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  1. Maybe if you keep on them every single day about it, it will get fixed faster. Jesus Christ. Kids today need to learn some patience. Remember when some games came out broken and stayed that way? Remember when you couldn't patch a console game at all? Remember when you actually had to go to a store/stores just to find the game you're looking for? I do and all that taught me to have a little patience in life. This instant "your way" world has spoiled people and turned them into soft, pathetic whiners that when something doesn't go their way they don't know what to do with themselves so they complain incessantly like a 6 year old.
  2. I hate to double post, but I can't seem to edit a quote into my previous response on my mobile device. I agree. Like I said I think it was hit a little too hard with the nerf bat, but for people to act as if it was fine before are just being disingenuous.
  3. No he didn't. There were plenty of times that I'd be vacuumed to him from around corners and 5 feet outside of his realistic grab range. A nerf was definitely warranted. Smashing windows works fine for me. It's still the same Windows that I can't seem to break without combat stancing them and having the animation for those is still quicker than combat stance, swing, combat stance. I'm an AJ main and have no issues escaping most of the time. If I don't escape I'm still generally the last, or close to it, to die. Maybe those who are complaining should just get good. But the same can be said for those complaining about Jason too. He's still good if you're good.
  4. I'm only going to say this: The grab range is far from perfect, but the force grabs before were just ridiculous. So the nerf to that was needed, it was just beat a little too hard with the nerf bat. As for being able to see items on the map now? Well you can blame that on the asshats that would run items to the middle of nowhere and just dump them and it happened more than you might would think. I wasn't necessarily for it, but it's a great solution to what was a problem and realistically it barely changes anything other than keeping the game flowing in the right direction.
  5. You seriously have no idea what you are talking about. First of all, a good Jason will use everything at his disposal including sound pings. I've caught people from the other side of doors as I watched their sound pings get closer not to mention it's easier to pinpoint old Thunder Foot, or any other loud counselor, inside a cabin by sound pings than with sense. Secondly, you're completely full of it on your second point. I use stealth to complete objectives all the time. If you can't do it doesn't mean it isn't viable. It just means you are bad at it.
  6. Calling me a try hard like a standard internet bitch, because I'm not too pussy to play as Jason? That's cute. Go cry some more princess.
  7. There are quite a few you left out for DbD: The 80's suitcase The bloodstained sack Of flesh and mud Headcase Spark of madness Charity case You know, if you're going to throw it out there you might as well name all of the paid DLC.
  8. I do not, because I'm not a pansy and killing everyone isn't everything to me. Learn, adapt and quit whining. Jason's grab really isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to be. It's not perfect, but if you're having issues that bad then you are just bad.
  9. Sure you can bud. Not without a lunge you can't. His grab range was not fine. I don't know how many times I was vacuumed to him. You are either lying or very unobservant.
  10. Prestige is ultimately pointless as well. So you prestige and then what? You start all over reobtaining the same max level perks you already had? It's entirely artificial progression. Then you have a pointless ranking system on top of that. It's full of artificial progression. That's pretty funny considering how weak killers are on DbD. The survivors can literally run circles around you and just hook and/or gen rush for easy wins. I think you're just butt hurt about something on F13 and not seeing things objectively. If it wasn't obvious I don't like DbD and I really tried, but when you take into account the awful matchmaking that pits newbs against kitted out survivors/killers based solely on an arbitrary ranking system that doesn't even reset characters when reset, The fact that killers are weak like baby farts and the fact that the objective for survivors is just basic as fuck and I found it quite boring. There's nothing intense about it when you know your team just needs to rush the hook to get you down. I find Jason much more intense to play against since if he gets his hands on me I'm more than likely toast. I prefer my killers to have teeth and not be neutered slaves to some ridiculous entity.
  11. I'm looking forward to both bots and the challenges. Bots for being Jason whenever I feel like it, since I don't seem to get Jason very often even with my preference set to Jason. Due to that I don't feel like I'm as good at Jason as I could be. And challenges just sound like they could be fun. I mean Hitman F13 style sounds fun to me. None of that will keep from MP, just give me something to do while I wait for my buddies to get on.
  12. All I'm going to say is that all horror loses it's effect after awhile anyway and having dancing emotes doesn't change that fact. Are you still scared every time you watch the movies even though you've watched them a thousand times? Do you actually still get scared when playing Resident Evil or Silent Hill even though you've beat the game countless times? I sure don't. I think this is probably one of the most petty complaints one could have for this game. I do think Jason's grab was perhaps beat too hard with the nerf hammer, but to act as if a nerf on his force grab wasn't needed is being disingenuous.
  13. I do think Jason being able to insta kill is better than having the weak neutered killers of DbD. He is still more of a threat than the killers in that game. While good players can still troll Jason somewhat, it's still a bad idea to try against a good Jason. All the people I've played with that were really good Jasons are still wiping lobbies consistently.
  14. Technically part 9 didn't have a fully designed under mask. It was only a partial.
  15. I don't know about that. It didn't seem to change anything for the people I play with. The good Jasons still kill everyone nearly every time. Just because you can dodge it doesn't mean it's not an issue or complete bullshit. I agree it's been over tweaked, but to act as if it was fine is disingenuous at best.
  16. You probably can find one somewhere. It didn't happen a lot, but it was a thing.
  17. So somehow you never noticed the force grab huh? I call bullshit. I think you just liked it since it made the grab extra easy to get. I had been grabbed from 10 to 15 feet away. Now even at his size Jason would have to be Mr. Fantastic to make those grabs. Even gorillas don't have a 15 foot reach.
  18. Stealth is far from useless. I play AJ damn near exclusively and I'm generally one of the last to die (if I don't escape) and I get plenty of repairs done. More to the topic though, as others have said, that's a big no, due to making it OP. Things are the way they are for balance purposes. It forces you to choose a play style.
  19. You will never catch Tommy during his cut scene now. That was fixed. Tommy doesn't actually spawn in now until the scene is over. Killing Tommy during the cut scene was bullshit anyway.
  20. I have always maintained that Roy was Jason until he wasn't. The reveal was poor, but for all intents and purposes he was Jason, so I say add him as a regular Jason. I also want the Jason from Tommy's hallucination.
  21. If you couldn't get anything done against a 1/8 Jason you deserve to die.
  22. It reads the crouch and Jason yanks their sack off like a paper towel. I like it.
  23. Maybe in single player, but I also don't feel there's a place for it in MP as it just doesn't make sense on the grounds that the nudity was always early in the films and not after everyone knew that there was a killer on the loose.
  24. This. It has always been the case that if the counselors get grouped up with weapons it was always a pain. What you do is a combination of blocking and free swinging in every direction. If you start laying down damage they will scatter.
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