as a seperate question
  4. Sometimes people aren’t always going for the kill with Tommy. Sometimes he might just need to be a hero and stun Jason to go heal a limping counselor Jason is slashing at, or he might need to stun Jason so a counselor can start the car, or so they can call the cops, etc... there are several different factors that come in to play that’d make tommy a much more significant hero that’d make a huge difference. He is a special character anyways so that’s also why I think he should have a special ability to stun Jason in rage. With your flare gun comment. See, this is why I think if they made it to headshots only in rage to allow a stun because that’s a more sensitive spot and it’s where the eyes are at to. I defintely don’t think this would cause piñata parties due to other counselors not having the ability to stun in rage bc only 1 person can. (Tommy and final survivor) People wouldn’t be sitting their trolling Jason if they will just get killed in the process which would make them look absolutely stupid. That just isn’t right for only Victoria to use sweater. It should just stay as is for every girl to be able to use the sweater. And also any counselor should he able to knock off the mask with enough hits. Glad to see ur agree with flares and fireworks. With post rage stunning with tommy and final survivor read my comment to @Ahab I feel like I got good reasoning
  5. So some time has went by since the patch. I still believe the following changes should be implemented into the game by allowing fireworks, flare guns (headshot only), the final survivor, and Tommy Jarvis to all be allowed to still stun in rage. This would create more interesting matches for counselors and Jason. The final survivor match would be a lot more fun since you’re able to fight back and give Jason a battle. Non stop juking and running away after so long as the final survivor might start to get old. What’s everyone else think of these suggestions now that some time has went by since patch?
  6. This update is fine just needs some changes to make it more interesting. 1. Fireworks and flare guns stunning in rage 2. The final survivor and tommy only to stun Jason in rage This isn’t too much to ask for. These are some nice changes I suggest the game really needs. They did a good job getting rid of the piñata parties. But took things a lil too far with the buff. It’s still possible surviving the night as final survivor with good juking. But, being able to fight back as the final survivor would be more interesting.
  7. DontZzz34

    Jason’s Grab

    A missed swing results in death 99% of the time. So how is it not near as punishable? It’s real easy to grab a counselor who misses their swing. Just like how it’s real easy to hit Jason after he misses a grab
  8. They wouldn’t be completely undectable. The cabins and houses they go in would still glow up red. But then again counselors with 9-10 stealth could just hide out somewhere all game. So, maybe it’s a bit too far now that I think more about it. Maybe if they could just shorten the range of sense and make the percentage higher to avoid detection for stealthy characters.
  9. Not at all. By that time Jason will probably have rage and easily find anyone if they’re 10/10 stealth or not. It would only be difficult to locate the last survivor in a large map like Pinehurst
  10. Nerfing in terms of making it harder to find so called stealthy characters. If a counselor is supposed to be stealthy they should be harder to find. Of course counselors that have low stealth should be able to get sensed easily. But this stealth stat doesn’t really work that great for at least half of the game. Even when running stealth perks if Jason hits rage he’s going to be able to find you, making the stealth stat somewhat bs. Personally, I think if you’re using a stealth character at least 9-10 shouldn’t ever glow up red. Only thing that should glow red is houses or cabins they go inside so they’re not completely undetectable.
  11. DontZzz34

    Jason’s Grab

    Regardless, both are an easy punish and they should make the time you are allowed for a punish much smaller. Meaning you as a player have to react quicker to the missed swing or grab.
  12. Agreed with the part on nerfing Jason’s ability to find counselors. He senses people too easily.
  13. Medic is really useful if ur the last one alive bc you’ll have to resort to window hopping and most of them will be broken. So having a lot of health will help a lot. And you’ll most likely be limping when u jump through and are already inside and Jason is outside. Just don’t be limping close to Jason or let him get close enough to slash you to death.
  14. I main Tiffany and I use marathon, medic, and thick skin.